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Messaging software that enables rapid real-time communication & resolves real-world problems.

Messaging software for all your operational needs 

The Conversations module is designed to empower your customers, patrons, employees, and visitors to provide feedback and updates in real-time to your operations team, providing your staff the necessary communication tools to respond quickly. Answer questions, resolve incidents, and handle requests as they are reported - all via SMS, MMS or WhatsApp message with one comprehensive platform with robust reporting.

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Configurable Inboxes

Configure your communication inboxes based on the type of incoming communication. Develop and assign short codes to these inboxes to ensure each inbox can be used for different purposes.

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Color-Coded Messages

As messages come in, they will be color-coded based on the status of the conversation so that no communication gets overlooked.

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Response Templates

One-click configurable response templates can be created and categorized by response type so that staff can quickly respond to all types of questions, incidents, or requests.
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Conversation Thread History

All conversations contain the date and time stamp of the threads. If communication gets forwarded for resolution to a specific user or linked to our Incident Management System, that information is documented as well.

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Event-Day Alerts via Messaging Software

Send traffic, weather, parking, or news alerts to a selected group of contacts in order to immediately notify them of relevant information.

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Schedule Conversations

Set up messages to be sent to a group of contacts at a select date and time. Easily tie this to a specific event or occasion. We can also send out messages based on event markers!

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