5 Ways a Guard Tour System Helps Mall Security on Christmas Eve

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Dec 24, 2015 7:45:00 AM

Tomorrow’s Christmas, which means your mall security operation is busy to say the least.

If you have multiple properties to oversee, well, you already know you’re in for it. Christmas Eve is when the majority of the U.S. likes to get those last minutes gifts taken care of.

That means your security operation is going to have their hands full.

Running a security operation is a big responsibility to begin with, but when you throw the Holidays into the mix – skills get tested.

Why not have the tools in place to limit the amount of stress you have today? Why not achieve peace of mind, even on Christmas Eve?

We’re going to show you how a guard tour system can advance your mall operation and improve your chances of peace of mind, for this Christmas Eve and the next.

Whether you’re an owner, regional vice president, supervisor, or security guard…you’ll want to read this article. So, let’s dive in.

The Guard Tour System Mall Security Needs This Christmas Eve

We’ve spent years working with security professionals like you.

We’ve done the research. We’ve accrued the most effective and crucial facets of a guard tour system.

It has taken some time, but we’re confident we understand the five essential components a guard tour system needs for you to be successful.

Trust us, regardless of whether you’re already using a system or looking for one to implement, you’ll benefit from today’s article.

Use the ways we’ve outlined below to increase the efficiency, accountability, flexibility, and professionalism of your operation.

When you understand the variables affecting your team, inclusive of their strengths and weaknesses – put simply – you can drive positive change.

The 5 ways to use a guard tour system below will move your operation forward.

They’ll help you achieve the efficiency, accountability, flexibility and peace of mind professional operations are made of.

  1. Advanced Documentation
  2. Augment Efficiency
  3. Training & Long-Term Advancement
  4. Improved Processes for Maximum Accountability
  5. Capture All Details so Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

Advanced Documentation

Complete, legible and accurate documentation will make - or break - your operation.

How well does your current system allow your team to document what you need?

You need the ability to accurately track and manage crucial details.

More importantly, you need to be able to review and scrutinize this data at your convenience in the future.

With a system that affords you full documentation capabilities your team can execute security tours while digitally capturing and securing useful data.

Pen and paper are useless…and so are the inaccurate illegible handwritten reports.

There’s only room for accurate in your operation.

Augment Efficiency

Let’s focus on your inefficiencies.

It’s time to turn them into efficiencies you can benefit from.

Once you get lost in the confusion or held up by your inabilities, it’s tough to turn things around.

That’s why facing your inefficiencies head-on will give your operation the professionalism it requires.

It essential to turn your whole operation around.

Provide your team with the tools they need and watch efficiency climb…without stopping.

From collecting your property’s tour times to taking photos of suspicious packages, there’s a simplified method for conducting guard tours when you utilize the right system.

Are you truly ready to use the right system?

Training & Long-Term Advancement

Training and development of your staff can be effortless.

It can be conducted with ease and in a timely manner that shortens your staff’s time till deployment.

Not all operations define a fluid process for training their staff.

Not all operations are professional, are they?

Implement guard tour software that’ll help you fully train your team and have them ready to execute in less time.

But, don’t stop there.

You’ll want a solutions provider that provides you with time-tested resources and training tools to keep your team proactive into the future too.

Improved Processes for Maximum Accountability

We’ve noticed most operations have trouble with accountability.

Our recommended solution: Keep it simple.

Routine tours are easy when you keep things simple.

When you can keep your team focused on what’s truly important, you can get rid of the legacy wand system you’ve been using.

You can grow. Your team can grow. Your operation can grow into an even more professional one.

You’ll enhance your operation when you use the latest and most advanced technology.

Check out how simple the process is for achieving optimal accountability when using the most innovative technology:

  1. Your guard scans the RFID label or barcode.
  2. Tour information for the specific location populates onto a mobile device.
  3. Your guard completes the tour in no time accurately and confidently.
  4. All details are accounted for.
  5. Your property looks great and you have peace of mind in knowing everything is being handled this Holiday.

You no longer have questions as to whether you have the power to hold your team fully accountable for their job, do you?

Because poor accountability is the last thing you want when your operation is faced with more mall visitors than an average weekend rush.

Would you agree?

Capture All Details and Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

Our final component is an extremely important one. It’s your game changer when done right.

This will take your system from mediocre to masterful.

So, what’s the importance of the final component? It gives you the ability to capture every detail in your system, for the optimal integrity of all data.

Software makes tracking and handling tours a complete, structured process.

It’s what you need for peace of mind this Holiday.

Your team will have all the details.

  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Audio

This is how they’ll demonstrate their effectiveness while doing their job up to your standards.

Does someone on your team notice a suspicious package near the busiest mall entrance? They can quickly snap a picture of the suspicious package and capture it in the system for future reference.

You’ll have all the details you need.

Analyze & Improve this Christmas Eve

Using these 5 ways to define what you need in a system will have a long-term impact on your operation.

Never disregard the fact that even though you run a professional operation, there’ll be employees with a little less integrity than others.

We get it.

But, once you start using a progressive system you’ll immediately be able to begin filtering them out.

Start using a system that offers analytics to:

  • Have focus and achieve your goals
  • Continuously train professional security staff
  • Enhance guard tour processes
  • Achieve peace of mind on your terms

Data and analytics will quickly show you the benefits of a powerful system and how it positively impacts your team.

Trust the data and execute flawlessly. It’s what professional operations like yours are made of.

Over to You

A guard tour system demonstrating these five ways will help you improve the professionalism of your operation starting this Holiday season. Do this to achieve peace of mind and to be even more ready for next year.

So, have you implemented a guard tour solution to augment your mall security operation this Holiday?

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