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Holly Zachariah, Kimball Perry & Jim Woods write in a recent article in The Columbus Dispatch, “The alarm rang, sending the students and staff members of the engineering buildings and labs streaming into the courtyard and onto the sidewalks of Ohio State University’s (OSU) north campus to what was supposed to be their safe place.”

The article entitled “Ohio State: Campus pulls together; attacker’s neighbors shocked” continues that, “As hundreds of students and faculty and staff members hung around West 19th Avenue and Watts Hall waiting for the all-clear, horror came calling on campus at 9:52 a.m., and it came by way of a man in a silver Honda.”

According to the article, “Police would later say the driver careened into that crowd intentionally, no question. Because the suspect — later identified as student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a logistics-management major of Somali descent — had another weapon besides the car. He clutched a butcher knife.”

Student Armand Ghazi, 20-year-old material science engineering major from Cincinnati, and a witness to the crime explains during an interview, “He seemed like a crazed animal. He seemed like he was determined. He seemed like he was there for one reason — to do as much damage as he could.”

Although Artan was the only death that resulted from this incident, 11 stabbing victims were rushed to the hospital.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment.

How about LeBron James’? Yes, that’s a good idea.

You made a promise to your hometown of Cleveland, OH. You told them that you’d earn them an NBA Finals win following 53 years of existence without a championship title.

This promise is significant. You’re also down three games to one in the final series for the championship against the Golden State Warriors.

Stephen Curry and his team are fighting for another ring. They want this. You want this.

What’s going through your mind? Do you throw in the towel? Have you already been beaten by the odds?

No. You’ve embraced the power of will.

You invite the challenge. You push your teammates and win the game that puts your team back into contention.

But, now you have two more to go, and you have to win all of them. How do you do it?

You might already know this, the “Knock Tobacco out of the Park” initiative is making base hits.

The purpose of this initiative is to take tobacco out of baseball for good. The ultimate objective is to set the right example for America’s kids and protect the health of players.

Between Ted Cox’s recent article Ban on Smokeless Tobacco At Sporting Events Would Apply to Players, Fans and IAVM’s article Knocking Tobacco Out of the Park, written by Sam Dores, assistant athletics director, facilities, operations, and event management at Long Beach State, we’ve gained insight.

Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and as recently as Friday, Chicago, are now onboard to “nip the dip” at sporting events.

According to Cox’s article, the ban is “specifically intended to deter young people ‘from mimicking their sports heroes and using smokeless tobacco.”

Although smokeless tobacco has been a part of the history of baseball, as far back as the 1950s, Major League Baseball teams understand the impact this change could have on the future stars of the game.

It’s a process that might take another season or two for all teams to pass the ban. However, when that day comes, will your property be ready to enforce it?

You do not need to be a Major League Baseball (MLB) ballpark to understand the importance of monitoring and enforcing your prohibited items.

Keep reading as we are about to share a solution for any property to enable guests and staff to knock all prohibited items out of your property.

As Sam states in his IAVM article, “Just because it’s entrenched in baseball history doesn’t mean we can’t enforce and spearhead change.”

Today we’re going to show you how to accomplish both of these objectives using Text Communication.

Do you outsource event security for your property?

If not, have you considered doing it this year?

It might be a good time to consider doing so, especially with the increased number of global terrorist threats.

Running your operation, and then having to worry about developing an effective security operation, only leads to stress.

Not to mention, it can open the door to errors and incidents slipping through the cracks.

Does that sound like ‘peace of mind’ to you?

Taking on more stress is unnecessary when there are several professional security companies available for outsourcing.

Many of them offer a great service and have the experience to back it up.

Paul Steinbach’s recent Athletic Business article Outsourcing Event Security Brings Challenges, Advantages  talks about this trend. In this article, Lou Marciani, director of the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), states at least 65 percent of NCAA schools contract their gameday security, and Lou expects the outsourcing trend to continue. “It's moving in that direction," says Marciani.

This data shows many properties are seeing the value of hiring a professional in the field of event security.

OK, you may decide to follow trend and look to outsource your event security operation.

The next step is to define your selection criteria, right?

You want a professional company keeping your guests and ancillary staff safe. You want a trusted member of the industry running your event security.

That’s fair and most important, it should be a nonnegotiable.

Super Bowl 50  - the biggest event of the year - is three days away.

We’re sure Levi’s Stadium is ready for February 7th.

Would your property be able to handle a large scale event like the Super Bowl?

Our last November 19th article regarding Super Bowl 50 discusses the importance of having a well-organized emergency management plan in place.

From bomb threats to severe weather conditions, your property must always be prepared for what may happen.

The importance of having your emergency management plan ready hasn’t changed, and with only a few days left to the most watched event of the year, we decided to give you four ways to master success at any of your events.

9/11 caused radical changes for security professionals.

It has been almost 15 years since the attacks, and the industry is still working incessantly to improve its security standards.

Enhancing security is a constant post 9/11 concern, and properties that are not prepared for the worst become susceptible to other attacks.

You need to be prepared.

You need to be prepared because most properties, especially sports stadiums, are ‘soft targets’ for terrorist attacks.

A ‘soft target’ is a property that’s unprotected or vulnerable, especially to terrorist attack.

This hits home for us, because we work diligently with professionals like yourself to improve operations to ensure the safety of everyone on your property on a daily basis.