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Professional security companies depend on analytics and accurate documentation.

The reason? To help protect their client’s business from liability, and of course, their reputation.

The best companies are aware of recurring incidents, are able to predict and mitigate potential hazards that could occur, and have full documentation and analysis of all events.

Identifying these hot spots where incidents often arise is a key factor in successfully preventing future occurrences down the road.

It’s also the best way to proactively arm your team with the resources they need to respond efficiently, effectively, and expeditiously.

Your security team is tasked with conducting guard tours.

Here’s the kicker:

They have to cover over 1,000,000 square feet, with many entryways and restricted areas.

There’s no doubt your team is going to stay busy. This will never end.

Answer this:

Does your guard tour system give you the accuracy and efficiency you need to do your job?

If you’re not sure, no problem.

We’re going to give you the foresight you need when choosing the right system for your security operation.

Security operations are evolving as a result of the increasing demand for progressive technology and more effective security guards.

Criminals are getting smarter and the industry as a whole is becoming more sophisticated.

What do you do to keep up?

You might be thinking:

How can incident management and guard tour systems augment your operation so you can keep up?

We’re going to show you.

In today’s article on strengthening security operations, we’ve identified four examples of scenarios where an incident management and guard tour system can improve your staff’s ability to handle incidents.

Let’s begin.

You probably know:

A guard tour system can be the difference between a professional operation and something slipping through the cracks.

For several years, wand systems have reigned amongst security operations.

Don’t get us wrong, they work.

But, you’re a professional organization…which is why you need to keep reading.

We’re going to discuss the top qualities of guard tour software – the software that professionals use.

You might be thinking:

There has to be a better way to increase efficiency and ensure accountability throughout my security operation.

Good news, there is.

We’ve worked diligently over many years to uncover what’s missing in current wand systems while exploring the qualities of a system the most sophisticated operations use.

Let’s not waste anymore time.

It’s time for you to achieve peace of mind.

The results are in…Frank Ingoglia of IAVM’s VenueDataSource recently announced the 2015 Safety and Security Survey findings in the winter issue of Facility Manager.

As this issue of Facility Manager focused on safety and security across the industry, there couldn’t be a better time for you to learn about safety and security practices implemented by your peers.

This year’s survey outlined the most critical aspects of safety and security trending amongst member venues.

According to Frank Ingoglia, “This year, 239 venue managers or security managers participated in the survey, January 15-February 12. It’s a thorough report, and there are three items I’d like to call your attention on that I found interesting.”

In order to help you get the most out of these items, we’ve created an infographic that’ll give you a visual perspective of this insightful data. Share it with staff, colleagues or put it on your website.

Incident tracking software helps security industry specialists drive efficiency.

In the midst of chaos, these specialists depend on well-trained security guards and innovative solutions.

Whether a security organization oversees one property or many, tracking incident details is a necessity.

To be proactive, make quick-thinking operational decisions and to respond to incidents in the least amount of time possible – security companies depend on robust incident tracking software.

Through this they can overcome and enhance their approach to daily challenges faced by most security operations, all while outshining their competition.