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Top 3 Tools Used by Event Security Professionals

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We never claimed to be scientists, so we won’t start now. You can stop searching for the cure for safe and secure events, because we already know how to beef up your event security.

The peace of mind you’re looking for comes from prevention and being proactive, period. There’s no bucket of ice involved. However, you’re not getting off that easy.

We challenge you - yes you - to step your event security ‘game’ up and use three tools every event security professional already uses to execute effectively. Do what the pros do.

A Credentialing Solution is the First Line of Defense for Event Security Pros

Do you have too many different credentials to organize, memorize and control? Do you worry about unauthorized people gaining access to areas they shouldn’t?

With a credentialing solution, fail-safe credentials can be produced and validated.

Before any sneaky patrons get into your event, your preparation and proactivity is on display. You’re showing patrons – from the start – your security staff is on high alert and are trained professionals.

Do you recall Matthew Mills? You know the 30-year-old journalist from Brooklyn? He cleverly and easily worked his way through multiple levels of security staff getting into the media tent during Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium.

If this incident isn’t reason enough to supercharge your security AND optimize your credentialing system…we don’t know what is! Seriously, we don’t know, because no other solution exists.

Get rid of your credential boards and all the confusion. Boost your credentialing system with a solution that can piggyback your existing credentials. Your well-made holographic pieces of art can still work. All you’re doing is appending an extra layer of security to your existing credentials.

The way you get fail-safe credentials for your security first line of defense is with RFID technology. Secure radio frequency technology allows credentials to be authenticated with ease.

Using your existing credentials, we strongly urge you to couple it with a system in which you can create unique RFID labels for each event credential. Now your credentials can’t be passed around like 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

Using the RFID labeled credentials you can specify:

  1. Guest Name
  2. Visitor Type
  3. Access Level
  4. Access Dates
  5. Access Times

You can even add notes about the guest…and add a photo of them. After all, it’s hard to forge a face.

Efficiency and effectiveness of a credentialing solution we’re talking about will offer some extra value too, value that’s literally a click away.

Does your usher or steward need operational assistance? No problem. A solid credentialing system will let you click and connect directly. It’ll connect to you or another supervisor on your security staff. Everyone gets peace of mind. Stress levels = low.

Unauthorized guests can easily be identified from your pro credentialing solution. A progressive system will display red, alerting of a patron trying to gain access with the incorrect criteria. They might be attempting access with someone else’s credential, at the wrong location or during an unapproved date and time. DENIED.  

For the ones that do get through the first line of defense, the pros use these two tools.

Security Staff with Eyes Everywhere

Text communication demonstrates its value in a way not noticeable to the naked eye. But it’s there. We wouldn’t consider it an insurance policy but it’s sure as heck worth using for your security.

Text communication gives you proactivity and extra awareness. You’re prepared and now you know what’s truly happening at your event.

Text communication instantly empowers your guests to contribute to the safety of their environment. Empowering thousands of eyes gives you the advantage over potential hazards occurring at all your events.

Imagine a patron taking one too many trips to the beverage line and getting intoxicated. While going back for a little more liquid courage, they get impatient, and then their antagonism turns into a squabble with another patron.

Rather than putting your guests in a hazardous position, empower them with the ability to anonymously report the unruly patron. Make it easy for your patrons to avoid any dangerous repercussions from the intoxicated tiff.

Text communication can immediately affect the guest experience in a positive way. Invest in a system where your guests can effortlessly text into the system, your staff can quickly document the incident details, and manage and track the incident along the way.

Our customers tell us their text system does wonders. They continue to see a drastic reduction in customer complaint calls following event day. No more phone tag – the pros only know efficiency!

The key to making your text communication solution a super power is to make sure it works cohesively with your incident management system. It’s the final leg of all security pros’ trifecta. Keep this up and you might even surpass Pro status to Jedi status!

The Pros Use Incident Management Software

An incident management system complements your credentialing and text communication systems. Use it to create order and control your chaos. Mitigate incidents and counter potential hazards – and do it effectively. This is a security professional’s peace of mind wrapped in an invaluable package of incident management.

With a web-based incident management system, your guests can use the text communication to report any occurrence to your staff. It gives your staff confidence and awareness. Your staff can track all incidents incoming, who’s handling them and whether they’ve been resolved.

Once patrons get through security staff at all entry points, the text communication and incident management systems are your next line of defense. Use them to make all the difference. They separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls, and the pros from the amateurs.

Now it’s like you’re everywhere at the same time, all the time. How’s that for show-ready, pro-ready talent? Your situational awareness won’t get better than this – we’re positive.

An incident management system gives you peace of mind. It equally enhances the guest experience. Effective security is vital, but the guest experience is the ultimate goal, right?

Track and use analytics provided by your incident management system to incessantly enrich the guest experience. Respond to one more incident, in less time. We say it regularly, because it’s so darn important! Less hesitation from relentless evaluation is the key to providing your guests with an exceptional event experience. Never stop measuring. Never stop honing your operational effectiveness.

It’s Time to Put Your Pro Pants On

Is this value you’d like in on? How about giving your security staff tools to decrease the number of counterfeit credentials entering your events? How do you like the idea of giving your staff thousands of eyes to mitigate incidents with? Are you ready to have the solutions all security pros use? Are you feeling like a pro yet?

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