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“In a lawsuit, if something is not documented, it is as if it never occurred. Any venue that invites guests to put aside their daily cares, consume a controlled substance, and enjoy an adrenaline rush with a few thousand of their new best friends is going to face legal claims, probably sooner than later. Sloppily written and haphazardly recorded records reflect badly on venue operators and invite jurors to think that weak documentation equals weak safety, security, and health measures. Witness recollections can be even less helpful, especially in an industry staffed with part-time workers who may turn over as much as 100% per year.

The value of 24/7 Software is both substantive and aesthetic. A comprehensive system that is tailored to be understandable for each user will yield faster incident responses and more thorough records that will show who responded, what they did, and when they closed the matter. Nearly as important, the output from 24/7 Software shows that a venue’s incident reporting and response is the product of organized planning that is implemented correctly in real time.

Being smart, and looking smart, are both essential when trying to convince opposing counsel and jurors that you behaved reasonably under your own circumstances, which is what the law requires of all of us. As a lawyer dealing with safety and security at live events, I am always happy to walk into a command center and see 24/7 Software on everyone’s computer screen."

Steven A. Adelman
Adelman Law Group, PLLC, Scottsdale, AZ

Adelman Law Group

"At the Air Canada Centre we use CMMS, IMS, Lost and Found and the Text Communication modules. Since implementing the CMMS module, our facility maintenance management has drastically improved. Before using CMMS, we were capturing and recording roughly 20% of all corrective building work. Now all work completed in our facility is captured thanks to the easy web and mobile request forms that anyone in our organization can use to submit requests.

Our trades completing the work have access to their specific work to ensure the status and notes associated with work are updated in a timely fashion. We are completely paperless when it comes to submitting, dispatching and closing work orders. CMMS also houses all of our assets and tracks preventative maintenance year round. Being able to track and ensure our preventative maintenance gets done extends the life of our building assets, and it’s all captured in one centralized database. I would definitely recommend 24/7 Software as a Computerized Maintenance Management Solution."

Julia Chiarelli
Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment


"I’m not sure if I can say enough about 24/7 Software. We started looking for a texting system and found so much more. The AT&T Performing Arts Center uses IMS, CMMS and Lost & Found along with the text system. Then CheckPoint came along and has significantly changed the flow of information and record keeping for inspections. It also made the guard tour possible for us. The ability to place tags wherever we need and specify what to look for at each location is huge. The new platform is great as well. It gave us the flexibility to use each module in the arts even though it was built for stadiums. The staff of 24/7 Software are awesome to work with because they care about the needs of your venue and respond quickly. I tell everyone I can about 24/7 Software."

David Gilster
AT&T Performing Arts Center


"What a great tool this has been to enhance our customer service and efficiently document and track lost and found items. In a busy airport environment like ours, the 24/7 Software system easily handles our needs. The matching feature and the ability to mass update records has been quite the time saver. We are also about to utilize the web form so our visitors can go to our website to report their lost items. This Lost and Found system is everything we had been looking for and more. I’m sure once the secret gets out that such a product exists, many more airports and venues of all kinds will get on board. We are proud to be one of the first airports to have implemented it."

Louis Poinson
Philadelphia International Airport


24/7 Software has revolutionized how the Giants track and respond to incidents in the ballpark. Innovation is an important organizational objective, as we are in Silicon Valley – the hub of world technology. The 24/7 Software programming allows us to stay ahead of the curve as we utilize the ever growing technology to refine our operation systems to better serve our customers and enhance the ballpark experience. We appreciate the 24/7 Software staff tireless efforts to work with its clients to listen to and execute programming modifications to improve and develop concepts relevant to our business.

Jorge Costa
Oracle Park

Oracle Park

At BBVA Compass Stadium we use the IMS for 24 hour security and during events in our command posts. We operate 2 event command posts and I can only be in one post at a time. The IMS allows me to monitor the radio/phone/text, etc. incidents that are coming in while being the decision maker on major issues. The IMS gives me the ability to monitor all behind the scenes activity during an event. Post event, I use it to generate reports to have should an issue arise in the future with a guest bringing litigation forward. The day of digging for a file in a box 6 months after an event is over! For day to day, we use IMS to hold subcontractors and departments accountable for incidents that are assigned to them…response time to calls, closing out incidents, if a work order is needed after the response to a call, etc., etc.

Amber Godspeed
BBVA Stadium

BBVA Stadium

International Speedway Corporation partnered with 24/7 Software last year and adopted their innovative text messaging system technology to help provide thrilling and safe Guest Experiences at our 13 facilities across the country. The 24/7 Software system allows our guests to communicate immediately and directly with our on-site command centers for any emergency, informational or other assistance. We greatly appreciate 24/7 Software’s proactive responses to our system use questions and enhancement suggestions, allowing an even greater ability to respond to our Guests needs during an event. We look forward to a long-term relationship with 24/7 Software.

Dean Kurtz
International Speedway Corporation

International Speedway Corporation

When I arrived at Bridgestone Arena we had the IMS module in place by 24/7 Software. I was happy to see the system in use by our Command Center aiding in the documentation of incidents and calls for our events. After attending the 24/7 Software Focus Group meetings, I felt that we could be implementing the system further in our arena.

I learned that there were several more modules that would be beneficial to the Department of Public Safety here at Bridgestone Arena. I went ahead and added the Activity Log module for our daily Facility Officers to track their shift activities and also the Lost & Found module to better organize our lost & found clutter. I am extremely happy with the Activity Log, and the newly added Lost and Found module appears to be a big success both with guests and our Public Safety staff. We also have added the TrackPad module which will be implemented soon with our Incident Report Writing staff.

While not fully rolled out yet, we are very excited about this simplified incident report writing system to be used in the field. 24/7 Software has provided us with the tools needed to document all incidents and activities on an event and daily basis. Having used several different incident tracking programs, I find 24/7 Software to be one of the easiest and most user-friendly platforms out there.

Chad Ludkey
Bridgestone Arena

Bridgestone Arena

Evaluators found the 24/7 Software text message system presented quick and immediate results. This allowed Incident Command to respond and address issues within 5 to 10 seconds after receiving texts from spectators. Evaluators agreed that the 24/7 Software text messaging system provided uncomplicated user friendly capabilities. This system is fully featured and provided intuitive user interface mechanisms throughout the software.

National Center for Spectator Sports Safety & Security

NCS4 Southern Miss

Here at the Pepsi Center, we use the following modules: Activity Log, Task Manager and IMS for the Security Department. The Activity Log helps streamline the activities we do daily because not all things are considered an incident. Our employees love how simple the Activity Log is to use even for the non-computer-friendly agents we have. The Task Manager is great to make sure all tasks or jobs are getting done for the day and to be able to send a text or email to you for a reminder. At 24/7 Software’s conference, I learned that the task module is so full of capabilities and I’m excited to get it implemented for our Department. These systems are very easy to use, and 24/7 Software’s Account Support Team are wonderful folks that LOVE to help you mainstream their system to work for your company!

Jean Howery
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

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We are using the IMS and the text message modules of the 24/7 Software system. The system has worked so well for our events, that we are now using the IMS system 24/7 to maintain a central place where all our incidents are kept. This has greatly sped up the response time to any incident inquiries. Plus the text message system has improved our customer marketing and safety during events. Would highly recommend the 24/7 Software system to anyone.

Chris Clemerson
KFC Yum! Center

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