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Powerful mobile operations center functionality wherever and whenever.

TrackPad can become your virtual operations center enabling you to track data across your venue on your tablet. Get rid of paper reports and painful documentation, and never forget to retain important information with a few simple swipes. From your mobile dashboard, track Incidents just like you would on your computer. Mobile reporting has never been easier or more efficient.

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Defend Against Liability with Long Forms

Complete lengthier forms that document the details of an Incident at the scene. By capturing all of the detailed information, you will now have an accurate, legible, and defensible digital record that is always accessible in your historical log.

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Works Offline – Never Lose Data Because of Lost Connection

All of our mobile solutions work in an offline environment. You are able to save all your inputted data even if there is no internet connection. As soon as an internet connection is established, all of your data will automatically sync with our platform.

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Real-Time Analytics Wherever You Are

Know what is happening in real-time so that you and your team can address issues and help out on-scene. Response and resolution time is dramatically reduced by providing managers with all necessary information.
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Mobile Live Dispatch Queue

View, track, and edit Incidents in real-time from anywhere.

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Associated Persons

Easily add Associated Persons to a record and scan their driver's license for quick data entry.

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Upload Multimedia Easily

Pictures, videos, audio statements, and signatures can be included as part of any report.

IMS + Live Mapping + Mobile = ❤️

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Incident Management Reporting
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Live Mapping

Situational Awareness

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Mobile App

Incident Management Mobile App

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