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Where's Your Security Team When This Is Happening?

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Dec 23, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Ah, the dreaded question of every professional:

“Where was your security team when…?”

Does this leave you speechless?

Would you be able to respond?

Better yet, can you confidently answer these common questions?

Where was security when:

  • …my wife’s purse was snatched from her in public?
  • …my laptop was stolen from my locker?
  • …my wallet was taken from our “secure” meeting room?

If you do not use a guard tour system to manage your security operation, we know this experience is stressful.

Not having proper checks in place to ensure your team is sticking to the schedule and being accountable only leads to frustration for you and your customers.

Fingers start pointing.

“It was you.”

“No, it was his fault. He was supposed to check here.”

However, you are responsible for what occurs on your property.

Today, we are going to share how advanced guard tour software lets you know where your security team is and gives you the ability to prove it to your customers.

Are you ready to be proactive?

Let’s get started.


We’ve put in the working hours and research time to understand what a superior guard tour software solution encompasses.

Yes, it has taken years of research.

We are confident that we understand the essential components guard tour software needs for you to be successful.

Regardless of whether you are already using a system or need to implement one, you’ll benefit from what you read today.

Incorporate what we have outlined below in your operation.

Increase the efficiency, accountability, and proactivity of your team.

Once you know what is affecting your team, drive positive change.

The benefits of a guard tour system can help move your operation forward.

They’ll help you achieve the peace of mind universal amongst proactive operations.

  • Digital Documentation
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Expert Training
  • Full Accountability
  • Captured Details

Digital Documentation

Documentation will make or break your operation.

Be sure it is complete, accurate, and legible.

Does your current process let your team document all the information as they are performing their duties?

You must have the ability to track and manage details accurately.

You must be able to review and scrutinize this data in the future.

A system that captures full documentation lets your team execute security tours while digitally securing data.

Pen and paper are useless.

They give you inaccurate, illegible handwritten reports.

Your operation only has room for ‘accurate.’

Increased Efficiency

Let’s focus on your inefficiencies. Let’s then turn them into efficiencies.

Getting lost in confusion and caught up in your inabilities makes it tough to turn things around.

That is why facing your inefficiencies head-on gives your operation the proactivity it needs.

Optimizing your process is essential.

Provide your team with the tools they need and watch efficiency climb.

From collecting tour times to capturing photos of suspicious persons, conducting guard tours is straightforward when using the system.

Are you ready to use the ‘right’ system?

Expert Training

Training and development of your staff should be effortless.

It is with a progressive system.

Prompt, efficient, training shortens your staff’s time to deployment.

Have them proactive in as little time as possible.

Implement guard tour software that lets you entirely train staff.

Continue the training by using your data to show them how to execute their duties more efficiently.

Don’t stop there, however.

You want a solutions provider that gives you proven resources and training tools.

It will keep your team proactive in the future too.

Full Accountability

Most operations struggle with accountability.

Here is how you overcome that – keep it simple.

Keeping your team focused on what’s vital means that you can get rid of the legacy wand system you’ve been using.

Your operation grows into a more professional one.

Using modern software makes things better – for everyone.

This process is how you achieve maximum accountability with these systems:

  1. A guard scans the RFID tag.
  2. Information for the location populates on a mobile device.
  3. Guard accurately and confidently completes tour in no time.
  4. Account for and handle all details.

You no longer have questions.

Now, you have the power to hold your team fully accountable for their job.

Lack of accountability is the last thing you want, especially when your operation is put to the test.


Captured Details

This ability is a highly important aspect of these systems.

When done right, it is your ‘game-changer.’

It takes your system from second-rate to first-class.

Capture every detail within your system. It is how you achieve the optimal integrity of all data.

The software makes managing tours a complete, structured process.

You need it for peace of mind.

From audio to pictures to video, your staff is capturing all the details.

It is how they’ll demonstrate their effectiveness while doing their job up to your standards.

Does someone on your team notice a suspicious person poking around a private area they shouldn’t be?

They can get a picture of the person in seconds.

Now, the photo is in the system for future reference.

How’s that for proactive operations?


Define what you need in a system using what we’ve outlined in this article.

It will have a long-term, positive impact on your operation.

Remember never to disregard the fact that even though you run a top-notch operation, you have staff with different degrees of integrity.

Once you start using a progressive system, you begin removing problem employees from your team.

You know, the ones that you never know where they are “when this is happening.”

To accomplish this goal, you need useful analytics.

Analytics lets you achieve many goals and obstacles thrown your way.

  • Creates an ability to be laser-focused
  • Achieving your goals is possible
  • Effectively train dedicated security staff
  • Optimize the guard tour process

Analytics shows you the benefits and results of a dominant system.

Use your data to streamline execution.

It is proactive operations at its core.


You need to be able to answer where your security team was when something happens. You cannot run an operation where you do not have total control and awareness.

Proactive operations rely on guard tour systems. Implement one at your property, so nothing slips through the cracks.

So, will you be implementing guard tour software to ensure you know where your security staff is when something, anything occurs?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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