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How Properties Deliver on Guest Requests to Surpass Guest Expectations

| June 14, 2022 | By

In order to deliver on guest requests and surpass guest expectations, property managers need to have a good understanding of what their guests are wanting.

Properties managers must ask themselves what amenities they can offer to provide a unique experience for their guests.

It is also important to be well-educated on the latest hospitality trends to know how to execute them properly.

By doing so, properties will be able to improve satisfaction scores and provide guests with an excellent overall experience.

When it comes to delivering on guest requests, most people think it is simply a matter of checking off items on a list.

However, turning a guest request into an exceptional experience is about more than just fulfilling the request.

It's also about going above and beyond what is expected and surprising guests with thoughtful touches that make them feel special.

How Can Properties Exceed Guests' Expectations?

Any property that wants to remain successful must always look for ways to improve the guest experience.

The use of a Request Tracker is one way to make this happen.

This software allows properties to track and manage any incidents or customer complaints.

By doing so, staff can better identify and resolve issues as they occur.

As a result, guests are likely to have a more positive overall experience and be more likely to return in the future.

These days, most guests expect a property to meet their needs and take care of any issues during their stay.

However, what if a property could exceed guests' expectations by using 24/7 Software’s Request Tracker software?

By anticipating guests' needs and wants, and using technology to help take care of any issues that may come up, properties can truly WOW their guests.

Guest Requests and How Properties Deliver

A guest request is a request by which a guest or fan submits to a facility to complete a task.

The objective of handling these requests is to provide a better customer experience by ensuring that all guests' needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Guest request is an important part of fan experience.

It is the process by which guests request services or amenities that are not ordinarily included as part of their ticket reservation.

These requests can range from simple items like ordering a snack to more complicated matters, such as a picture with a star at a game.

The process of handling guest requests can be difficult, especially when there are a large number of them.

This is where request tracker software comes in.

This is used in tandum with an incident management system.

This software allows property managers to track and manage guest requests quickly and efficiently, as well as incidents that can occur.

Here are a couple of tips to help manage requests properly:

First, Establish A Procedure for Receiving and Managing Guest Requests

Guest requests can come in many different ways, such as through a web form or through a messaging platform, like 24/7 Software’s Conversations module.

It's important to have a procedure in place to receive and manage these requests.

This will ensure that all requests are handled consistently and that no request goes unanswered.

The first step in establishing a procedure is to create a request tracker.

This is a document or online form that will allow you to track all guest requests. It should include the following information:

  • Name of requester
  • Date of request
  • Details of request
  • Status of request
  • Staff assigned to the request
  • Completion of request

Use a Request Tracker to Track Guest Requests

An effective way to keep track of potential guests for your property is to use Request Tracker software.

This will allow you to keep track of all the inquiries you receive and make it easy to follow up with guests.

You can also use a request tracker to keep track of all the information about guests, including their contact information, the dates they are interested in, and any other special requests they may have.

Assign Request to The Appropriate Staff Member

When a guest requests a repair or service, it's important to have a process to ensure that the request is handled efficiently and effectively.

Using a request tracker for your properties can help you manage your guest requests and assign them to the appropriate staff member.

A request tracker is a tool that allows you to track requests from start to finish.

It will enable you to create a ticket for each request and assign it to a specific staff member.

The staff member can then update the request's status and add notes as needed.

This helps ensure that each request is handled promptly and accurately.

Notify the Guest of The Status of Their Request

When a person makes a request, they should be notified of the status of that request.

Using Request Tracker, you can keep your guests updated on the progress of their requests.

This will help keep them informed and ensure that their requests are handled in a timely manner.

The Process of Exceeding Guest's Expectations

Most people would agree that exceeding guests' expectations is a good way to run a business, but what does that actually mean?

And more importantly, how can you make sure that you are doing everything possible to exceed your guests' expectations?

There are a few key things to remember when trying to exceed guests' expectations.

First, always be communicative and responsive.

Guests will appreciate being kept in the loop, and they will definitely appreciate quick responses to any questions or concerns.

Always be prepared.

Make sure you have everything you need ready before your guests arrive, and be ready to help with guest requests on-demand.

When guests arrive at a property, the goal is to exceed their expectations.

This is done by having a request tracker in place that allows guests to make requests and leaves a record of what was done for them.

The following is a process for exceeding guest's expectations:

  • Guests make requests through a form
  • Staff reviews requests and ensures they get placed into Request Tracker
  • Fan is notified of action taken and is delighted
  • Repeat

Over to You

This article detailed how properties use request tracker software to exceed guest expectations.

By delivering on guest requests, general operation managers can improve satisfaction and loyalty among guests.

If you're looking for a Request Tracker to help you deliver on guest requests, visit

Learn how to exceed guest expectations

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