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Incident Management Mobile Apps Are Game Changers for Smaller Properties

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Are you struggling with limited resources?

Not enough staff?

Do you have too much on your plate?

Have you felt that your property was just too small to implement any real-time communications?

You really need to keep reading, because “our property is too small” is a far cry from the truth.

We have incident management software for you.

Not only will it help resolve your staffing concerns, but it’ll help you overcome any other shortfalls.

Operations for a smaller property can be entirely different than their much larger counterparts.

We get that.

When you have limited resources combined with too much on your plate, the thought of implementing applications might be too overwhelming and your least priority.


In case you were wondering, we disagree with this maxim quite a bit.

The reason why we do, well, that’s the easy part.

“Our property is too small” is not only false but can become a very dangerous excuse.

It’s a significant challenge we face, especially when communicating with managers for smaller properties.

Incident types that happen in large properties can occur at small properties too.

So, you may be small, but you have similar needs for managing.

Understanding how incident management mobile apps can enhance your operation is significant for your smaller property.


Your event starts, and, of course, the calls start coming in.

As the event is geared towards families, your team is on alert for high-priority calls like pedophiles or sex offenders on the scene.

The calls come in.

Wet spill, wet spill, another wet spill.

A lot of small calls will catch up to you.

Quickly your limited staff is bogged down.

We've identified two significant shortfalls consistent among smaller properties during occurrences such as this:

  • Communication
  • Documentation


How can you be ready for high-priority calls if you don’t have an incident management system in place?

The wet spills will keep coming.

You need to respond to the wet spills efficiently.

But you are not able to do that without a system in place.

You need to unclog your communication channels.

Your wet spills are now turning into slip & fall cases!

This is not good.

With limited staff and resources at smaller properties, the noise is even higher.

Communication channels are clogged.

Your radio traffic is unbearable.

Calls are coming in from all ends.

This whole two-way communication concept is giving you one too many headaches.

This takes the ‘management’ out of incident management for sure.

Calls are coming in through the radio so quickly.

If you don’t have an incident management system in place to overcome this – you’re dead in the water!

Too many calls, not enough efficiency. It’s the cold, hard truth with a dash of salt.


Who's busy writing all this stuff down and taking incident reports?

Where are these consistent, legible, accurate, perfect, handwritten reports stored once they are complete?

Yeah, we get all the problems that you suffer with when you don’t have a system in place.

But to add more salt to your already apparent wound, we also get that you don’t have time to record any data.

You have zero data and no ability to do any analysis after the event.

There’s no real way for you to improve for the next event.

There’s no way for you to track your response times to incidents.

You are shooting in the dark.

Can we remind you what happens to wet spills that go unattended?

Slip & fall cases.

You’re never too small for those.

So, how’s your documentation looking now?

Coupled with one significant disruption of your operation, lack of communication and insufficient documentation can prove to be disastrous.

It could even result in a special delivery from your victims’ legal counsel.

Being a small property does not protect you from litigation.

It’s a definite problem, one we’ve got an excellent solution for!


Smaller properties clearly have incident management needs.

So, what’s the solution?

Whether you have one employee in every other area or only two-way radios available for supervisors, we’re here to tell you efficiency can be accomplished.

That’s what you’re going for, right?

  • No more screaming over a walkie-talkie
  • No more missed incident calls
  • No more logging incidents into a spreadsheet or notebook
  • No property is too small. Not even yours.
  • No more excuses

It’s time to invest in mobile applications for your property.

It’s time to enhance your operational efficiency, unclog your communication gap, save yourself from documentation disaster, and get a return on your investment.


Mobile apps for incident management revolutionize communication and are the ultimate tools to report and manage incidents at your property.

Still, have staffing concerns? Worry no more.

The mobile apps will afford you the ability to deploy staff to cover multiple areas instead of one to every other area.

Flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness are all possible with streamlined solutions!

Staffing concerns: eliminated.

When putting mobile apps into the hands of your front-line staff, you’re ensuring incidents can be reported in seconds directly to your system.

With enhanced communication, new protocols, and unclogged channels, you’ll have a new superpower.

Limited resources still a concern too? Mobile apps resolve this issue.

You’ll have the ability to choose whether your property uses a Wi-Fi connection, or you can use your existing data network.

Either way, you’re covered!

We don’t want to stop there.

Above we only mentioned a couple of great benefits inclusive of top-notch incident management mobile apps.

Valuable solutions will have these seven benefits.

  1. System Operates via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. No need for costly monthly subscriptions if using your existing Wi-Fi network.
  2. Provides Two-Way Communication. Arm your front-line staff with the easiest, most effective way to report incidents. Now you can communicate more with less.
  3. Supplements Incident Details with Multimedia. Send photos or videos between communicators or your incident management dispatch queue. Lost child? BOLO? Send out a photo instantly to all communicators, primarily when you’re operating in a family environment.
  4. Permissions. Allow your personnel to have mobile permissions to see only what they need. It makes operating a seamless process.
  5. Real-Time Data and Updates. Is this something you thought only existed in your dreams? As an incident progresses, communicators can update incidents in real-time. Real-time data is a missing ingredient among many properties. Not anymore. Giving all your staff and departments the ability to communicate, document, and see what’s going on – that creates all the value alone.
  6. Ability to Track and Direct Staff to Specific Locations. Send out critical alerts and notifications to one or all devices.
  7. Easy! Staff changes but training them on how to use the incident management mobile app must be painless. An efficient mobile app will use images to symbolize departments and incidents. There’s no opportunity for confusion or missing another essential incident call.


What are you going to do now to enhance your operation? Eliminate staffing and resource concerns. Improve communication of any and all incidents occurring on your property. Put an end to the illegible and insufficient documentation your team records.

Treat yourself to clear and historical documentation and close your communication gap today!

So, will you be implementing incident management mobile apps on your property?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in August 2014 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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