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Use Text Communication to Boost Customer Relationships

, | June 23, 2020 | By

Text communication provides properties with the ability to increase safety factors.

These safety factors lead to a safe environment and a memorable experience for your customers.

The final result is not only peace of mind for you, but a bond between you and your customers that lasts beyond each event.

The relationship that you develop with your customers will foreshadow the longevity of your property.

Let's be frank here.

If you use a texting software solution to enhance communication between customers and staff, incidents and issues get handled quicker.

When issues are handled quickly, people are safer, and they certainly have a better opinion about you, your staff, and your property.

They even look forward to coming back to see your team in action! How's that for peace of mind?

Any property can strengthen customer relationships using a text alert system.

We're going to show you what you might be missing and how to improve your operation and long-term customer relationships.

Are you ready?

Let's begin.

No Ability to Mitigate Incidents or Issues as They Occur

Let's put perspective on what may be currently occurring in your operation.

One of your customers is attending an event at your property.

They notice a male adult, approximately 35 years old, that's acting out of the ordinary.

They'd say, acting a little suspicious.

A little too suspicious.

Your customer thinks this person might even be carrying a weapon.

Maybe, a gun.

They're not 100% positive that it's a gun, but they're confident it's a weapon.

How would you expect a customer to react in this situation?

Do they have the ability to alert your staff of the concern anonymously?

It wouldn't be an overreaction to think that this suspicious person has the intention to hurt other customers.

Without a tool to inform staff what they've identified, something could happen at any given moment.

How would you feel knowing you could've prevented this incident by having a system in place for this customer?

How do you feel knowing your customers currently cannot effectively communicate this information to your team?

It's no way to strengthen customer relationships.

What makes this scenario worse is if this person was planning an attack, your staff's response time matters.

Seconds matter.

It's time that you get laser-focused on the safety and security of your customers now so you can build a strong relationship with them for the future.

Your peace of mind depends on it.

The dangers at your property are real. Your initiatives to mitigate them should be as well.

woman talking on mobile phone while holding backpack
( Ignite Strong Customer Relationships )

Text Communication Ignites Proactivity That Leads to Strong Customer Relationships

We get it, running your property can be exhausting.

Text communication is your solution.

It's a quick solution for the problems of active shooters, drones, and unruly customers that you might encounter at your property.

It provides your customers with a tool that leads to the quickest response.

Having a text communication system in place is the way to keep your customers, and your relationship with them, safe.

The moment your customers see an altercation between other customers or that man with the gun, give them the ability to send a discreet text message from their phone to report it to your team.

You and your system will become invaluable.

That's how you build strong relationships with your customers that keep them coming back for events and years to come.

Consider the capabilities that a well-organized and well-designed system gives you. It lets you and your team keep everyone safe and happy –every time.

It's not one benefit or 100 benefits; it's the collection of all the benefits.

It's the 'how' that matters most to your customers, property, the relationships, and your peace of mind.

As one, your customers, team, and text alert software is what keeps everyone safe and your credibility intact.

Your Solution Isn't Complex. Yet, it's Invaluable.

Your customers, combined with your team, leads to proactivity, prevention, lives saved, and a long-term relationship between you and your customers.


Because they'll always feel safe coming to your property.

They'll know you have their back, and that gives them peace of mind.

Your situation gets even better because the cost to implement a texting solution is insignificant in comparison to:

  • The total cost of running a property
  • Liability as a result of incidents not effectively handled

It's a low-cost and modernized solution for your property.

It's simple, yet, it leads to invaluable long-term relationships with your customers.

Texting software lets you mitigate incidents or issues as they're occurring or prevents them from ever occurring throughout your property.

Having hundreds or even thousands of eyes throughout your property should be taken seriously.

That's an intangible value you don't have to see to know it's working for you.

Compare it to calling 911 for a moment.

Communicating through text messaging is fast.

It eliminates precious time from being wasted.

Let's break down a 911 call where they ask you for:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Location
  • Number of suspects
  • Physical description of suspects
  • Number and type of weapons

We're not here to discredit the 911 emergency system, but at your property, seconds matter more than ever.

If something did occur, you'd most likely have to provide even more information to the authorities.

Time is of the essence.

You don't have any to waste!

Giving your customers and staff the tools to be proactive is the least you can do in your goal of fortifying long-term relationships with customers.

Here are four steps to safer customers, reinforced relationships, and peace of mind:

  1. Your customer sends a text message with vital information and location details of an incident happening now.
  2. Color-coded visual representation of every message by status (new, pending, closed) lets your team quickly respond to the high priority issue.
  3. Staff identifies appropriate resources and communicates to your quick response teams.
  4. Lives are saved, and so is your relationship with customers.

Since we value data, let's not forget the importance of analyzing it to manage better how your team does react when they're needed.

Using one-click reports, you can reduce reaction times to minimize the negative impact of incidents or issues on customer safety.

Your long-term relationships with customers are the result of your ability to keep them safe, now, and in the future.

Over to You

It's a fact; you can only build strong customer relationships if you keep them safe.

We're in the business of progressive software solutions and memorable experiences. That's why we want to help you maximize your proactivity.

So, will you be putting text communication in place at your property better to protect your customers and your relationships with them?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in December 2015 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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