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The Guard Tour System Proactive Operations Use

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Oct 6, 2020 7:00:00 AM

“Here’s our problem,” you shout.

“We’re always picking up the pieces,” you tell Chris, your director of public safety.

“We’re never ahead of the game,” you continue.

“It’s because we’re running an outdated system that runs from software on the first computer I used in my first year here,” he responds.

“The wands don’t even work that well either.

They’re always crashing on our guards,” he explains.

“We’re always running in ‘reactive mode,'” he snarls.

You look at him with intense interest.

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“Poor documentation, time-stamping technology, no accountability, high turnover of staff, and the inability to capture critical information on the fly,” he explains.

Now, you’re frustrated with yourself because he’s approached you about upgrading your guard tour system in the past.

But, you didn’t listen.

You understand the challenges of running a legacy system.

So, today you choose to implement a proactive, web-based system at your property.  

Let’s move your operation to the type of guard tour system proactive operations use.


Do you know what’s missing from your current system?

We’re sure Chris knows, which is why he’s ready to get started.

All the faults in your current system don’t exist in a progressive, web-based system.

Modern systems eliminate the problems of old systems.

This natural evolution is how value is created in proactive solutions.

You must be proactive – it saves you time, money, and reduces everyone’s stress.

So, let’s consider the shortfalls of your current system.

  1. How effective do you think your system is?
  2. Do you still use a wand system?
  3. Are you relying on pen and paper to capture critical information?
  4. Is your “solution” used via software installed on your legacy desktop computer?
  5. How flexible is your system?

These questions are only meant to get you started.

We’ve narrowed down the Strategy aspect of Proactive Operations – to your inspection operation.

An effective methodology is always scalable.

Utilize it to expose operational weaknesses and prepare for your shift to a proactive operation.


Once you scrutinize your current system, it’s time to make the transition to the solution proactive leaders implement for their teams.

Use the latest, web-based guard tour software to enhance your operation.

Empower your team with a positive outlook on efficiency.

Realign your operation to one that utilizes proactive processes where nothing slips through the cracks.

These five characteristics will help your team perform – proactively:

  • Real-Time, Reliable & Complete Documentation
  • Attach Multimedia to Supplement Important Details
  • Empower & Enforce Accountability
  • Thoughtful & Efficient Training
  • Proactive Operations: Achieved

Real-Time, Reliable & Complete Documentation

Would you agree that poor documentation leads to an accumulation of problems?

You cannot expect efficiency or accountability when you rely on printed inspection schedules and handwritten details.

Not only do they pile up on your desk, but they are also illegible.

Do you see a lot of mistakes?

You can’t afford any, period.

You spend your time working through errors and solving issues.

Like our example above, are you always picking up the pieces?

You require the right information when you need it.

A web-based system lets Chris’s team capture tour information efficiently.

They enter data in real time. You receive the information from your guards’ tours.

Everything enters the system immediately.

You can access it from your computer when you want.

You have useful information because it is accurate and detailed.

You have complete documentation.

Attach Multimedia to Supplement Important Details

One characteristic all outdated systems are missing is an ability to see the whole picture.

A picture is more valuable than writing lengthy reports to describe a single example.


Then, take more pictures!

Multimedia changes the game.

It empowers your staff to get the proof for accountability and liability protection.

All bases are covered with a clear picture of what occurs.

Progressive solutions take advantage of mobile device functionality.

This quality augments your proactive operation.

Let’s make it real for a moment: Mike, a security guard for your property, is running through his tour schedule and identifies a suspicious man near an emergency exit.

Mike can take a picture of the man, write important notes, and approach the person confidently.

If it appears the person is a threat to your property, Mike can notify you and the rest of your team about the man.

You can increase your team’s ability to protect customers and your property.

You shouldn’t waste time.

Empower & Enforce Accountability

Do you trust your security team or is accountability something you struggle with on a regular basis?

Your goal must be to prevent errors.

Enforcing accountability should come second to helping your team succeed.

Don’t operate with the intention of punishing your employees for making a mistake.

Give them a tool that outlines an efficient way to get their job done correctly.

You want to create accountability from the start.

Because high turnover is an issue, it’s not right to let guards go when your system and process might be the root of the problem.

Here’s what we mean: routine tours are easy for the security team when you keep it simple.

Remove your wand system and replace it with a proactive solution.

Always remember that enforcing is reactive.

Turning an operation from reactive to proactive starts with how you manage your employees.

Empower them with processes that allow them to perform their job successfully.

Control the process to monitor accountability effectively.

Thoughtful & Efficient Training

What’s the purpose of a system that your team can’t figure out or won’t use?

Your employees must understand the purpose of your system, how to use it, and can get up to speed quickly.

They will never buy into a solution that's hard to learn and even harder to use.

They’re already frustrated with your current system.

You don’t want to carry the negativity to your new system.

Many solutions make your employees look bad because it forces them to figure things out and make mistakes.

Limited capabilities require your staff to remember more procedures, which means the chances of forgetting what to do increases.

Implement a system that lets you train staff professionally.

You want security officers to execute, starting today.

Ensure quick deployment and produce a poised security team.

Proactive Operations: Achieved

Proactive Operations is demonstrated throughout all traits of a quality system.

But, the result is that you’ve extended Proactive Operations to another aspect of your operation – your security team.

Inefficiencies that exist in a reactive operational environment are dangerous.

Implementing a proactive system changes this forever.

Your current solution is not working because your ongoing process is not working.

Do you agree?

Develop your efficiencies through Proactive Operations.

A proactive operation employs strategy, infrastructure, and technology.

If you have weaknesses at any stage, you need to address them.

Employing Proactive Operations means implementing a proactive guard tour system.


Do you see why using a modernized, web-based guard tour system is vital to your operation?

It helps you move from a reactive operation – that struggles to get the data you need – to a proactive process that excels.

It’s that simple.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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