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Try These 7 Progressive Methods for Improving Communication with Event Management Software

, , | April 1, 2014 | By

Lost Child? BOLO? You’re in the midst of a sold out event. A frantic mother is searching for her 8 year-old child. How would you react? Would your team effectively respond to this incident?

It's not called 'Lucky Number 7' for no reason! We've laid out seven advanced methods you can implement to close the communication gap at your facility or venue.

  1. Invest in a system that can operate via Wi-Fi. Remove the need for costly monthly subscriptions.
  2. Provide direct 2-way communication for your staff. Arm your front-line staff with mobile apps which are the easiest, most effective way to report incidents.
  3. Introduce the ability to communicate using multimedia. Send photos or videos between mobile devices, or your operators in the command center.Develop a system to send out photos instantly to all staff.
  4. Afford your supervisors the ability to access your incident dispatch queue from a mobile device. This will allow them to make game-time decisions on the fly.
  5. Generate real-time updates for your staff. As incidents progress, notifications and alerts should be delivered to need-to-know people.
  6. Track and direct staff to specific areas through mobile communications, including the ability to immediately create a conference call based on incident types. Because let's face it, putting up the bat signal takes way too much time.
  7. Make it ALL easy. Staff changes, but training them on how to follow your communication protocols should be painless. Create a manageable and easy-to-execute system for communication among team members.

Empower your staff with event management software - take your communication and operations to a whole new level.

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