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How Platform Integrations Power Smart Venue Operations

| February 28, 2024 | By

To maintain a high-performing venue and ensure the safety and security of guests, venue operations managers have to juggle a huge amount of information sourced from many different systems, such as incident management, maintenance, and lost and found.

It isn’t possible to manage all of these factors effectively without the help of platform integrations. We recently brought together a panel of 24/7 Software partners for a webinar to talk about the power of integrations and how their technologies work with the 24/7 Software platform to align all of the moving parts required to keep a facility running smoothly and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

This webinar was hosted by Matthew Dobrosevic, VP of Product, Integrations and Analytics, 24/7 Software and included panelists Douglas Hammer, VP of Marketing, IronYun; Fraser Charles, Director, Business Development & Tech Alliances, Dataminr; Greg Johnson, VP of Sales and Technical Services, Digital Ally; Jens Fossen, Senior Director of Product Management, Georgia Pacific KOLO; and Lauren Magliocca, Director of Strategic Relationships, Dropthought.

Below you will find some of the highlights of the webinar, including insight into the value each of these partner integrations bring to 24/7 Software’s customers.


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What Are Platform Integrations?

Most venues rely on data from dozens or even hundreds of different systems to support operations—from the routine, like ticketing, housekeeping, and concessions, to the mission-critical, like video surveillance, weapons and drone detection, and incident management.

Platform integrations are a way to bring all of this data into a single system of record so the operations management team has all of the information it needs to enhance venue operations and maximize user experience on a single pane of glass. 24/7 Software’s centralized approach enables you to automate processes, workflows, and analytics so your team can respond more quickly and effectively to incidents and access analytics that uncover patterns and trends that would otherwise be missed.


Why Every Venue Needs Platform Integrations

Picture this: You’re in the command center staring at a video wall. You have a drone detection system open that has a weapons detection system open that has the survey system open. The survey system has the video analytics platform turned on, showing all the different video alerts that are popping up from cameras all over the building. The social media monitoring tool and risk assessment tool are each popping up with different weather alerts and indicate that there is a group of people planning a protest on the west side of the venue.

All of this information is coming from different systems, so how do you know which events should be prioritized and which can be ignored? How do you decide who should respond? How will you know when the incident is resolved and by what means?

The answer is integrations. The 24/7 Software platform integrates with many technologies that together create workflows and triggers to turn a customer request into an incident into a work order. For example, restroom sensors can trigger a work order to let housekeeping know someone needs to change toilet paper.

Integrations also help provide evidence for incident management. For example, using video management systems, you can capture video content and link it to other systems so you have full visibility into past encounters with guests, recurring issues in a specific part of the venue, and whether assigned staff are in the right place at the right time.


24/7 Software Platform Integration Success Stories

During the webinar, host Matthew Dobrosevic opened the floor to each panelist to get their takes on how their respective solutions integrate with 24/7 Software to create a comprehensive facility operations management strategy that fuels exceptional experiences both for both fans and facility staff.


Doug Hammer described IronYun’s Vaidio AI Vision Platform as the video analytics piece of the 24/7 Software ecosystem. Vaidio works with the 24/7 Software platform to improve facility management, guest experience, security, safety, operations, warehousing, inventory, and other essential services.

For example, when a trash can reaches the point of overflowing, Vaidio automatically triggers a work order, which pops to the top of the 24/7 Software CMMS.  An automated workflow assigns the task and the right person is dispatched the moment the work order comes up. No waiting for an angry guest to report an overflowing trash can; the camera does it.

“There's a lot of hype around AI right now, but this is a very concrete way to apply it,” Doug said. “So you've already got the infrastructure; you've already got 24/7 Software in your operations. This is a way to apply intelligence to video, to solve problems, to create faster response times, and to generate business data where you didn't have it before.”


Dataminr provides real-time AI alerts for event and risk detection by using publicly available data sources to identify the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging risks.

In safety and security, time is your advantage,” Fraser said. “The earlier that you can be aware of an incident or an emerging incident, the more time you have to act on it and ensure the safety and security of your facilities, your guests, and your team.”

Toward the end of the pandemic, a group of people was planning a protest on the west side of a venue. At the same venue, at the same time, another group was planning to protest a different issue on the east side of the facility. The facility management team used these integrated solutions to make sure the right staff was in the right place, channeled guests to different gates to avoid obstructions, and ensured the two protests did not overlap and exacerbate the problem.

Digital Ally

Digital Ally is a video solution that specializes in providing in-car video and body cameras for law enforcement and commercial vehicles. These technologies have become key tools in protecting the community and law enforcement officers, as well as increasing safety, security, and efficiency during events.

Digital Ally is based in Kansas City, Kansas, and has been partnering with the Kansas City Chiefs for quite a few years. The 24/7 Software/Digital Ally integration saves the Arrowhead Stadium operations team 80 hours every month in incident investigation.

“If you deploy a hundred body cameras throughout a football game in a 12-hour day, that's too many videos to keep track of,” Greg said. “The integration with 24/7 Software makes it seamless. We know what the incident was, which body camera, who the incident was assigned to, and what type of event it was. This information reduces the amount of time your staff spends post-event trying to create things that you need to build a case around a particular incident that happened at the venue.”

Georgia Pacific KOLO

Georgia Pacific’s KOLO Smart Monitoring System is a bathroom solution that helps ensure towel, tissue, soap, and sanitizer dispensers and fixtures are functional. The KOLO system connects all of your facility’s dispensers together on a common network that sends information about low supply or non-functioning dispensers to the cloud. 

24/7 Software works with KOLO sensors to alert the custodial and housekeeping staff when supplies are low, so there is no need for staff to physically check restrooms multiple times throughout an event to ensure there is enough soap and toilet paper. Additionally, the analytics derived from these systems can be used to optimize guest experience by adjusting the number of designated men’s or women’s restrooms based on the core demographics of an event.


Dropthought is a real-time experience management platform that measures sentiment across a variety of touchpoints in sports and entertainment venues. Dropthought deploys surveys via QR codes, text messages, email, shareable links, and in-app integration so venue management can capture guest experience data in the moment.

“Our focus is really on that in-game live event feedback,” Lauren said. “The goal is to get those actionable insights during the event instead of after the event where you say, ‘Oh man, I really wish I knew that during the event. I could have resolved it.’”

Being able to act on feedback in real time is the key to the 24/7 Software/Dropthought integration. You don't want to wait until after the event to realize that cleanliness in the food hall was unacceptable or the person working Gate D was verbally abusive to guests.


How 24/7 Software Platform Integrations Can Work Together in Everyday Operations at Your Venue

24/7 Software is on a mission to empower world-class operations that fuel exceptional experiences for our customers so you can provide exceptional experiences for your fans and employees.

That’s why we partner with technology providers like IronYun, Dataminr, Digital Ally, Georgia Pacific KOLO, and Dropthought to provide venues with unmatched facility operations management capabilities—all in a single pane of glass.

Watch the on-demand webinar on optimizing platform integrations


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