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4 Ways to Leverage Lost and Found Software

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Sep 21, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Do you use lost and found software at your property?

If not, no problem. You'll see the value in having and using one after reading this article.

It's a unique system that can genuinely change your operation, and not only for ensuring customers get their lost items back promptly.

Having and using a system like this can reduce stress for your employees while increasing their morale.

The result? Peace of mind for everyone.

Everyone wins.

You probably already know how a disorganized, lost and found department with ambiguous processes can affect employees and customer loyalty.

We know you're tired of digging through lost item boxes, so we'll get to it. We want to help you change the way you manage lost and found – starting today.

We're going to show you four innovative ways to leverage your lost & found software that leads to loyal customers, increased efficiency, and happier employees.

Are you ready to leverage your way to lost and found success? Let's begin.

4 Ways Lost and Found Software Can Benefit You, Your Customers, Employees, and Operation

There's no question, a lost and found solution can give you and your team enduring value. These systems are simple yet, so robust!


Is it necessary to you to use a system that lets you build the best possible relationship with your customers?

We hope your answer is a resounding, "Yes!" It's a no-brainer.

Your customers' experience is the ultimate goal.

Your team's ability to provide value for customers should be effortless.

From implementation to delivering customers their lost item, you want to look good.

You also want your team to be happy with the way things are running.

You can start using a progressive solution or better use your current system.

Then, you can start managing lost and found the savvy, professional way.

Most important, you can leverage your system in these four ways with peace of mind as the final goal:

  1. Have your customers report lost items right from your website. This gives them a convenient way to submit a claim from the comfort of their home.
  2. Eliminate storage chaos by printing storage tags, organizing items, and emailing receipts to customers. You're eliminating waste, removing inefficiencies, and executing a systematic plan for ensuring customers' items are returned to them on time.
  3. Have complete and consistent digital records at your fingertips to track and manage lost and found claims with ease. Here at 24/7 Software, we love digital documentation. That's why we love the recording capabilities of progressive lost and found solutions. To keep from losing lost and found items within your lost and found department.
  4. Efficiently get lost items back to their owner by matching lost & found items to found items in seconds. Then, let the system do the heavy lifting for your team while they enjoy all the praise.

Valuable, right?

Here's the kicker:

Putting a system in place will immediately result in a positive impact on customer loyalty, increased efficiency, and of course, peace of mind for all.

Think about it for a moment:

  • Your team is efficient.
  • Your stress is gone.
  • Your customers are happy.

Your customers are excited to return to your property.

Likewise, your employees look forward to coming to work knowing you've given them the tools to be successful.

But, we don't want to stop here.

Yes, we've given you four quick and valuable ways to use your solution. But, there's more to these solutions and the ways to leverage them.

Leverage a Solution for Long-Lasting Value and Endless Loyalty

The importance of leveraging your software goes beyond these four ways. It's also how these qualities are interconnected.

The functionality of your system and how every aspect works together is a primary factor in leveraging a system.

With a web-based lost and found solution in place, you have a significant advantage – you're paperless!

That's right.

Removing pen and paper from the equation reduces waste and helps remove any inefficiencies that slow your operation down.

It gets better:

You'll have order because you've eliminated a disorganized lost and found department.

No more paper, say goodbye to cluttered storage bins, and say hello to peace of mind.

Your team is going to be willing and able to use the system. They'll feel empowered and be empowered with the best solution.

Do you see how these four qualities enhance a system's value?

You can manage all aspects of your operation to provide a positive lost and found experience for your customers and staff.

We often forget how important it is for our team to believe in a system and use it.

The value starts with your employees effectively and adequately leveraging the system.

Leverage a system to accomplish so much with ease. It's that simple.

  • Identify your storage locations to remove ambiguity from your operation.
  • Print receipts to give to your customers and connect them to their lost items.
  • Properly manage found items to ensure they get in the hands of the correct owner. It doesn't look good when you give the wrong thing to the wrong customer.
  • Have important documents and images of items in one place, accessible at any time. Centralize your information for a quick and easy way to manage a few - or many - things.
  • Know the status of lost and found items for maximum efficiency. When an item is reunited with its owner, you can confidently move on to the next thing.
  • Provide your customers with an online form to submit lost item details from the comfort of their homes. We bring this up again because it keeps your customers happy and your employees on the right course. No one is bogged down from too many phone calls or miscommunication between staff members and customers. This offers effective follow-up…and follow-through.

One essential trait to note is:

All of this information can be accessed from anywhere anytime using a modernized system.

Take a Close Look at Your Current Lost and Found Operation. How Does It Stack Up?

Now that you know the value a lost and found solution can help provide, it's time to take action.

They can work wonders for your operation...in a big way. You only need to use the system.

To put your efforts in motion, we have seven essential questions for you:

  1. How does your lost and found department "stack up?"
  2. Has your lost and found department been overlooked?
  3. Do you have a system in place for handling lost and found?
  4. Are pen and paper the way you manage your lost and found operation in the 21st century?
  5. What are your customers saying about your ability to reunite them with their possessions?
  6. Do your customers complain that they're overwhelmed with lost items calls and ambiguous processes?
  7. Have you already achieved peace of mind, and if not, are you willing to put in the work?

Your lost and found department is more important than you might think. Or maybe you already understand that, seeing as how you're reading this article.

You probably already know that it directly impacts the feelings, memories, and experiences of your customers.

Over to You

Lost and found software can be leveraged for a lasting impact on your customers, staff, and complete operation.

Now that you know the value of putting a system in place, we recommend that you look at your current operation and make adjustments for the success of all stakeholders.

So, will you be leveraging a lost and found solution for success at your property anytime soon?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2015 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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