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Request tracking software for your operational needs

Exceeding customer expectations is a key ingredient to successful operations. Supercharge your Incident Management System (IMS) with our request tracking software to increase staff efficiency and enhance performance. Track and communicate Requests in a separate window or integrate the experience into your Incident Management Dispatch Queue and never overlook a customer request again.

Confirmation & Dispatch Texts to Keep Customers Informed

Let your customers know that their request was received, dispatched, and completed all via text message.

Color-Coded Requests to Easily See Status

Requests that appear in the Dispatch Queue are color-coded by their timeline status so that users in the Command Center can see the status of everything happening in your facility and ensure that all requests are handled.

Categorize and Manage All Types of Requests in Request Tracking Software

Whether a Request is related to transportation, escorts, food and beverage, housekeeping, or it comes from your suites or priority areas, you will be able to immediately dispatch the right person to handle the request instantaneously.

Reminders to Keep Your Team Informed

Keep everyone in the loop by setting up request reminders, which can be sent via text and email to staff so that they have a record of when requests are performed.

Develop Configurable Web Forms

Create a configured web form that lets your guests submit Requests anywhere at any time.

Respond to Requests on Mobile

Request Tracker is also available for mobile so that requests can be viewed by your team when they’re not in front of a computer. Mobile app users can see requests that they are assigned to or those assigned to their team or department. Easily configure permissions. Our Communicator application is available for iOS and Android.

Centralizing Requests in a dispatch queue increases staff efficiency and enhance performance. Track Requests in the same place that you track incidents, conversations, or any other activities occurring at your facility or venue. You can easily add Requests into the Dispatch Queue and track their status via our standard color-coding based on status.

You can easily add Requests into the Dispatch Queue and track their status via our standard color-coding based on status.

Star Requests
Star Requests as in indicator for follow-up, or something that needs more attention.

Link Requests
Link Requests to other requests, incidents, or activities within the platform.

Dispatch Queue
Document when the Request has been assigned and when it has been completed all from the Dispatch Queue.

Ensure that your Requests capture the right type of information at the right time. Determine the type of fields and methods for capturing the data to deliver upon the Request in a timely fashion that delights your guests.

Develop Configurable Request Forms

Upload Multimedia
Provide the ability to upload pictures, files, and attachments related to Requests.

Add Information in Dispatch Queue
Easily add comments or additional information after a Request has come into the Dispatch Queue.

Mobile Flexibility
Fill out all related forms on your mobile device or tablet.

Comprehensive reports for tracking and analysis are available inside the platform for all Requests. This gives you the ability to accurately measure the performance of your operation and that all your guests are being treated like VIPs.

Comprehensive reports for tracking and analysis are available inside the platform for all Requests.

Review Log of Requests
Review a complete log of Requests in the platform, as well as any information linked to Incidents or other Requests and Activities.

Sort Requests
Sort by Request type, department, who the Request was created by or assigned to, and a multitude of other attributes.

Summary Report
Add Request data and statistics to a Summary Report that can be automatically sent to a group or individual at any point in time or scheduled to go out after an event.

Access Request Details
Easily access Request details by clicking on the Request record from your Summary Reports.

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"Here at the Pepsi Center, we use the following modules: Activity Log, Task Manager and IMS for the Security Department. The Activity Log helps streamline the activities we do daily because not all things are considered an incident. Our employees love how simple the Activity Log is to use even for the non-computer-friendly agents we have. The Task Manager is great to make sure all tasks or jobs are getting done for the day and to be able to send a text or email to you for a reminder. At 24/7 Software’s conference, I learned that the task module is so full of capabilities and I’m excited to get it implemented for our Department. These systems are very easy to use, and 24/7 Software’s Account Support Team are wonderful folks that LOVE to help you mainstream their system to work for your company!

Jean Howery
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

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“24/7 Software is not only a software provider but a company that cares about the success of their customers. We continue to feel wanted by 24/7 Software and are confident that won’t change. We were impressed by their enthusiasm for their suite of products and with their desire to help meet our specific and unique requirements. They have always looked at ways of how the system can be improved and continue to deliver a first-class customer service experience. The only system that we felt could appeal to all of our needs was the one available through 24/7 Software, a US-based software company."

Jeff Cards
Ground Superintendent | Lord's Cricket Ground | Marylebone Cricket Club

Denver Broncos
“We were experiencing intermittent transmission errors, and not all the information that we needed was getting to our command center efficiently or at all. We wanted to continue to collect more data and use the information to better our operation. We felt 24/7 Software had the industry experience we needed to support our initiatives, from the ease of the system to the devices that could be used with the system. That’s one major capability helping to sway our organization to 24/7 software. "

Pat Tetrick, CVP
Director of Guest Relations | Broncos Stadium at Mile High

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“I am impressed that I am finding new ways to use 24/7 Software to improve safety operations, collaboration efforts, and leverage other resources for public safety within the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District. We created user agreements and guideline sheets we review with each person who uses 24/7 Software for outreach operations. 24/7 Software’s customer service has been fantastic. The team is very responsive and supportive for setup, new ideas, operation, and problem-solving."

Shane Zahn
Director of Safety Initiatives | Mpls Downtown Improvement District (DID)

“24/7 Software offers a software solution that assists us in successfully capturing maintenance routines, incident management, and activity management in real time, which in turn allows us to be more preventive than reactionary in our operations. 24/7 Software has given us a singular solution to create a proactive operation in the areas that may need improvement, and in turn, we are able to advance the fan experience.”

Kelsey Cerrone
Senior Manager, Event Safety | Ball Arena

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