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5 Ways Guard Tour Systems Simplify Duties & Foster Accountability

by 24/7 Software / January 27, 2015

guard tour systems increase success with pulleyWe’ve always enjoyed listening to what the experts are saying.

It has helped us become quite proficient in the subjects of process improvement and accountability.

One of the major challenges faced by security companies is not-knowing if their security guards are executing their duties efficiently. The second major challenge for these organizations is if the guards are executing, not being able to prove it.

Disjointed processes and antiquated systems prevent you from identifying your real problems with efficiency and accountability. Guard tour systems help you get your security operation above par and makes tracking accountability seamless.

Rather than overwhelming you with various features and benefits on guard tour systems, we’re hoping to enlighten you on only a few – very powerful – ways professional security companies like yours can identify your team’s faults and proactively repair them.

If you can’t position your organization to decisively track accountability, there’ll be no positive growth or decrease in employee turnover in your future.

You can change that. It’s time for you to take control of your operational efficiency and promote accountability among your team.

Ready for your solution? We’re not talking the software’s functionality. We’re focused on what a solution allows you to do in order to optimize your protocols and overall operation. It’s imperative that you understand the difference here.

The solution’s value will originate from its ability to assist you in simplifying security guard duties while holding everyone accountable for their execution.

Use 100% of Your Guard Tour System, 100% of the Time, for 100% Effectiveness

If you’re already using a guard tour system or need a fix for efficiency and accountability problems, use the following 5 guidelines to simplify duties and foster accountability. They’ll help you understand what improving your business and staff entails if you want to train (and retain) high-quality employees so you can increase your revenue starting now.

Put them in action and reap the benefits. It’s truly that simple.

Guard tour software begins and ends with accurate and complete documentation.

We’re sure this seems common and expected. But think about your current operation…is it really? It’s important we tackle it. A solution gives you the ability to accurately record and manage vital information.

All your guards can execute guard tours while digitally delivering the results to you without using pen and paper. If someone is producing inaccurate and useless reports, they’re wasting money. Now you’ll know how to resolve this, immediately.

Avoid an involuntary exit strategy.

Keep an eye on inefficiencies to keep your company from having to close its doors – stay in the green.

Give your staff the tools to be well-organized, from the ability to record a tour at the time of inspection, to attaching multimedia. There’s no reason your employees should be spending unanswered hours handling tours that take much less time when using guard tour software.

Streamlined security guard training.

When we say streamlined, we certainly mean it. Many touring solutions can have your team trained up in 30 minutes or less. That’s 100% operational too.

Within 30 minutes you’re moving your team from ambiguity, with zero accountability, to effective and efficient. Peace of mind is just around the bend.

Simplify your process.

Running routine tours becomes easy for your guards once they can stop using those less-than-magical wands. You really enhance your operation when you supplement it with the ability of using a device to scan RFID labels at each tour location.

Your employees scan the label, the tour information populates, and they complete the tour in a timely manner. This is where we pay tribute to accountability, because now you have the power to hold them fully accountable for their duties.

A picture-perfect solution.

Software these days can make the smallest of security operations super efficient. Solutions can make recording a tour or incident a straightforward process. Simple for your staff. Peace of mind for you.

With the ability to attach pictures, video and audio, your security guards have all the details to prove their case or to prove in the court of law that suspicious bag was on location at 11:52 a.m. Your team can work together to document the instances that protect your customers, their visitors and your business.

Rework, Grow, Repeat

When using these methods to simplify security guard duties and improve accountability, you might find that your overall processes needed some tweaking.

We’re not denying that uninterested employees exist, but many times with a little effort, easy fixes can help you grow the way you want. Your team’s weaknesses are more likely to surface when you don’t have the foundation in place to make their job easier.

As you’re doing this, use the built-in analytics provided by your system to measure the success of your growth and improvements. Discover how you can better train employees and manage the touring process.

We’re confident that long-term analytics will show you it’s better to develop your processes, your employees and their duties, together.

Your data will tell you what you’re doing right or wrong. By that time, you’ll already know how to fix it.

Over to You

Use these points of focus to simplify security guard duties and foster accountability for your security company. Work hard with your team to produce the success goals you’ve set for your company this year.

We believe that implementing smart processes together with guard tour software will promote employee participation, efficiency and peace of mind.

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