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The Value of Text Communication Isn't Uncertain (It’s Intangible!)

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You may not see it or feel it, but it’s there – trust us. It’s text communication and it helps you survive.

Now we wouldn't call it an insurance policy but it’s sure as heck worth its weight in gold. (Yes, we know it doesn’t actually weigh anything.) Text communication gives you proactivity.

P-R-O-A-C-T-I-V-I-T-Y. Tell me what it means to me! A little longer than Aretha’s version – but what you want, baby we got it. Proactive leaders make all the difference for their guests’ experience.

In the realm of safety and security, technology is changing everything. Attacks are on the rise. The bad guys are smarter. You got to be slick these days. Preventive processes (and solutions) are the practices of smart investors. (Just kidding, we mean venue managers. Read like an investment ad so we went with it.)

Close your eyes for a second. Let’s do a little role-playing.

Imagine you’re at an event in your area. You see a teen about 17 years old – statistics show 38 percent of active shooters are 13-15 years old and 30.7 percent are 16-18 – looking a little suspicious. On top of it, looks like they’re carrying [a gun]. What do you do? How do you anonymously alert authorities? It’s possible this person is the real deal.

Really, what do you do? If you don’t have a way to let event staff know without risking your own life (It’s about survival!) something terrible could open. Knowing you had the ability to prevent this but no means of doing so…well that hits home. Doesn’t it?

OK. No more role-playing. It’s time to open your eyes and see the reality of safety, security and unhappy customers. (We’d take the happy customers any day.)

The dangers are real. The solution isn’t rocket science (overused idiom but it gets the point across). And the value of text communication is enduring.

Text Communication Mitigates Incidents

Text communication provides value you don’t need to see to believe

How’d we figure this out? Let’s connect the dots.

For one, the cost to implement a text communication solution is like buying a bag of apples (an apple a day keeps the doctor away!) compared to the total cost of running an event. A high-performing, web-based, text communication panel is a low-cost solution. It’ll let you mitigate incidents while they’re happening (or even before).

We say it trumps calling 911. Here’s why. When you dial 9-1-1, be ready to provide your synopsis of the Odyssey (Homer’s epic poem about the Greek hero Odysseus). Halle Berry will surely get “The Call” and ask for your location, the number of suspects, a physical description, the number and type of weapons – let me catch my breath – and the number of possible victims. Oh by the way, don’t forget you have to talk out loud, be in a place the dispatcher can hear you, and then give your name. (Hello, not very anonymous.)

Nothing against 911 dispatchers…but phone calls take too long. (We’re into instant gratification when it comes to safety.)

Text communication instantly empowers your guests to contribute to the safety of their environment. It also gives your staff the tools to be proactive. Handle incidents when they occur. And check this out. If cellular coverage fails…guess what’s the last to go? TEXT.

One more thing; you can’t manage what you don’t know and you can’t control what you can’t manage. Text communication solutions give you the one-click reports, analytics, and comprehensive stats you need. Track and use analytics to reduce response times to incidents. Prevent future liability and stop dishing out extra cash. Step your game up and your efficiency!

All it takes is one costly tragedy. Then you’ll definitely see its value.

Hey, rather than waiting for that to happen, be ‘proactive’ and give your patrons a better sense of security. The Boston Police Department did for the 2014 Boston Marathon where they utilized our Text Communication solution on race day.

"The system allowed those attending the 2014 Boston Marathon to safely and anonymously alert authorities to potential dangers, as well as provided us as a department a way to communicate among ourselves in the event that radio communication failed. We are happy to say that all went well at the marathon, and we did not have to test most of these features in real time; however, it gave us and the community a greater sense of security knowing that the technology was in place if and when we needed it,” according to Rachel McGuire, Boston Police Department.

You may never use it. You may never see a dollar exchange for the value of this solution. But if you need it – it’ll be ready for you. Like we said, it only takes one time. Be ready for it.

Fight criminals. Reduce response times. Protect your business against liability. Make your patrons happy. Invest in text communication today.

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