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WELL Health-Safety Rating and How 24/7 Software Can Help You


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The WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management is an evidence-based, third-party verified rating for all new and existing building and facility types focusing on operational policies, maintenance protocols, stakeholder engagement and emergency plans. The WELL Health-Safety Rating was created by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), the organization that oversees the world’s premier framework for advancing health in buildings and spaces of all kinds - the WELL Building Standard (WELL).

The genesis of the WELL Health-Safety Rating was feedback from IWBI’s Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections, a group of nearly 600 public health experts, virologists, government officials, academics, business leaders, architects, designers, building scientists and real estate professionals, which was established in late March 2020 to support IWBI’s response to the pandemic. This group identified an important need for a third-party designation that would help guide owners and operators towards evidence-based best practices for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and for navigating this crisis and beyond.

WELL Health-Safety Rating Scope

The WELL Health-Safety Rating includes 21 features across the following core areas, a minimum of 15 which need to be met:

Facilities can utilize 24/7 Software’s Inspections module inside our CMMS to document and schedule all facility inspections and ensure that locations, assets, and equipment, are adequately cleaned and maintained to remain in compliance. If there is a failed inspection, users can immediately notify necessary employees to resolve issues on any mobile device and the nature of the resolution can also be documented including response times and additional information.


Additionally, failed inspections can trigger a Work Order in our CMMS or a Task, which can be used to ensure safety, disinfection, or replenishment. Tasks can be created for staff at any time to remain compliant with cleaning and sanitization procedures and appropriate personnel can report the status of any Task from their mobile device. Reports can be generated on all activities within the system in order to achieve the WELL designation.

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Specifically, to promote frequent handwashing and best practices in bathrooms, 24/7 Software can provide instructions for staff via its Task Manager module and Inspections can be utilized to verify that best practices are being adhered to at all times. The status of all Tasks can be monitored from the Incident Management System’s Dispatch Queue to track priority, progress, and monitor accountability throughout the facility.

24/7 Software’s CMMS can be utilized to maintain an inventory of all high-touch surfaces (e.g., doorknobs/handles, telephones, elevator buttons, faucet handles, soap dispensers, security equipment) and Tasks can be created to ensure that they are consistently cleaned and disinfected. 

Our Inspections module can sync with the list of all of your assets, so you can easily look up associated inspections of all high-touch surfaces.

The CMMS can also inventory all cleaning products so that less hazardous cleaning products can be replenished when necessary. In order to receive WELL designation, facilities must demonstrate the provision of cleaning products that contain less hazardous ingredients, which may reduce the risk of respiratory and dermal issues.

In order to receive the WELL designation, it is important to document all information that is required for the WELL Cleaning Plan. This is possible with any of the modules inside the 24/7 Software platform. Alerts can be configured so that individuals can be dispatched to any location that requires attention whether it is for immediate resolution or everyday maintenance of the venue or facility.


Furthermore, to achieve a designation, IWBI requires a system to log feedback from occupants and cleaning staff. Both our CMMS web form, as well as our Conversations module provide simple channels to report feedback. Utilize text messages from visitors, occupants, or patrons or your staff to document any major issues and immediately turn them into WOs or have your team utilize the CMMS web form for safety and cleaning problems that they have identified.

In the event of an emergency, 24/7 Software’s all-in-one Incident Management System enables incidents to immediately appear on your Dispatch Queue (DQ) for the Security or Operations team to take immediate action. Integrate alarms, camera systems, sensors, access control, shooter detection, and emergency mass communication engines into the DQ to enable immediate response in the event of any major emergency.


Implement SOPs in the Protocol to Handle field for any incident type, so that teams can address emergencies at any point, anywhere, even from their mobile device via our iOS and Android applications. All incident types can be customized when you set up the IMS, so that each type of emergency can have its own SOPs and Protocol to Handle.

Conduct preventative maintenance on all emergency response resources (e.g., first aid kits, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), emergency notification system, personal protective equipment) and operations capabilities (e.g., backup power, remote management systems) inside our CMMS Preventative Maintenance module.

With our Group Chat feature, develop a list of specialized personnel that can be contacted as your emergency response team and enable them to communicate directly from their mobile devices.

Detail your re-entry plan and ensure compliance of crowd management, spacing and physical distancing of individuals by documenting all necessary guidelines. Track any infractions in our IMS, document security measures, the location of personal protective equipment (PPE), and ensure that additional sanitization supplies, and other cleaning or maintenance protocols are accessible via our CMMS.


Give your team the ability to report any violations related to Health Service Resources via the CMMS web form or via Conversations by texting information directly to your resolution team. Any smoking violations or issues arising at work that threaten the health of employees can immediately be reported via these channels. Individuals who are responsible for these violations can be tracked in our Associated Persons database.


Inside our CMMS, you have the ability to maintain an inventory of all filters and UVGI equipment currently used to treat the air and classify by location and asset type. You are able to conduct preventative maintenance in order to provide evidence that the filters and/or UV lamps have been replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendation. This must be submitted annually through the WELL digital platform and these records can easily be exported via the 24/7 Software platform.


You also have the ability to monitor potential Legionella colonization via the Inspections module. Provide a list of monitoring actions for relevant variables (e.g., temperature or residual chlorine), performance limits associated with these variables and corrective actions when variables exceed such limits directly into our system.

Monitor air and water quality, mold and moisture with Inspections, which is required at least once per year to remain compliant.

A schedule of periodic inspections for signs and potential sources of water damage or pooling, discoloration and mold on ceilings, walls, floors and HVAC equipment can be implemented in this module. The results of inspections for mold and leaks (including any mold test results) must be submitted annually through the WELL digital platform. This information can easily be exported from 24/7 Software’s platform. Make it easy to stay compliant with reports that are automatically generated from our CMMS.

Because 24/7 Software provides multiple channels for feedback, requests, and reporting, you can utilize our modules, particularly Request Tracker, and its web form to poll your community for “Innovate WELL Health-Safety.” Promote the continuous evolution of the WELL Health-Safety Rating by encouraging your employees to propose new inventions and innovations that address health and well-being in novel ways. They can easily submit ideas via our Request Tracker web form for review by assigned individuals. Export this information or automatically generate a weekly or monthly report that is sent directly to your email that highlights all of the ideas that have been submitted. Keep innovation alive with a forum for everyone!


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