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Your season is starting.

You’ve hired new staff and have many returning employees this year. You’re striving for a better year because last year was a rough one.

You had to let several of your people go due to poor work ethic and customer complaints.

Many were terminated due to their inability to communicate with guests. They demonstrated poor customer service.

Even worse, after all of the coaching you and the management team provided – they never put forth the effort to apply it.

“We must ensure all new and returning staff are customer service trained,” you tell Laura, the director of guest services for your property. “First-class service is a requirement, no excuses,” you continue.

“I can research the customer service training offered by the Disney Institute,” she replies. “But, that may take a while to put in motion,” she adds.

“Let me see what I can find in the meantime,” she remarks. Laura heads back to her office.

Flyers’ founder, Ed Snider, passed away this Monday, April 11th. He was 83.

The internet erupted from the passing of this visionary. We are sure you have seen the articles and memorials talking about his life.

This article is not one of those.

Today, we want to highlight key aspects of this visionary’s life.

The reason? Snider left behind a legacy that proves tenacity can take you to new heights.

Whether in work or life, we found three specific traits of Ed Snider that you can use to drive yourself as a leader.

You can even use this to advance your proactive operation.

During your events, are you and your staff responding to medical situations, fights, intoxicated people, and wet spills?

Are you doing this at the same time trying to maintain your guest services operation?

Properties are unique. They have different capacity types, operational needs, and staff to guest ratios.

However, you probably require your staff to respond to multiple and variable types of requests ranging from wheelchair to food service requests.

Quickly responding to all of the guest requests is the challenge, especially when they’re coming in through radio, individual staff, or guests calling them in direct.

Guest requests can get mixed in with your high priority incidents – that’s a nightmare!

Text communication provides properties with the ability to increase safety factors.

These safety factors lead to a safe environment and memorable experience for your guests.

The final result is not only peace of mind for you, but a bond between you and your guests that lasts beyond each event.

The relationship that you develop with your guests will foreshadow the longevity of your property.

Let’s be frank here, if you use a texting solution to enhance communication between guests and staff…incidents and issues get handled quicker.

When issues are handled quickly, people are safer, and they certainly have a better opinion about you, your staff, and your property.

They even look forward to coming back to see your team in action! How’s that for peace of mind?

Any property can strengthen guest relationships using a text alert system. We’re going to show you what you might be missing, and how to improve your operation and long-term guest relationships.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

We talk about the ways you can service your guests, often.

The conversation is generally about what you can do for your guests, not what others can do for you, your team, and your property.

Today, the focus won’t change much, except that we’re going to talk about the support you deserve – and should receive!

That’s right, we’re going to share important guidelines for you to use when choosing your solutions provider.  

Your expectations need to be met, especially after your purchase.

No matter what type of operations or venue management software you’re in the market for – from an incident management system to CMMS or lost and found software – you’ll want a first-rate provider with the traits we list in this article.

Looking back, we can all remember a moment when Disney impacted our life.

Whether you’re a child or an adult experiencing the Disney ethos for the first time, it changes you.

Disney Cast Members are trained from day one to deliver an experience worth writing about.

With decades of life-changing experiences under their belt, it’s easy to understand that Disney is the guiding light for customer service across industries.

Walt Disney once said, “You reach a point where you don’t work for money.”

We don’t believe he meant that money in your business isn't a priority or even important…