4 Causes of Remarkable Customer Service [Infographic]

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Sep 6, 2016 7:45:00 AM

Your season is starting.

You’ve hired new staff and have many returning employees this year. You’re striving for a better year because last year was a rough one.

You had to let several of your people go due to poor work ethic and customer complaints.

Many were terminated due to their inability to communicate with guests. They demonstrated poor customer service.

Even worse, after all of the coaching you and the management team provided – they never put forth the effort to apply it.

“We must ensure all new and returning staff are customer service trained,” you tell Laura, the director of guest services for your property. “First-class service is a requirement, no excuses,” you continue.

“I can research the customer service training offered by the Disney Institute,” she replies. “But, that may take a while to put in motion,” she adds.

“Let me see what I can find in the meantime,” she remarks. Laura heads back to her office.

You stare at your computer contemplating how to approach this year with excellent service since – it’s obvious – good service is no longer enough.

You need to raise the bar. You need to do it, now.


Several minutes later, your email alerts you. Laura came across the following infographic on remarkable customer service.

Use this infographic to understand the four ways you can handle guest requests, complaints, and exceed expectations proactively. It’s going to show you how your team can deliver remarkable customer service immediately.



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