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Lost & Found

Simple. Hassle-free. Intelligent Lost and Found Software to Improve your Customer Experience.

Lost and found software for intelligent customer service

Transform your Lost & Found function into a streamlined, easy, and even enjoyable process. Lost items create headaches for staff and guests alike. Our Lost & Found software eliminates the pain by providing you with a fast and reliable way to enhance customer experience, build guest loyalty, and increase your return-to-owner rates.

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Improve Your Customer Experience with Web Forms

Let guests report their lost items directly from your website. Visitors can enter their lost item information directly on your web form, which reduces the number of phone calls and staff hours to identify and document lost items.

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Intelligent Item Identification

If an item is found, our system will match it to an item reported as lost. All matching items appear magically when you complete a Lost Claim form so you can find items in seconds.

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Email or Print Receipts and/or Storage Tags

Eliminate the storage chaos and tag your found items easily. Ensure that the correct item goes to the proper owner.
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Comprehensive Digital Records

Generate reports that provide a clear understanding of what you have in Lost & Found – what it is and how long it’s been there, so you know what to do with your unclaimed items.

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Capture Signatures

Easily capture the signatures of your guests when returning their item using our integration with electronic signature pads from Topaz Systems.

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Barcode Inventory-Enabled Lost and Found Software

Include barcodes on your storage receipts, allowing you to quickly scan items and release them to your guests.

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