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Use Lost and Found Software to Foster Guest Loyalty

by 24/7 Software / July 28, 2015

guest is giving heart to businessman that is-using lost and found softwareYou might be thinking:

Is there a smart way to quickly build loyalty with your guests?

It’s not an uncommon question…

That’s for sure.

The good news is that there is a smart way to build guest loyalty at your property.

After studying the solutions and methods used by many industry professionals, we’ve found lost and found software to be invaluable for:

  • Winning over guests
  • Keeping them coming back

Lost and found software is an easy, smart way to not only build loyalty but enhance guest experience along the way.


Lost items are a bummer.

When people lose their possessions they get pretty upset. Would you agree?

We’re going to show you why and how to use a lost and found solution to change the course of guest services.

Then, you’ll be able to get guests their “stuff” back while fostering loyalty now and a long way into the future.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

How Does Your Existing Lost and Found Department Measure Up?

Has your lost and found department been overlooked when it comes to improving operational efficiency?

It’s important to understand:

Your lost and found department is more important than you might think. It directly impacts the emotions, memories and overall experience of your guests.

How does your lost and found measure up?

Regardless of their size, most departments are made up of aisles of boxes, cabinets filled with an endless amount of items…and confused employees that don’t really know where anything is!

It’s a disorganized disaster.

Does this sound familiar? Is this a real concern related to your lost and found department? Is everything a disorganized disaster in your department?

If so, keep reading.

Now, we get it:

Ambiguity is most likely your current state.

Your processes aren’t clear. Not to mention, your stress level and that of your guests is way too high.

No one is experiencing peace of mind with how things currently are.

We’re sure your staff is overwhelmed with all the challenges associated with managing lost and found items at your property.

Does everyone think it’s time for a change? We certainly do.


We know tracking and managing items has been a hassle for your operation, probably for quite a while.

  • What happens when an item is found?
  • How do you confirm ownership and ensure the item is being given to its rightful owner?

This has been a serious strain for you, and for other operations, for years – has it not?

How can anyone expect this method to promote guest loyalty?

Unfortunately, it can get worse.

Ambiguity and lack of accountability are prevalent amongst all processes for how items are:

  • Received
  • Documented
  • Tracked
  • Returned

What happens when all the found items disappear or are accidentally misplaced?

This is certainly not a good impression you’re creating for guests.


You can change your return-to-owner ratio around.

You can get more items to the right owners.

You can build guest loyalty using a lost and found software.

  • More and more guests will be coming back to your property.
  • You’ll be feeling good and looking great.
  • You, your team and your guests will have peace of mind.

Are you ready to finally be able to build guest loyalty – the right way?

A System for Fostering Endless Guest Loyalty

One of the first and most important aspects of web-based lost and found software is: Being paperless.

Yes, you read correctly.

You can’t afford to use pen and paper to track and manage lost and found items anymore. You’re better than that.


Eliminate those disorganized storage bins. You’ll have order.

Here’s the kicker:

Your team will actually use the system too!

They’ll be empowered with the best tool to guarantee that uptick in guest loyalty you’ve been striving for.

Lost and found solutions provide you and your team with the ability to manage all aspects of your operation in order to promote a far greater guest experience.

  • Identify your storage locations to remove ambiguity.
  • Print receipts to keep track of guests and what item they’ve lost.
  • Properly manage found items to ensure they get in the hands of the correct owner.
  • Have important documents and images of items in one place, accessible at any time.
  • Know the status of lost and found items for maximum efficiency.
  • Provide your guests with an online form to submit lost item details from the comfort of their home.

It gets even better:

All of this information can be retrieved and managed from a single lost and found system – anywhere and at any time.

No more ambiguity leads to no more stress.

The result? Guest loyalty and peace of mind.

Provide Your Staff a System to Efficiently Build Loyalty on Your Terms

Software like this can give you endless functionality and value.

Don’t get us wrong, all of that’s great.


In this article, it’s vital we focus on what aspects of this system impact your team’s ability to develop stronger relationships with guests.

It’s the little things that make the difference anyway, right?

Here’s the thing:

All of this should be effortless for your team…From implementation to execution, promoting peace of mind will be second nature.

Today is the day you start using a progressive solution so you can start managing lost and found the smart way, with your guests in mind.

  1. Have your guests report lost items right from your website.
  2. Eliminate storage chaos by printing storage tags, organizing items and emailing receipts to guests.
  3. Have full and consistent digital records at your fingertips to track and manage lost and found claims with ease.
  4. Efficiently get lost items back to their owner by matching lost items to found items in seconds. Your team will be lost and found superheroes.

It doesn’t get much better (or simpler) than that, does it?

Trust us, putting a system in place will immediately result in a positive impact on guest loyalty.

Your team is efficient. Your stress is gone. Your guests are happy…and excited to return to your property!

Over to You

Now you’re very aware that lost and found software is the quickest and smartest way to have a positive impact on your guests’ loyalty.

With that said, will you be fostering guest loyalty at your property by implementing a lost and found solution?

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