How to Take Your Incident Management to the Next Level (With Wi-Fi)

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Mar 31, 2016 7:45:00 AM

Technology moves quickly.

You can be confident that it’s not going to slow down but will move faster.

From advanced software to run your operation to applications for enhancing the guest experience, properties are making strides.

Cutting-edge technology is not a “nice to have,” it is a “must have.”

Simply, guests have choices. They can spend their money to attend an event at your property or pay less to enjoy the experience from the comfort of their home.

So when they choose to spend time at your facility, you must have proactive operations in place to protect your property and guests. You must validate their choice by giving them a positive experience.

The bar of what makes a positive guest experience is also constantly being raised.

Technology creates high expectations from your guests and this causes an ever increasing demand for you to have the best operational and experiential environment.

You need a high-density Wi-Fi infrastructure to meet the needs of your guests and operation.

 High-density Wi-Fi simply means – W-Fi access, anywhere!

From an event floor to a stadium bowl to concessions and beyond, we are seeing Wi-Fi infrastructure at properties being enhanced, especially at stadiums and ballparks.

This is good news for proactive operations.

In Part 1 and Part 2 of Paul Kapustka’s article, “Betting the Under: Putting Wi-Fi antennas under seats is the hot new trend in stadium wireless networks,” he explains the transformations exclusive properties are making to maximize Wi-Fi capabilities at their property.

Innovators in the industry are even betting on putting Wi-Fi antennas under seats to optimize their wireless networks. Nowadays, anything is possible.

“With proof points emerging quickly at venues like the San Francisco 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium and Texas A&M’s Kyle Field, as well as at pioneers AT&T Park and AT&T Stadium, under-seat Wi-Fi deployments may soon become more common as more integrators and equipment suppliers embrace the under-seat method.”

The benefits of this are two-fold. Moreover, the value is real.

Guest experience improves with better Wi-Fi and access to guest services mobile apps.

Additionally, using the next-level opportunities that high-density Wi-Fi provides for your high-performing operation changes the game of ‘mobile communication’. And that’s our focus today.

Proactive Operations is not futuristic; it is now.

So, what does improved Wi-Fi infrastructure mean for proactive operations?

It means, ability to unleash streamlined, mobile communication throughout your operation where everything is quickly handled and nothing slips through the cracks.

We are going to show you how to maximize enhanced Wi-Fi to take your incident management to the next level with mobile, on-the-fly communication.

If your Wi-Fi is not at a superior level yet, don’t fret. Regardless, these solutions are game-changers for your operation.

It is time to go mobile. Are you ready?

A Current State of Disorder

Let’s think about the ebb and flow of your current operation. There is a natural movement of how things play out.

Would you agree?

Your day starts.

The calls start coming into the command center.

  • “Lady in Section 104, Row 2, and Seat H lost her umbrella.”
  • “Fight in section 422!”
  • “Wet spill at Section 314 men’s room.”
  • “Man jumped the railing, claims broken ankle, at Bob’s Burgers concession near Section 104.”
  • “Elderly man in Club Level 35 is reporting chest pains.”

They keep coming in, one after another.

These calls will catch up to you in no time.

Your staff is immediately bottlenecked with too many and no way to efficiently handle them.

The problem is, your operation's efficiency centers on:

  • Effective communication between you, supervisors, and staff.
  • Your staff clearly knowing what to complete and how to capture accurate documentation in the process.

If either of these two things is not happening, you have significant drawbacks, they need to be addressed, and you need to keep reading. 

Utilizing your infrastructure to deploy mobile communication solves these issues.

Incident Management Communication Redefined

How can you be ready for the high priority calls if you do not have advanced communication?

When wet spills, fights, and medical issues are reported to your command center, your staff must efficiently execute.

Limited radio bandwidth does not help.

Trust us; you must unclog your communication channels.

Incident management mobile apps are your solution.

Before you know it, wet spills will turn into a slips and falls. These turn into liability.

Who needs that?  

Clogged communication channels are not supportable by your team. It is the opposite of proactive.

Calls that begin rolling in from every location, section, and hot spot result in disorder and confusion.

You do not need these headaches. It is time to change your approach to ‘operations’.

Use mobile apps as an extension of your incident management system to become a first-class proactive operation.

We get it. It is stressful, and there is much responsibility involved. Remember, though, criminals are getting smarter, which means you need to be too.

With that said, when something does happen you need to keep everything honest.

Keep reading; that is next.

How Badly Do You Want Accurate & Consistent Incident Details?

When your team is on-scene, how do they capture vital information? Do you know whether they are even doing that?

When is the last time you saw the reports from March 31st, 2015? Are you able to see detailed information that was captured? We recommend that you actively pull this report after reading this post.

Is this what you’re struggling with? 

  • Handwritten, illegible reports created way after the actual incident?
  • Paper reports making their way to a new stack on your desk?

There is nothing proactive about this, right?

We understand the obstacles you and your team continuously face. By not having the right applications implemented, you will be stuck.

Let’s think about it.

What would happen if those wet spills went unattended for an extended period of time? To make matters worse, what if the “captured” information is illegible?  

Is part of your plan keeping your attorney busy negotiating payouts from the slip and fall lawsuits that will ensue?

Being irresponsible only leads to catastrophe for your organization.

Putting the right solutions in place changes your long-term results.

Move to the Next Level

Question: Do you have communication-related needs?

Your answer should be yes, regardless of your type of operation.

Here are three problems you can solve today:

  1. Excessive radio traffic is creating confusion and not order.
  2. Missed incident calls leading to liability concerns.
  3. Capturing significant incident details using pen and paper.

Implement mobile applications so that you can be one of the many proactive operations riding technology’s wave of momentum.

Are you ready?

Take your communication capabilities to the next level.

  • Unclog communication lines.
  • Eradicate inadequate documentation.
  • Execute proactive operations – forever.

Mobile Communication Benefits All Areas of Your Operation

Mobile applications transform how operations communicate.

No two better tools exist for managing, handling, and communicating incidents or issues that occur throughout your property than the following:

  1. Mobile handheld devices for reporting incidents from anywhere.
  2. Mobile tablet devices to document and capture an incident report from anywhere.

Mobile applications give you deployment capabilities where staff can communicate and document incidents with ease. Now, staff has peace of mind knowing they can do their job.

It will simplify your operation. It will make it proactive.

With innovative solutions anything is possible.

  • Efficiency
  • Purpose
  • Time
  • Control
  • Structure
  • Consistency

Everything at your fingertips.

You do not have time to waste. Put mobile applications into the hands of your staff.

Report incidents in seconds. Time is your most valuable asset. Make every second count.

Do you struggle with having limited resources?

Mobile applications solve this problem.

Whether your property is leading the Wi-Fi trend or not, you have options. Your operation can use your Wi-Fi infrastructure or your data network.

See, you don’t have to wait to employ proactive operations at your property.

Here are three meaningful benefits of these applications we want to highlight. They will greatly impact the effectiveness of deployment.

1. Multimedia Captures Important Details

Send photos and videos between your mobile applications and command center to give staff comprehensive information. The result is a rapid response.

You also limit the time it takes to identify and locate lost children, a suspicious person, or mysterious package.

When a guest reports a lost child, instantly send photos to every active mobile device.

2. Real-Time Communication Promotes Fast Response

As incidents progress, the mobile apps can update incidents in real time. We know real-time data is currently a missing ingredient for many operations.  

Give staff the ability to document, communicate, and know what’s going on. It also covers that pillar of the ACDA Principle™ – Awareness.

3. Expect Quick & Easy Deployment

Streamline your training process alongside your communication. Ensure staff move from hired to deployment much faster.

Images are used to represent incident types and response teams such as Fire Rescue, Police, Administration, and Medical. This limits the training requirements.

They can report any incident in seconds. Even better, they do not need to leave their post.

Over to You

Taking your incident management to the next level requires bypassing the status quo to implement new process and procedures. Look for any opportunity to do this.

Many properties have identified those opportunities. High-density Wi-Fi infrastructure is a step in the right direction of employing proactive operations.

That is only the start. You must take advantage of your property’s advanced capabilities. Use innovation to streamline your mobile communication and achieve peace of mind.

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