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4 Parts of a Platform to Enhance Customer Experience (Every Day)

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It’s 9:00 AM, and you've been on your property since 6:30 AM.

Today’s tasks are already taking a toll on you mentally and physically.

You’re tired and stressed out.

Now, you’re shifting your focus to delivering a break-even customer experience.

Wait, break-even?

Yes, you’re working tirelessly in the hope that nothing goes wrong.

That nothing happens your customers will notice.

That’d be a good day for you.

That’s not what we like to hear.

We understand that delivering an extraordinary customer experience might not always be at the top of your list.

We get it; you are overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities.

But, here’s the thing – your customers keep your lights on and doors open.

Customer experience should always be your #1 priority.

Today, we want to help you improve your capabilities so that you can focus on your customers before anything else.


All the responsibilities you must juggle every day add up quickly.

It doesn't seem to matter how focused on coordination you are; some problems get out of control with no end in sight.

Before, during, and after your day, you are spending every moment of your time chasing calls and cleaning up the aftermath.

Rather than sweating over the need to thwart existing hazards – let's get proactive.

It sure is a challenge to break even on customer experience.

But we’ve got the operations management software you need to step your game up.

Together, the four parts of a platform we’re discussing today allow you to deliver an enhanced customer experience every day.

You will soon become the customer experience hero everyone’s been waiting for impatiently.

No more break-even experiences.

It’s about delivering a customer experience that’ll give you raving customers – every day.

You want customers that’ll gladly return to your property, and then get excited about coming back often.

Are we right?!


These four parts of an operations management platform will help you give a customer experience worth raving about.

Social media feeds will be going off the charts with remarkable feedback about the customer experience at your property.

  1. Text Messaging
  2. Incident Management
  3. Customer Requests
  4. Lost & Found

How will these help you get such raving customers and help you look good to your boss?

Well, they’re designed to help you deliver the best customer service in your industry, whether your operations center is located on your property or anywhere in the world.

Proactive Customer Service Leads to a First-Class Experience

1. Text Messaging

We've pressed the point before.

Text messaging software demonstrates its value in a way not noticeable to the naked eye.

But it’s there.

Trust us; it’s there.

Text messaging software instantly empowers your customers to contribute to the safety of their environment.

Rather than putting your customers in a dangerous position, empower them with the ability to discretely communicate questions, issues, and incidents to your personnel.

Text communication immediately affects customer experience positively.

Invest in software where your customers can text into the platform, and your staff can quickly document, manage, and track all details.

Our customers tell us that once the text communication was implemented throughout their property, they saw a drastic reduction in their complaint calls.

No more phone tag – only efficiency!

Now, the key to making text communication even more powerful is to utilize it alongside an incident management system.

It’s a must.

2. Incident Management

An incident management system complements your text communication software.

Use it to control your operations.

Mitigate incidents and counter potential hazards.

Do it effectively and efficiently.

With an incident management system, your customers can use text messaging software to report any issue or incident to your team.

It gives your awareness of what’s happening, so they can deliver a streamlined experience to customers.

They can track all issues and incidents that are incoming, who’s handling them, and whether they've been dealt with now.

It’s as if you’re everywhere at the same time, all the time!

How’s that for Proactive Operations?

Situational awareness can’t get better than this. It equally enhances the customer experience.

Are these benefits you’d like in on? We bet.

Track and use analytics provided by an incident management system to continually improve your operations.

Respond to one more incident in a little less time.

Less hesitation from the consistent evaluation of your operation’s performance is the key to providing your customers with an exceptional experience.

3. Customer Requests

Do you need a way to manage your customer requests? It’s something you’re already doing.

But, you could be doing better with the right software.

Many operations leaders track incidents and customer requests on the same system.

We don’t approve of this method at all.

Doing this affects your daily reports.

It skews your incident count.

That’s not good. Agree?

Inaccurate reports are useless.

It’s time to eliminate the problem with customer requests software.

Invest in software that allows your customers to send a text request to your platform.

Stop tracking this in your incident management system.

Now, staff can track and communicate all requests in a window – separate from your incident management system – never missing a customer request ever again.

But, make sure to arm your team with a system that’ll take the customer experience one step further.

How can you do that?


Choose a platform with functionality that lets your customers know when their requests have been received, dispatched, and completed via text message.

One last thing: when a customer texts your team that they lost their lucky hat, they’ll have an efficient way to tell them about it.

And, you can use our next part to get it back to them quickly.

4. Lost & Found

Ahhh, your lost & found software.

Because let’s face it. Lost items are a bummer.

We believe lost & found software is indeed the most inexpensive way to enhance the customer experience.

It builds customer loyalty too! (Customer loyalty is an added bonus.)

It’s as easy for your customers to use as it will be for you to explain it to them.

Your customers can report their lost items on your property or online from home when they realize they forgot something.

Once the item is found, it’s matched to the lost item.

Then, notify your customer.

Like we always say, “Reunited and it feels so good.”

So, how’s that for proactive?

Your customers get a receipt to ensure they get the correct item too.

You get full and consistent digital records to report, track and manage all items moving through the lost and found department.

We’d say that’s customer service and efficiency in one fell swoop!


We want you to be efficient, effective and have all the characteristics of a proactive leader.

If you’d like to improve your customer experience from ‘break-even’ to ‘enhanced,’ you need to invest in a proactive operations platform with all four of these must-have components.

The unified software will do more than help you break even.

It’ll make the customer experience out of this world.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in July 2014 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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