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Empower Guests to Report Smoking Offenders With Text Communication

by 24/7 Software / January 21, 2016

large group of people gathered as no smoking sign.pngYou have guests.

Some enjoy smoking.

But, you have prohibited smoking sections at your property.

Smoking might even be restricted throughout your entire property.

From what we’ve seen in the industry, you’re going to have guests smoking where they shouldn’t be.

Think about it…how easy is it to sneak in a few puffs without anyone noticing?

Very easy, if there is no way for other guests to report this problem to anyone on your staff.

If there aren’t ways for your agitated guests and vendors to report prohibited smoking offenders, you’re in for problems.

  • More smoking offenders catch on – the problem escalates
  • Unhappy guests take it upon themselves to resolve – fights occur
  • Medical issues as a result of second-hand smoke – legal cases
  • Unhappy guests – attendance suffers

We’re sure there are other hidden effects from this offense, and so we must ask, do you have a way to handle it at your property?

Many properties have a concern for this issue but don’t have any solution in place to help guests report prohibited smoking offenders to their team.

There is a solution you can start using immediately: Text Communication.

Keep reading to learn how your guests can contribute to your fight against this frustrating offense.

When Operations Don’t Have Text Communication

Does this situation sound familiar? Are you going through this?

Let’s say you’re a sports stadium that prohibits smoking. Unfortunately, a lot of your guests smoke, and you know they do.

During each intermission, they like to take a break and light one up. Yes, you have the correct prohibited smoking signage displayed throughout the property but no one pays them any attention.

Who’s got time for that when they’re worried about the potential outcome of the game anyway?

Even worse, there are too many guests smoking to manage the situation.

So, your staff lets it slip through the cracks, your supervisors give up, and your non-smoking guests are still furious.

As the leader, you can’t just throw in the towel and let people get away with this.

You and your team try to stop as many offenders as possible…but what’s that in the scheme of things? One person, a couple, even a few here and there.

That’s not very effective, is it?

Non-smoking guests start staying home, your attendance declines, and the next thing you know…

This becomes a nightmare for everyone, especially you.

Your guests, staff, and vendors are tired of it and are ready for you to take action.

What do you do? How do you handle this out of control problem at your property?

It’s time for you to change your current situation. It’s time to make prohibited smoking, prohibited, and for good.

Invest in text communication to empower your guests, vendors, and staff to thwart prohibited smoking offenders.

Empower Guests & Staff to Eradicate Your Smoking Problem

You’re sick and tired of the stress that comes with prohibited smoking offenders, right?

It’s not like this occurs every so often. This is something you, your guests, vendors, and staff deal with every single event.

It doesn’t end.

You might even call it an epidemic.

The good news is, text communication can help you eradicate this mess from your property.

You can put the power to report and stop offenders into the hands of everyone.

As we always say, two-way text messaging gives you the assistance of thousands of eyes to report issues and mitigate incidents as they occur.

This sounds like a perfect solution, right?

Then, let’s get you using it today.

Here’s what you need to understand about using a texting system, from what you need to do to what you need to have in place.

Let’s get started on your peace of mind.

Promote Your System

You must promote your system, because it’s the only way your guests will know it exists.

If they know it exists, then they’ll know how to use it.

Even better is that they’ll actually use it to report offenders.

You’ll need to make sure your signage provides the right information so everyone can take part in your efforts.

Your system will only have value if it’s used.

You might already know this, you have to display visible signage throughout your property for guests and vendors to see…or it’s useless.

You don’t want it getting ‘lost in the crowd’ with any other signage that’s being overlooked.

In fact, the same time that you implement your text system is when you should consider how your other property signage communicates with guests.

Here’s a rundown of how promoting your system via signage actually works.

Display your shortcode and keyword on banners throughout your property. 

Information required by operations should also be included on your signage. 

Once a text message is sent into the text system, the system will automatically respond with a message to your guest. A message that you’ve customized for your property. 

This message will let the guest know your team has received the message and are in the process of responding to the reported issue.

Your guests will have peace of mind knowing you’re handling the issue now, not 10 minutes from now when the smoking offenders are gone.

Once you have the signage in place and your guests begin sending text messages, you’ll have a big weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Trust us.

The majority of the success and value generated from using a two-way text system comes from the effective promotion.

Put signage in place and you’ll see results.

Effective ‘Two-Way’ Communication

Your system’s signage is in place and the text messages start rolling in about several guests smoking at your property.

You need to manage those conversations so nothing goes undetected.

Your solution’s conversation thread provides your staff with an in-depth visualization of what’s occurring and being reported throughout your property.

The system displays the thread of any two-way conversation in progress.

It’s in an organized format. All messages can be looked at for vital information.

  • Location of smoking offender
  • What the offender looks like
  • What the offender is wearing
  • How long they have been smoking in the area
  • Are there others smoking as well?

Your ability to make real-time decisions and thwart offenders is now possible.

You get the facts needed to proactively respond to the issues guests are reporting so nothing slips through the cracks.

Predetermined Responses to Quickly React to Guests

You probably have many smoking offenders around your property, which means you’ll be receiving several texts during an event.

Your team needs to articulate to guests what to do or what your team plans to do without wasting much time needed for mitigating other priority issues.

Response templates let your team respond to a message in one click – with the exact message you want to deliver to guests reporting smoking offenders.

Providing predetermined responses based on the issue type properly educates guests on the situation and lets them know you have everything under control.

Establish the suitable responses you need your to use for effective communication and maximum efficiency.

Need additional information? Be ready with more response templates to ask specific questions that you need to be answered quickly.

Not only are you removing your prohibited smoking issues from the equation, you’re increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your total operation.

Without Data, You're Just Another Professional With an Opinion

OK. You put your system into action.

You’re receiving text messages and proactively responding to guests reporting smoking offenders.

You, your staff, vendors, and guests are really making a difference towards everyone’s experience.

You can get even better at it. Now you have tons of data to look at.

For example:

  • Where are people reporting most offenses from and when?
  • How often are you receiving reports of smoking offenders?
  • During what times of the day are you receiving reports?
  • How many smoking offenders do you have at your property at any given time?
  • How quickly are your staff mitigating these issues?

This information lets you better allocate your resources and reduce the time to get on scene, more and more.

Reporting tools and the ability to analyze your data help you improve.

Once smoking offenders see how quickly your team is responding, they’ll catch on.

They’ll realize it’s time to quit smoking – at your property.

Over to You

It’s fascinating to know the difference not having versus having text communication at your property has on everyone’s peace of mind.

You can go from not having a system, where smoking offenders are slipping through the cracks, guests are miserable from secondhand smoke to putting a solution in place that can greatly reduce – if not eliminate – all of these problems.

Help your guests…help you.

So, are you going to implement a two-way texting solution at your property to empower your guests, staff, and vendors to thwart prohibited smoking offenders?

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