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Super Bowl 50: 4 Ways to Master a Large Scale Event

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Super Bowl 50  - the biggest event of the year - is three days away.

We’re sure Levi’s Stadium is ready for February 7th.

Would your property be able to handle a large scale event like the Super Bowl?

Our last November 19th article regarding Super Bowl 50 discusses the importance of having a well-organized emergency management plan in place.

From bomb threats to severe weather conditions, your property must always be prepared for what may happen.

The importance of having your emergency management plan ready hasn’t changed, and with only a few days left to the most watched event of the year, we decided to give you four ways to master success at any of your events.

Through awareness, communication, documentation, and analysis, your operation can expertly perform at any level. Even if you’re running Super Bowl 50.

It only requires effort, strategy, and innovative technology.

Are you ready to learn how to master your next large scale event? Let’s get started.

Master Large Scale Events Using Strategy & Solutions

Awareness, communication, documentation, and analysis, known as the ACDA Principle™, is a powerful and useful principle that any operation can use to supplement their operational strategy.

It incorporates years of insight from industry professionals from every aspect of operations. You can use it today to build your infrastructure and determine the best technology for your needs.

You can even use it as a guideline to determine areas of your operation that are weak and need improvement.

Either way, the ACDA Principle™ can help you perform at the highest levels in your industry, whether you’re a stadium, arena, convention center, airport, festival or amusement park.

Keep reading, because we’re going to show you how to enhance your operational strategy and achieve peace of mind using the ACDA Principle™ coupled with modernized solutions.

There’s More Than One Way to Increase Awareness

Increasing your awareness gives your team the ability to respond to incidents more efficiently than ever before.

When efficiency increases, you have the time to take care of other pressing duties, tasks, and activities to keep things running smoothly.

A good way to increase your awareness is to implement text communication at your property.

It’s a useful medium for guests to report important issues, inform staff of any suspicious activity, and to simply have a two-way conversation with need-to-know staff members.

Text communication is a great solution for preventing vital issues and incidents from going unnoticed or unreported.

Imagine having hundreds or thousands of eyes on the lookout. The value is endless and as a result, your team looks good and your property runs smoothly.

Your employees no longer need to search out a supervisor or stress over handling large fights alone until security and police officers show up. Your guests have everything covered.

Your guests are indeed on the ‘front line’ so why not give them the tools to support everyone’s safety and experience?

When you combine the incident mitigating capabilities of text communication with an incident management system, you have Super Bowl quality incident management.

Providing your staff with an innovative incident management system moves your awareness from limited to limitless.

Your team will now be able to simultaneously enter and update incidents for any need-to-know personnel in real time.

That’s the key: Real-time data. We’ll get to ‘data’ later, and you’ll quickly see how awareness, communication, documentation, and analysis all work together for your operation.

But awareness is only one piece of the puzzle. To master any large-scale event, you need streamlined and unclogged communication channels for your team to communicate what they see – as they see it!

Advancing Your Communication Channels

In today’s operational landscape, radios only make up a percentage of the tools needed and used for communication amongst staff.

Mobile apps are really the ‘game changers’ these days.

Radio communication can get overwhelming. Clogged channels lead to missed information, details falling through the cracks, and missing high priority incidents.

You don’t have to get rid of your radios, but you must supplement them with incident management mobile apps that eliminate talking to be successful.

Having real-time communication results in real-time data. Implement mobile apps.

Mobile apps give you the ability to quickly communicate, create alerts and notifications for your teams’ eyes only, and eliminate the frustration of trying to hear and talk about important incidents in noisy locations.

Threats to your property and events have advanced, so should your ability to communicate effectively.

If Your Documentation Is Not Accurate & Complete, It's Not Reliable…Period.

How do you currently document issue and incident details?

If you’re using pen and paper, you definitely need to keep reading. We’d call this method the ‘days of old’ – something you absolutely need to let go.

Capturing important information is not optional in this day and age, it’s mandatory. You need a solution which allows you to capture complete and accurate details of issues and incidents. You need a web-based incident management system.

You want all the useful information you can get, right? We hope so because that’s your only defense in a courtroom. Trust us, no judge will accept crummy, illegible, handwritten notes.

You’ll need to show up with a complete package. A complete package is all of the details of the incident including pictures, videos, audio, and digital signatures.

Think about all the incidents or issues that could occur during Super Bowl 50 or your next large scale event.

How do you think things would play out if there was no way to completely and accurately capture all-important details?

Not so well, right?

When you have ‘reliable’ documentation, you have the right information that leads to peace of mind.

‘Reliable’ documentation is the only way to peace of mind…period.

Master Your Data to Master Your Events

Knowing what’s occurring at your property is important, yes, but understanding how to use what you know is what takes your operation to the next level in performance.

Maximum performance comes from your ability to increase awareness, enhance your communication, capture vital information, and scrutinize data to optimize your operation.

From slip and falls to bomb threats, data analysis guides the incremental changes necessary for:

  • Faster response to issues and incidents.
  • Formulated resource allocation that minimizes escalation.
  • Better communication between departments for proactive management.
  • Accurate, complete, and reliable documentation to protect your property from liability.
  • Positive memories and experiences for guests that result in increased attendance each event.
  • Peace of mind for you and your staff.

Knowing, and then managing what you know results in your ability to master any large scale event at your property.

Over to You

Preparing for a large scale event like Super Bowl 50 is an enormous responsibility. Many challenges will surface, which means you need to be ready to overcome them.

Being ready means having a focused strategy in place with processes and technology, that allows your staff to handle high priority needs with confidence.

So, are you confident that you’ll master your next large scale event using innovative software, increased awareness, enhanced communication, digital documentation, and advanced analysis?

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