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Glendale, Arizona is heating up Monday – and it has nothing to do with the weather.

January 11th is the College Football Playoff National Championship hosted at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Alabama and Clemson will face off with the intention of taking home the prized national championship trophy.

Memories will be made. Emotions will run high. Security will be heightened.

We’re confident this will be a seamless event, though, especially at the stadium.


University of Phoenix Stadium is one of our well-prepared, well-organized, and highly proactive clients.

We’re confident that they’re ready for their “National Championship” event.

Text communication provides properties with the ability to increase safety factors.

These safety factors lead to a safe environment and memorable experience for your guests.

The final result is not only peace of mind for you, but a bond between you and your guests that lasts beyond each event.

The relationship that you develop with your guests will foreshadow the longevity of your property.

Let’s be frank here, if you use a texting solution to enhance communication between guests and staff…incidents and issues get handled quicker.

When issues are handled quickly, people are safer, and they certainly have a better opinion about you, your staff, and your property.

They even look forward to coming back to see your team in action! How’s that for peace of mind?

Any property can strengthen guest relationships using a text alert system. We’re going to show you what you might be missing, and how to improve your operation and long-term guest relationships.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Text communication gives you the ability to be proactive.

Not only does it help boost safety at your property, it allows you to minimize potential risk.

Most important:

It allows you to do this so you can keep your guests safe. When you’re proactive, you make a positive impact on your guests’ experience.

From active shooter situations to severe weather, a text communication system can be the difference between top-notch security and lost lives.

As a leader, how do you ensure your text communication system is being used to its full potential?

The answer you’re looking for is ‘visible signage’ throughout your property. Notice that we stress the importance of ‘visible’ signage. There’s a reason for this.

Text communication is a time of need system. This means your guests will look to use it only when they need it.

To ensure the system gets used, you must give your guests all the information they need, when they need it. It’ll make reporting issues or incidents at a moment’s notice a lot easier.

We’ve identified 21 ways to promote your text system. You can use them to ensure your guests know you have a system, how to use it, and that they use it.

Check out our 21 awesome ways to effectively promote text communication in the presentation below. Use it as a reference guide for determining the best methods to promote your property’s system. This guide can help evolve the safety, security and experience of your guests.

A text alert system gives you the needed proactivity to boost safety factors at your property while minimizing your risk.

It allows you to do this so you can keep your guests safe.

It’s this simple:

Proactive leaders make all the difference in the experience of their guests.

When it comes to safety, ever-changing technology is the impetus for how professionals train and prepare for future incidents and issues.

Preventive protocols are a necessity, and they need to be tested over and over.

But protocols only go so far.

You need a medium for being proactive. You need a way to communicate with your guests and staff during times of emergency.

From active shooters to severe weather, the use of a text alert system can be the difference between safety and lives lost.

Text communication is a time of need system.

It’s vital that your guests know it exists and how to use it.

You’re probably thinking:

How can you ensure your system is not only known to your guests, but also provides your property with the quickest return on investment?

That’s a good question, because it’s the most important question to ask.


Many properties use a text notification system, but most of those properties don’t use the best system nor do they use their existing system effectively.

It’s crucial that you understand this before you keep reading.

Having a system is one thing…

But, having and using an elite system can bring your operation to the highest level.


We’ve defined rules in the past for specific areas of your operation and today we’re going to use a very similar framework.

In this article, we’re going to outline the only way text communication will effectively improve your operation and the security of your guests.

If you’re ready to feel good and achieve peace of mind…let’s begin.

Social media is a powerful tool.

Venue managers can use it to engage their fans and stir up some hype during important events.

But, what happens when someone complains?

You might have broken cup holders throughout your venue…and the only way for guests to report this issue to your staff is through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Is that the type of branding you want? Is that how you’d like the world to see your venue?

Mind you, that’s only a few cup holders…


We understand the culture of connectivity venue managers and, in some cases, team owners strive to employ.

But the new trend of believing it’s OK to utilize social media as the channel for this type of communication just isn’t efficient – or logical.

  • How does the guest know they were even heard? Do you think they’ll have peace of mind knowing your staff is on the way if a two-way conversation probably never existed? 
  • How would all of the information get captured for the venue to have accurate and complete documentation? How does anything get captured at all?
  • Can venue managers really capture every single post during an event? We doubt it.

This form of communication for a venue is even worse than the old days.

Think about it:

If you only have tweets and posts to rely on and miss it, you've done more harm than you could ever manage.

In the old days…

When a fan had a complaint or needed to be heard, they would have to either make a phone call or run and find someone.

Nowadays, guests can sit in their seat, make a complaint public and if your venue misses it…then it’s a serious disaster.

Pure and simple, tweets and posts are needles in a haystack!

It gets worse:

Let’s say you work for a sports team and a guest tweets to the team and your boss – the owner – about a broken cup holder. Your boss then forwards it to you, you then have to send someone out to fix the cup holder.

That’s an ambiguous process that we all know would never be consistent and certainly not one anyone would want to manage!

The only way for you to resolve this issue is by offering your guests a clear way to communicate with your staff.

With that said:

What do venue managers use to make complaints private and optimize your response time to incidents or issues that guests report?

If you’re reading this article, and you’re a venue manager, life just got better (and easier!)…

Text communication is the tool you need to keep complaints, feedback and issues private and your team proactive.