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What Event Managers Can Learn From Germany’s Ardent World Cup Win

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Germany’s win over Brazil is hot off the press – and oh is it sizzling’.

We know this wasn’t a miracle. The unequivocal victory was quite unexpected though. Demonstrably Germany has a few tricks up their sleeve event managers can use.

Call the win an outlier. Call it sensational…or absolute World Cup history. We call it results. Anticipated results. (Well, for Germany at least.) A historical upset of this proportion certainly offers great lessons to be learned and we found two principles event managers will find valuable and usable.

The core: Preparation (plenty of it) and Execution.

Germany’s preparation was clearly apparent as they delivered eloquently and performed efficiently by their super-blended team (a collection of creative talent).

Who could miss it? They made it known on the pitch! That’s for sure. And we can be certain Germany’s performance will be starred as one of the greatest at any World Cup. To us it looked all too easy. Then again, that’s what mere perfection looks like.

When a guest comes to your facility is that what you look like?

A World Cup Worthy Lesson in Discipline

Discipline gives you results…results worth talking about. You know the type of results everyone in the world might be chattering about. Results like guests raving about how awesome their experience was at your facility all over the internet.

"We had a clear, persistent game-plan and, if we were courageous and believed in our own strengths, we would win this match," said Joachim Low, the Germany manager.

Instilling clarity, having a plan and practicing it, and executing it with discipline is what you as an event manager are responsible for. Your discipline as an event manager and focus as a leader are the characteristics you’ll need for success. Great event managers use their discipline to see the signs of potential hazards, incidents, and flaws in processes affecting all areas of their operation.

Now let’s focus.

Only With Disciplined Preparation Will Event Managers Get Winning Results

With great power comes great responsibility to prepare and execute with efficiency. Germany showed us how preparation can help you achieve your goals (and greatness). Discipline is a major aspect of this mix. You can’t forget it. It’s part of the trifecta for efficiency and effectiveness guiding you to peace of mind.

Because here’s the thing, preparing for your events takes time. So why waste it, right?

It’s imperative to put together a clear plan, protocols, and execute them the most efficient way possible. Below are seven tips event managers can start implementing today.

  1. Create a super-blend of talent like the one on Germany’s team. Everyone has a role and they perform at the highest level. They also know they’re responsible for their execution.
  2. Run through protocols to handle for different incidents, with all your staff. Now they’ll have a holistic view of the operation. How it works and the pure importance of a well-oiled machine. In return, you get the fluid performance you seek. Your team will have purpose.
  3. Don’t wait to educate your staff on possible hazards at your venue either. Tell them now. And then get into action. It’ll enhance their awareness. (Side note: there’s innovative software you can use to enhance your awareness. Click here to check out some tips.)
  4. Invest in an event management system that can operate via Wi-Fi.
  5. Provide direct 2-way communication for your staff. Arm your front-line staff with mobile apps which are the easiest, most effective way to report incidents.
  6. Afford your supervisors the ability to access your incident dispatch queue from a mobile device. This will allow them to make game-time decisions on the fly.
  7. Take some pressure off you and your team. Introduce software to provide you and your risk management team with accurate, digital documentation for incident liability defense.

Always remember staff changes, but training them on how to follow your communication protocols should be painless. Create a manageable and easy-to-execute system for communication among team members.

The weight of hosting an inefficient event or giving your patrons an awful experience doesn’t matter when you’re preparing. You have time. That’s what the discipline of practice is about.

Be proactive in preparing your team for the events ahead. Check out our blog on the Three P’s here. There you’ll see how being proactive and creating protocols will result in prevention. And prevention leads to safe and secure events. The type of events your patrons remember…in a good way.

For event managers, creating memories is like their 7-1 win and who doesn’t want that feeling every day?! We’re sure about it. And those victories give you job security. We definitely want to see you employed for a long, long time!

Now when you’re proactive, you practice often. You make certain everyone is on the same playing field. And following protocol as it’s been laid out. Preparation helps you understand how to accomplish crucial details needed for efficiency. That way, you’re performing like a winner.

Mix it all up and what you CAN achieve is anticipated productivity. We call this peace of mind. Peace of mind in knowing everything is copacetic.

With discipline and extensive preparation you’re almost there. Results like Germany are around the goal post. But there’s one last piece to getting wins. Big wins.

Those Who Execute Courageously Win Like Germany

At ISS 24/7 we talk about execution daily. Well, because it’s our lifeline. You can plan your events. You can drown your team in protocols. And you can role-play until you win an Oscar. But if you don’t execute, you’re dead in the water. D-E-A-D…dead.

The discipline never ends. Your discipline needs to supersede your planning and onto your delivery. Seriously, this part is the super important. If you’re not focused on your execution, you’ve wasted your time. And your time is too precious. We get it.

When you’re on top of your game, things don’t get missed. (Check out our blog on Incident Management as to why you don’t want to miss anything. It’ll give you peace of mind too.)

Your performance will show. Your guests will be happier. You’ll be able to respond to incidents more effectively and efficiently. And although you’ll get foreseeable results…you might witness results far greater than you ever expected. Put your team in the history books!

Event managers have one up on World Cup teams too. They get second chances. You have more opportunities to deliver great performances over and over again. You’re not getting knocked out in the semi-finals.

But use this to your advantage. How? With purposeful analytics.

Use each event as your source of massive insight into your operation. There’s great data to measure and measure again. We press analytics, well, because it’s SUPER important. And we know the benefits of it. We also want you to reap all the benefits. Don’t over analyze it – just do it.

Now Show Your Guests Some Resilience

Make the investments in your team and your operation. Then, reap the benefits you’ve earned. Because – let’s face it – spectacular events are earned not giving. Same goes for the World Cup trophy.

Prepare with discipline. Execute with discipline. Show your guests some resilience. And win like Germany.

How’s that for peace of mind?

Click here to read The Telegraph’s article on Germany’s win over Brazil.

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