A Guard Tour System Evolves Venue Operations

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Nov 24, 2020 7:00:00 AM

The industry talks, and we listen.

What we hear is lack of accountability and inefficiency are problems with guard tour systems.  

Knowing whether security staff is conducting their scheduled inspections is an ongoing challenge for venue managers throughout the industry.

Ambiguous processes and old-school systems prevent venue operations from tackling these two very vital aspects of their operation.

We’re going to help you overcome this.

It’s time to advance your venue’s operation.

It’ll ultimately result in a safer environment for everyone.

We’re not going to deliver a rundown of features today; instead, we’d like to share a thought-out compilation of ways professional venue managers overcome weaknesses and grow into a streamlined organization.

Now is the best time to take control of your operational efficiency and enforce accountability at your venue.

The right guard tour system will help you successfully overhaul your operation and ensure security staff is efficient and accountable for their role and duties.

A Guard Tour System for 21st Century Operations

We’ve spent years working with industry professionals to compile a guard tour system's most significant and crucial facets leading to Proactive Operations.

Whether or not you already have a solution implemented, use every pointer below to increase efficiency and accountability.

By understanding your operation's weaknesses and your team, you can work diligently to change the way things are and evolve into a 21st-century operation.

Trust us.

It’s easier than it seems.

Abide by the following and watch your operation transform into a stress-free, flexible, efficient, and accountable environment.

Are you ready for Proactive Operations?

Let’s not waste any time then.

Complete, legible, and accurate documentation is an essential part of a 21st-century guard tour system.

How well does your current system allow you to document everything you need for tour inspections?

You should have the ability to record and manage vital information to be verified accurately or review whenever you need it.

Your venue’s security team can execute security tours while digitally securing the data without using pen and paper.

Inaccurate reports are useless.

Target inefficiencies and turn them around.

Once you fall behind the eight ball, it can be too late.

Proactively facing your inefficiencies will give your venue the longevity it needs.

It’ll turn your whole operation around.

Provide your team with the tools they need.

From recording security tour times to attaching multimedia, there’s no reason your team should be spending countless hours conducting tours while there’s a system that’ll simplify the whole process.

Well-organized and seamlessly executed training.

Many venues are not too familiar with the term streamlined or seamless, for that matter.

However, there are touring systems that’ll have your team trained up and operational in no time.

In a short amount of time, you’ll be moving your operation from wasteful with no accountability to the efficiency with a team that takes responsibility for their role.

Then, streamlines and seamless will be a part of everyone’s operational vocabulary.

Keep it simple to ensure accountability.

Regular tours are easy with simplicity in the mix.

Once your staff can discard their outdated wand system forever, they can grow themselves.

You’ll enhance your operation when you supplement it with the ability to use advanced technology, such as a device to scan RFID labels at each tour location throughout your venue.

  1. An employee scans the RFID label
  2. Tour information for the tour location populates
  3. Employee completes the tour on time

Now there’s no question whether you have the power to hold your team fully accountable for their duties – because you do!

Capture every detail for optimal integrity of all data.

21st-century solutions can make even the smallest venues and operations efficient.

The software can make recording tours and issues a definitive process.

It’s everything your staff needs to be great and everything you need for Proactive Operations.

Your team will have all the details – including pictures, video, and audio – to demonstrate their effectiveness in performing their duties and handling issues expeditiously.

Consider this, at 9:57 AM on a Monday, a member of your staff is conducting their scheduled morning inspection only to find a suite door is cracked open.

Now, your team has been trained to know these doors are only unlocked during events.

They conduct further investigation.

Once inside the suite, they quickly notice a large UPS shipping box with an outdated shipping label.

Items in the suite are missing too.

Without hesitation, they use their mobile handheld device to snap pictures of the scene, securing the information in the solution, providing your supervisor with enough time to notify authorities.

They’ve reported all relevant details, and moments later, the police department arrives on the scene.

After the minimal effort, police apprehend a disgruntled, recently terminated employee who thought they’d enhance their “severance” package.

Not on your watch and – since your star employee captured the evidence using your solution – not on your dime!

Never Stop Evolving Your Operation

Using these guidelines to advance guard tours for your venue operation might leave you with more insight than you initially expected.

It’s a good thing.

We’re certainly not overlooking second-rate employees' presence, but you can certainly improve your processes to start cleaning the house.

You must understand your team’s weaknesses as they are more likely to worsen when you don’t establish the correct foundation for Proactive Operations.

Use the built-in analytics provided by your system to simultaneously assess your growth's success with any improvements you’ve put into practice.

  • Strive to train and develop better employees
  • Continue to pursue a perfected touring process
  • Achieve Proactive Operations

The long-term analysis will show you the benefits to congruently develop your processes and employees.

Data will tell you what you’re doing right or what you’re doing wrong.

Trust the data and execute changes quickly for the best results.

Over to You

Work hard with your team to produce efficiency and accountability. Evolve your venue operation using a guard tour solution representative of innovation in the 21st century.

Implementing all the above will solidify your team’s professionalism, leaving you with the Proactive operation you deserve.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in April 2015 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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