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Text Communication is the Time-of-Need System (You Need)

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Oct 20, 2020 7:00:00 AM

All your teams are on track.

They’re knocking it out of the park.

From one incident to the next, they’re moving with high-speed efficiency.

You didn’t realize what you were missing out before you implemented your incident management system (IMS).

But, now you’ve uncovered a new problem.

You thought you’d be able to handle incidents like a proactive operation.

You always wanted to lead a world-class operation.

Unfortunately, you’re not quite there yet.

Implementing your IMS exposed another weakness in your operation.

Everything was out of control because you didn’t have a system before.

But now, you’ve noticed an influx of incident reports being created later.

This disparity didn’t draw your attention previously because you were used to a large number of calls after hours.

It was ‘normal’ for your operation.

You were confident that implementing an IMS would eradicate this weakness.

It didn’t.

Your team never finds out about these incidents until the next day.

“Why is this happening?” you ask yourself.

Several hundred incidents are being handled following the implementation of your IMS, so you thought things were running smoothly.

Yes, your operation improved.

The only issue now is that you’re “aware” of what your team has not been aware of until it’s too late.

You had no idea this shortfall existed prior to deploying an IMS.

Incidents can occur at any moment, and if no one sees or reports them – they slip through the cracks.

It’s hard to notice this when everything is out of control, right?

It’s a tough problem to overcome too.

But, you can resolve this.

You need a time-of-need system.

You need text communication to increase your awareness of all incidents as they’re happening.


You look at your response time reports each evening.

Things look good because your IMS is thoroughly ingrained into your operation.

Your teams are communicating and getting to incidents quicker than before you implemented the solution.

But, this is your problem:

  • You can’t manage what you don’t know exists

It puts you at an extreme disadvantage.

You think you’re resolving all issues, but you’re not.

This impairment prevents you from questioning your effectiveness.

Yes, you’re responding efficiently to the incidents that do come into the incident management system.

But that is not everything that’s occurring, right?

You’re not aware of everything that slips through the cracks because you have a deficiency in your operation.

You’re not aware of all the issues happening that simply aren’t being reported because there isn’t a way for them to be reported.

‘Awareness’ is either nonexistent or a percentage less than 100.

You find out about issues or incidents the next morning.

But it’s already too late.

What happens then?

  • A decline in business?
  • An increase in next-day complaint calls?
  • Drop off in loyal customers?

Your weakness is not knowing about incidents at the time of need.

  • A customer catches staff smoking on the job
  • No more toilet paper in the women’s bathroom
  • It always smells like smoke in Corridor 247-A

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

Well, they’re happening, and you’ll never know about them – unless you do something to thwart offenders.

Implement text messaging software to increase your awareness.


Your staffing levels are excellent.

You’ve got plenty of security personnel customer service staff to work their posts effectively.

Your Administration team oversees incident management.

They’re excellent at ensuring everyone responds to incidents efficiently.

Everyone gets the job done.

You’ve got everything you need to manage your issues and incidents.

Now, you’ll have something more.

You’ll have something to elevate your operation one more step above.

You’ll have another proactive solution to include in your arsenal.

Implement text communication before 2021 catches up to you.

It lets the thousands of eyes throughout your property contribute to the safety of all.

You got it; now your customers add to the security of your property.

You’ve just empowered them to help you protect them.

Text communication helps you, your staff, and customers mitigate incidents that occur on your property as they are happening.

An aspect that we like to boast about is the cost of these solutions.

They’re minimal to implement compared to the cost of running your operation or struggling with liability suits because of missed issues or incidents.

You know, those complaint calls you receive the next day!

Save your property time and money.

Understand the positive long-term impact using a time-of-need solution can provide.

A 4-Step Formula for Maximum Awareness

Now, ‘time-of-need’ means that when somebody sees something occurring, they need the resources available to report the incident.

You’ve got to Implement the system and display signage all over your property.

  • Outdoor billboards
  • Walkway to property
  • Restrooms
  • Screens
  • Close to food spots
  • Vending machines
  • Popcorn bags
  • Kids meals
  • Pizza boxes

The list goes on.

Then, you’ll be amazed by how quickly the messages start entering your system:

  1. A customer sends a text message with vital information and location details of an employee slacking off: “Security guard smoking. Corridor 247-A.” (Ding! Ding! We’ve got our smoking culprit.)
  2. The system is color-coded so you can keep track of what just entered the system, what’s pending and what you’ve already addressed.
  3. Your team sends the incident to your incident management system, and your security supervisor makes their way to the unruly employee.
  4. The security director terminates the employee, and then the security team escorts them off the property.

You always smelled the smoke, which drove you crazy.

But, chances are you would have never known about, or been able to handle, this incident prior.

Now, do you see how powerful this system is?

You must realize that they are only as effective as the teams using them, though.

We’re serious.

Your team must strive for first-class service customers deserve.

Your operation suffers if incidents keep falling through the cracks.

  • Overlooked text messages
  • Unruly employees keep doing bad things
  • Customer complaints keep coming
  • You eventually lose your job

A proactive texting solution is your remedy.

Fix it, and then work to optimize it.

An Analyzed Operation Equals an Optimized Operation

Another progressive solution offers you another means to scrutinize your operation.

Analyze the data gained from this system to learn how successful your operation has become.

  • Have daily incident reports increased?
  • Do you see a significant drop in complaint calls the following morning?
  • Are you catching more unruly customers and employees in the act?

The more you measure, the better you can get.

You can address the increased number of incidents reported, but you can also use this information to reduce response times.

Can you imagine how proactive you’ll be by coupling this system with your IMS?

You need this time-of-need system – now.


If you’re gearing for 2021 and need a cost-effective and powerful way to up your game, you need text communication.

There’s nothing better than mitigating an incident while it’s happening. It’s Proactive Operations at its core.

The time is now, are you ready?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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