Use Incident Management Mobile Apps to Streamline Communication

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Jun 30, 2015 7:45:00 AM

You might be wondering:

What’s the best way to streamline communication at your property?

For daily operations or during events, you want to ensure you give your team the tools to be successful.

Using incident management mobile apps allows you to save the radio for your high priority conversations.

Here’s a thought…

What do you think is preventing you from achieving peace of mind?

Is it your incident management process? Or, is it the current tools you’re using to bring your incident management plans to life?

We’re confident your incident management process is up to snuff, but your tools might need some attention.

We’re going to show you how incident management mobile apps can help you streamline communication throughout your property.

Are you ready for Proactive Operations?

Clogged Communication: An Operation without Incident Management Mobile Apps

This probably sounds familiar:

Your day starts.

The calls start coming into your command center...

  • “Wet spill.”
  • “There’s a fight in section 415!”
  • “Another wet spill in section 206”
  • “Wait, now there’s a slip and fall!”

Great. This is the last thing you need today.

It’s nothing close to peace of mind either.

A lot of these calls will catch up to you in no time. Your staff is immediately bottlenecked with so many calls coming into the pipeline and no way to properly handle them.

Here’s the thing:

Your operation's efficiency hinges on:

  • Communication between you, your supervisors and your staff.
  • Information not slipping through the cracks so your staff clearly knows what to complete, and creates accurate documentation doing it.

If either of these two things are not happening, you have major drawbacks – and they need to be addressed.  

Keep reading to understand the full importance of why incident management mobile apps solves these issues.

Seamless Communication Throughout Your Property is Paramount

How can you be ready for the high priority calls if you don’t have advanced communication strategies in place?


When these wet spills and fights keep coming into your incident management system – you need to be able to efficiently respond!

You’re not able to do that with limited radio bandwidth. Are you?

You must unclog your communication channels. Incident management mobile apps are your solution.

Because, here’s the thing:

Your wet spills will quickly turn into slip and falls. You know what that leads to…liability.

As your communication channels clog, your radio traffic becomes insupportable for staff.

Calls that begin rolling in from every location, section and hot spot throughout your property lead to the complete opposite of peace of mind.

It’s headaches you don’t want and certainly don’t need.

You need to have mobile apps as an extension of your incident management system if you want to overcome this feat any time soon.

Without one…your property’s operation is in danger. Trust us.

Documentation or Disaster? You Pick.

When your team’s on scene, how are they capturing all or any of the vital information?

Can you answer this question confidently?

When’s the last time you saw the reports from September 14th, 2013? Better yet, are you able to see detailed information that was captured by your frontline staff?

Is your staff producing handwritten reports? Are they complete and legible? Is your “documentation” making its way to a pile on your desk or the dreaded abyss known as your storage cabinet?


We understand the obstacles you and your team continuously face by not having the right applications implemented.

Let’s put it into perspective for a moment.

What would happen if those wet spills not only went unattended for a long period of time, but the information recorded was completely illegible?

Four words…slip and fall case. Plan to lose a lot of money too.

As you’re probably aware, this is no joke. Cases like this will be catastrophic to your organization.


It’s a “clear as day” problem preventing you from achieving peace of mind.

But, it’s also one that can be trounced with the right solutions in place.

Redefining Your Operation for Peace of Mind and First-Class Communication

Do you have incident management and communication-related needs?


What are the best solutions for you?

We know this answer, so we’re going to show you how you can streamline communication leading to unclogged communication lines, increased efficiency and peace of mind.

But, before we do, let’s take a moment to look at the four problems that you can say goodbye to. These will be problems of your past from this point forward:

  1. Superfluous radio traffic that creates more chaos than order.
  2. Missed incident calls that lead to legal cases.
  3. Capturing incident details and vital information with pen and paper.
  4. Uncertainty, doubt, obscurity…however you’d like to put it.

Are you ready to implement mobile applications so you can say sayonara to your communication woes?

If so, it’s time to augment your communication capabilities!

  • Unclog your communication lines.
  • Alleviate the effects of insufficient documentation.
  • Realize a resounding return on your investment.

Use Mobile Applications to Advance Every Facet of Your Incident Management Communication

Incident management mobile applications have rapidly transformed how operations effectively and efficiently communicate.

There are no two better tools for managing, handling and communicating incidents or issues that occur throughout your property than these right here:

  1. Mobile applications on handheld mobile phones for reporting incidents anywhere on the fly.
  2. Mobile applications on tablet devices that let your staff fill out complete digital incident reports from any location.

It gets better:

Mobile apps let you deploy your staff with the peace of mind knowing they can communicate and document incidents with ease.

It’ll simplify your operation in no time.

With innovative solutions all is possible:

  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness

All at your fingertips.

Stop wasting valuable time, put mobile applications into the hands of your staff.

Do this to ensure incidents can be reported in seconds. Time is your most valuable asset – make every second count!


Is having limited resources a major concern for you? If you’re like most operations we see, we bet this is a challenge you’re regularly faced with.

Your mobile applications will resolve this issue.

Here’s how…

You’ll have the ability to choose whether your operation uses a Wi-Fi connection or an existing data network.

Either way, you’ll be in good shape for the lifetime of your operation.


Let’s not stop there when you have access to many more benefits.

Below are three crucial aspects of your new applications we believe will bring you the most immediate value.

Both tools can complement vital incident details using multimedia.

Your ability to send photos or videos between the mobile applications and your dispatch queue gives your staff comprehensive information for rapid response.

In the event of a lost child, suspicious person or potentially dangerous package, instantly send photos to every active mobile device.

Real-time data and efficient communication lead to faster response, period.

As incidents progress, the mobile apps can update incidents in real time. We know real-time data is currently a missing ingredient for many operations. Maybe even yours?

Not anymore.

Giving staff the ability to document, communicate and know what’s going on – we call this awareness – is all the value you need to make your move to mobile anyway, right?

(Curious about awareness? Check out our latest article about the ACDA Principle™ to see how your operation can achieve peace of mind.)

Having trouble getting new staff trained and ready for deployment?

Ready to streamline your training process just like your communication?

Your team changes. But, training them on how to use these mobile applications can be trouble-free.

Images are used to represent incident types and response teams such as Fire Rescue. If they can see, they can report an incident in seconds.

Over to You

Unclogged communication and efficiency are in your future.

Streamline communication to take the first step in achieving peace of mind.

Are you going to deploy incident management mobile applications to streamline communication and increase efficiency at your property?

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