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How a Text Alert System Can Save Lives (and Your Reputation)

| February 3, 2015 | By

Your text alert system gives you the proactivity to boost your reputation as a venue manager by keeping your patrons safe. Proactive leaders make all the difference for their guests’ experience.

For safety and security, advancements in technology are changing how professional stadium managers need to be trained and prepared.

Incidents are on the rise. Criminals have access to new mediums for executing attacks. Drones are posing a threat to stadium managers without access to absolute (and legal) defense tactics.

Preventive protocols are needed, and they need to be tried and true. Let’s do a little role-playing for a moment to put things in perspective. Put yourself on the other side of the fence.

You’re attending an event at a local venue. You see a young, male adult approximately 17 years old and appears suspicious. He seems to be carrying a gun, something bulky – not your average handgun either.

Even with your known training, how would you react? Do you have the ability to anonymously alert authorities within the venue? It’s possible this person plans to harm your fellow patrons. 

Without a tool to let event staff know what you’ve spotted, without risking your life, an incident might occur. How would you feel knowing you could’ve prevented this incident, but simply did not have the ability to communicate the information? If this suspicious person is planning an attack, seconds matter.

It’s time to get serious and focus on the safety and security of your customers. No more role-playing. The dangers at your venue are real and so should be your ability to deter them.

A Text Alert System Provides Quick Response

Managing a venue - large or small, can be exhausting. A text notification system is a quick solution for problems of active shooters, unruly behavior and your venue’s “Game of Drones.” A text notification system provides your patrons with a tool that leads to the quickest response and is the way to keep your guests safe…all the time.

The moment your patrons spot the drone flying over stadium seats or the “young adult with gun,” and have the ability to easily send a text message from their phones to report it, your system is invaluable.

A major point to understand here: We noted multiple incidents in the scenario above, because that’s the power you’ll have and that’s what a well-organized system gives you. 

How your texting system helps your team keep patrons safe is easy, especially when using a solution that empowers your guests and staff.

It’s not one benefit, two benefits or even six benefits that’s important today – it’s the collective. It’s the HOW. Together your patrons, your team and the text communication system are how everyone stays safe and how you enrich your reputation as a professional stadium manager.

The Value’s in the Proof

How’d we figure this out? Simple math: Patrons + Your Team = Proactive, Prevention, Lives Saved and… we’re sure the list goes on. But for our inquisitive readers, here are the facts.

The cost to implement a text alert system is nominal in comparison to not only the total cost of running an event, but the cost of a legal battle over incidents go awry. It’s a low-cost, empowering, progressive solution for your venue. Once again, simple.

A text notification system lets you mitigate incidents as they’re occurring or prevents them from ever occurring at all. Having thousands of eyes throughout your venue is something you shouldn’t take lightly. That’s an intangible value you don’t have to see in order to believe it’s working for you.

Compared to calling 911 – where they ask you for your name, location, number of suspects, a physical description of any possible suspects, the number and type of weapons involved –text communication is fast so it eliminates precious time being wasted.

If something did occur, you’d most likely have to provide even more information to the authorities. Time is of the essence here.

Giving your patrons and staff the tools to be proactive, well, that’s the least you can do in your goal of keeping everyone safe.

  • Patrons send in text messages with vital information and location details of potential or occurring incident.
  • A visual representation of all messages by status lets your team quickly respond.
  • Dispatcher identifies resources and communicates to your need-to-know teams.
  • Lives are saved, and so is your reputation.

Let’s not forget the importance of managing and analyzing all your data. Use one-click reports to reduce reaction time to incidents. Your value is proven in your ability to keep patrons safe, time and time again. Scrutinizing your operation will help you do that.

Over to You

You’re in the business of keeping your patrons safe, we are too. All it takes is one major incident to negatively affect your reputation.

Rather than waiting for that to happen, be proactive.

Realizing the immediate value of text communication delivers an impression of safety to your patrons.

Your text alert solution helps save lives. Your value is your reputation. Do the math.

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