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Incident Management System Dashboard

The most powerful Incident Management System (IMS) and response platform for web and mobile are also the most user-friendly on the market. Track all of your incidents in real-time from a robust Dispatch Queue that is fully configurable. Build your workflows, immediately dispatch personnel, maintain a detailed history of all incident records, ensure that resolutions happen as fast as possible, and adhere to your protocols and standard operating procedures.

24/7 Software’s Incident Management System is all you need to track, document, manage, resolve, and report incidents.

Instant Communication

Receive the details and status of an incident via text, email, or 24/7 Software Communicators, which are mobile applications that give users the ability to fill out incident forms and resolve issues in the field (available for iOS and Android). Administrators and Supervisors can also view the Incident Management System and utilize it with full functionality on tablets. Bring your command center with you everywhere!

Color-Coded and Configurable Dispatch Queue

Incidents that appear in the Dispatch Queue can be color-coded by status so that users in the Command Center can see the status of everything happening in your facility and ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Configurable Incident Forms

Administrators can configure incident forms to document and resolve incidents based on the incident type, your specific process, or by department. Users can add both short and long forms to document as much detail as necessary but still enable immediate dispatch.

Multimedia Uploads on Incident Records

When users are on scene, they can include photos, videos, and other attachments related to the incident to be included in the incident record. Users who send in text messages can also include multimedia. All media files stay with the incident record and are accessible in your incident logs.

Extensive Documentation

Every record, note, detail, change, and associated user is documented inside the platform. All information related to an incident record and any modifications are time and date stamped to ensure an extensive audit trail that can never be manipulated. Track information with iron-clad confidence.

Immediate Dispatch

Assign people, teams, or devices to incidents directly from the Dispatch Queue with one click. Ensure incidents are resolved quickly and are documented appropriately, as users can indicate they are on scene directly from their mobile devices. Communicate with your users and first responders about the incident without ever having to leave the queue.

The Incident Management System is configurable to ensure that every screen suits your needs and those of your users. Whether you are looking to configure and simplify the layout of the Dispatch Queue or your users’ mobile experiences, you control the look and feel. You can even use simple icons so users can easily report incidents from their mobile devices. This enables smooth implementation and adoption by your entire organization – even part-time or seasonal employees. Virtually no training is needed!

In seconds, a new incident can be created by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Easy and Fast Incident Reporting
In seconds, a new incident can be created by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Easy to Learn
Customer Success trains your staff and supports them throughout the entire onboarding process.

Easy to Maintain
The Incident Management System is entirely cloud-based, and you can access it from any browser, so you won’t need your IT department for any updates.

Easy to Expand
All of 24/7 Software’s modules work together. Our Customer Success team can answer any question about any module. Feel free to add modules or new features over time.

24/7 Software’s Incident Management System has one of the most comprehensive reporting toolkits available. Generate any report thinkable related to your incidents based on the data collected in your configurable form builder. Configure the format of your charts based on the data being displayed and generate as many charts as you need. Schedule your reports to be automatically delivered to you or a group of team members so that you always have the right data directly in your inbox.

24/7 Software’s Incident Management System has one of the most comprehensive reporting toolkits available.

One-Click Reporting
Report filters allow you to pull any information from the system. Configure charts and reports for you and your team.

Summary Reports
You can create and configure as many reports as you want with all the necessary data that you need across all of 24/7 Software’s modules. See a snapshot of your facility instantly.

Schedule reports to come directly to your inbox every day, week, month, or after a specific event. You’ll never have to pull reports manually again.

Track Response Times & Incident Logs
Configure the platform to display all of your resolution times by incident. Filter and search historical records of incident logs easily and maintain robust archives of your history for risk mitigation.

Set up workflows and input standard operating procedures in the Incident Management System to improve processes and ensure best practices are followed when an incident occurs. Never be in a situation where a first responder doesn't follow protocols.

Improved Process Automation

Create Workflow Rules
Trigger an action immediately in the system by specifying rule criteria and then the appropriate action such as alerting a specific person or team, changing an Incident status or updating a custom field.

Notification Groups
Create as many notification groups for incidents or specific statuses as necessary so that everyone automatically stays informed based on the incident type or specific rule criteria.

Auto Create and Link
Based on an incident type you are able to create additional incidents across different incident types or departments automatically.

Add Protocols for Users on Web and Mobile
Based on the incident type, you are able to add standard operating procedures for users that are seeing incidents come in via the Dispatch Queue as well as the Communicator apps on mobile devices.

Link incidents that come into the Dispatch Queue directly to Work Orders in your 24/7 Software CMMS or link text messages that come into the 24/7 Software Conversations module directly to an incident in the queue. All incidents can be linked to Requests, Activities, or even other Incidents so that everyone involved is informed and records are comprehensive. Create unique workflows that enable visibility across the entire 24/7 Software platform.

Integration with other modules

In addition to leveraging our IMS to manage and resolve incidents, you also have the ability to integrate the IMS with the following modules:


Computerized Maintenance Management System

Request Tracker

Manage requests from your guests and customers to deliver a memorable experience.

Lost & Found

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Rapid real-time communication that resolves real-world problems.

Activity Log

Create and track Activities to keep your property running smoothly.

24/7 Software provides numerous opportunities to streamline your operations, including the ability to integrate with a myriad of applications via its REST API to trigger notifications and create incidents inside the Dispatch Queue. Integrate as many systems as you need into one pane of glass to stay abreast of what is going on 24/7/365.

Integration with other Technologies

Here’s just a small sample of some different systems you can integrate with. The possibilities are endless:

  • Access Control
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • CCTV Systems
  • Credentialing
  • Facial Recognition
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)

We provide documentation and support for any integration that you can imagine. Contact us today to learn more.

Dispatch Operator Using our Incident Management System

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Moscone Center
Melbourne Sports Centres
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“24/7 Software offers a software solution that assists us in successfully capturing maintenance routines, incident management, and activity management in real time, which in turn allows us to be more preventive than reactionary in our operations. 24/7 Software has given us a singular solution to create a proactive operation in the areas that may need improvement, and in turn, we are able to advance the fan experience.”

Kelsey Cerrone
Senior Manager, Event Safety | Ball Arena

Adelman Law Group
"The value of 24/7 Software is both substantive and aesthetic. A comprehensive system that is tailored to be understandable for each user will yield faster incident responses and more thorough records that will show who responded, what they did, and when they closed the matter. Nearly as important, the output from 24/7 Software shows that a venue’s incident reporting and response is the product of organized planning that is implemented correctly in real time."

Steven A. Adelman
Adelman Law Group, PLLC, Scottsdale, AZ

"24/7 Software enhanced our incident management, advanced our security operation, increased the productivity of our team, and continues to save us time through efficiency. That’s a game-changer for us. Now using 24/7 Software, I have these automatically generated emails go to a specific folder in my email system, and the best part is, it takes me 10 minutes or less to go through the failures."

Bruce Peterson
Security Supervisor CHSS | Williamson Medical Center

MPLS Downtown Improvement District Logo-1
“The DID Safety Communications Center organized security checks to identify suspicious activity or hazards in soft target areas including the exterior of buildings, skyways, parking ramps/lots, and building roof access where Super Bowl 52 events and activities were taking place in downtown Minneapolis. I am impressed that I am finding new ways to use 24/7 Software to improve safety operations, collaboration efforts, and leverage other resources for public safety within the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District."

Shane Zahn
Director of Safety Initiatives | Mpls Downtown Improvement District (DID)

Lords Cricket Ground Logo
“The web-based software solution that 24/7 Software could provide for Lord’s, we believed would enable us to open the system up to access by multiple internal stakeholders to help us learn about our entire operation and how to improve performance regularly. The only system that we felt could appeal to all of our needs was the one available through 24/7 Software, a US-based software company. We were impressed by their enthusiasm for their suite of products and with their desire to help meet our specific and unique requirements."

Jeff Cards
Ground Superintendent | Lord's Cricket Ground | Marylebone Cricket Club

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Incident Management System Dashboard

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