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CheckPoint Guard Tour System Dashboard

Revolutionary guard tour system for your property operations

Gain visibility and peace of mind by tracking the progress of guard patrols using the most advanced guard patrol application available. CheckPoint is designed to help teams build and execute custom patrols, develop checklists, enhance security, and monitor guard progress all in one application.

Patrol Templates

Easily manage patrols by creating templates that allow for advanced configuration such as transit time between checkpoints, checkpoint locations on a map, and checklists. Save time by using the same template over and over again and scheduling recurring Patrol Activities.

Upload Media Related to Checkpoints

Attach media, such as photos or videos to a checkpoint that are visible to guards during their patrols.

Location Mapping

Dashboard configuration tools and the ability to place checkpoints on a map allow you to easily track the progress of all patrols and ensure that your guards know the exact locations for their patrols.

Scan RFID Tags

Leverage secure RFID technology for checkpoints, ensuring that your guards are physically present at all of their assignments.

Develop Checklists in Guard Tour System

Create checklists for each checkpoint on a Patrol to remind your guards to inspect specific items such as doors, locks, lights, alarms, etc.

Randomize Routes and Patrols

Increase security by creating random routes so that the patrols are not predictable.

Mobile Capabilities

Improve visibility, reduce liability, and monitor your checkpoints all with our latest mobile application. Ensure your team is able to document their location, identify issues immediately, and report back in real-time. Developed with a mobile-first mindset and available for Android and iOS.

Pull multiple reports easily from CheckPoint’s robust reporting dashboard. See a comprehensive view of patrol status, which enables you to see the progress of all of your guards on one dashboard. Easily track scan times between each checkpoint in order to identify any scans or activities completed outside of an acceptable transit time.

Other easy-to-generate reports include:

Reporting & Analytics

Patrol History Report
Patrol History Report provides historical details of patrols and their checkpoints. Easily export all of this data to excel with one-click.

Bypassed Scans Report
Bypassed Scans Report provides historical details of checkpoints that were not scanned and that were chosen to be bypassed by the user during their patrol.

Checklist Items Exception Report
Checklist Items Exception Report provides historical details of checklist items that have been verified or missed at specific checkpoints.

Guard Assessment Report
Guard Assessment Report is a spreadsheet view that allows supervisors to evaluate a guards performance during specific time periods using historical guard patrol details and patrol totals.

Patrol Templates allow system users to configure patrols the way they want their guards and security team to conduct them in their buildings, venues, or facilities. By creating a patrol, the user combines multiple checkpoints into a single Patrol and adds information for each checkpoint, such as a checklist of information, or instructions.

Patrols can be set up for a recurring schedule or if the users do not want to schedule their patrols, then a patrol can be done on-the-fly from a template.

Unlimited Patrol Templates

Use Offline
Download data to the mobile app, so it can be utilized even if your guards are offline.

Scan CheckPoint
Easy “Scan CheckPoint” button on homepage of app allows the user to scan a checkpoint and review the checklist items without having to initiate a patrol.

User Patrols
Shows the patrols only associated with specific users when they log into the mobile app.

A messaging feature allows the user to send and receive messages, pictures, audio, and video recordings directly to and from another user who is using the Chat feature on the web or mobile app.

Most Comprehensive Guard Patrol Mobile App
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CheckPoint Dashboard

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