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7 Ways Task Managing Software Drives Efficiency

| November 29, 2022 | By

We all know that executing operational tasks efficiently and expeditiously is a crucial ingredient to managing successful properties. Sometimes, it’s easier said than done.

Too many directors and managers overseeing facility operations lack a streamlined process that ensures tasks are reported and then delegated to the appropriate professional. 

That’s where task managing software comes in. It allows you to manage tasks whenever and wherever, tracking progress as you go to increase efficiency and improve collaboration among your team. 

However, not all task managing software is the same. It's important to recognize must-have features when evaluating task management solutions.

Learn how to expertly execute and manage operational tasks

What Is Task Managing Software? 

Task management is the process of managing tasks from start to finish. This involves the steps of planning, tasking, tracking, and reporting on tasks. Within each of those categories are subcategories and corresponding tasks, which means there’s a lot to keep track of. Ultimately, a good task management process ensures a facility is able to efficiently delegate all tasks and minimize mistakes.

Task management is made much easier with task managing software that allows users to handle tasks whenever and wherever, and to track progress on the go for increased efficiency and improved collaboration among team members. This happens through three primary software features: 

Create and Assign Tasks

With an easy creation and assignment feature, you delegate workloads seamlessly and assign responsibility. Everyday operations and specific events occurring on your property can be easily edited from start to finish and quickly communicated to your team. 

Prioritize Tasks and Schedule 

Not every task needs to be done with the same amount of urgency. In task management software, this urgency will be indicated in different ways, such as color coding that empowers visual management to streamline communication about task status. 

Collaborate and Communicate 

It’s cliche to talk about the importance of communication in a work environment, but ideas usually become cliches because they represent a significant degree of truth. Task managing software creates a clear communication channel between users and staff members through text, email, or mobile app notifications. Plus, each communication exchange is documented for future reporting and retrieval reduces liability. 

How Does a Reliable Task Managing Software Drive Efficiency?

Ultimately, you have two main goals on an everyday basis: Provide the best possible guest experience, and ensure your facility is working efficiently. Luckily, the two are connected. If your venue is functioning efficiently, you’re contributing positively to your guests’ experience. 

Task managing software drives venue efficiency in the following seven ways: 

1. Task Management Dashboards

Handling the many responsibilities—including addressing issues, incidents, requests, and maintenance—assigned to an operations manager is one of the most challenging aspects of the job. There are countless opportunities for even critical tasks to slip through the cracks.

With task management dashboards, you can track and communicate operational tasks separate from incidents and customer requests, which allows you to prioritize business needs so that…

  • Issues and incidents don’t get missed.
  • Customers receive the service they expect and deserve.
  • Crucial operational needs get proper attention.

With comprehensive dashboards, you have the ability to accurately measure and report on the activities inside your operation.

2. Visual Management Speeds up Communication 

Much like the dashboards feature, visual components of task managing software allow you to organize and prioritize. As we mentioned earlier, color-coded task status rapidly differentiates everyday tasks from incidents and customer requests so that you know how to prioritize task completion. 

Visual management also comes in the form of live mapping so that you can experience a bird’s eye view of your property. This allows you to know where incidents and staff are at any given moment.  

3. Automated Task Generation

Your staff has a set of tasks that they need to complete on an everyday basis. Shouldn’t your task managing software reflect that?

Your software should allow you to create tasks based on time, event marker, and previous tasks. For example, if alcohol sales should be shut down after the third quarter of the football game, this task should automatically arrive in the right staff member's queue every game day.

4. Department Queues

Different departments will have different tasks, so does it make sense to have janitors who need to clean up a spill in the same dashboard as security?

Clear, organized communication is at the heart of an efficient venue, which means ensuring the right task assignments are being sent to the right team without any risk of misassigned tasks. 

5. Supervision of Daily and Event Tasks

Once you create and assign tasks, you can “watch” your team to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and on time. Of course, you’re not actually seeing them, but you can see the progress of each task in your dashboard as the staff member moves one task status from “Received” to “In progress” to “Complete.” 

6. Unify Task Management and Other Operational Needs

By centralizing task management in your incident management system, you can begin to witness increases in staff efficiency and enhanced performance. This allows you to view and manage tasks in the same platform that you track requests, incidents, messaging platform conversations,  and other activities occurring on your property.

7. Promotes Proactive Operations 

Task managing software is just one piece of technology that contributes to the trifecta of proactive operations: strategy, infrastructure, and technology. With proactive operations, your organization can achieve maximum performance to ensure a safe and memorable experience for your customers.

Task Management Solutions from 24/7 Software 

Executing operational tasks efficiently and expeditiously is a crucial ingredient to managing successful properties, yet as you’ve read, this isn’t possible without software that streamlines task assignment and delegation, monitors task completion, and provides reports to guide an approach to optimizing processes.

With our Task Manager, you can supercharge your operation to increase staff efficiency, enhance performance, and ensure nothing gets overlooked. 

Ready to give it a go? Request a demo today!

Learn how to expertly execute and manage operational tasks

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