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Using Lost and Found Software Evokes Peace of Mind

| June 9, 2015 | By

Lost and found software can eliminate that horrible experience of losing an item for your guests.

Think about it:

Once they realize they’ve lost their valuables, what happens next?

The dreaded search for your lost and found desk.

This is an unfortunate journey for a guest that they shouldn’t have to make.

It’s an inconvenience and can result in a miserable experience.

If you’re not currently using lost and found software to optimize your guest services, this scenario probably occurs quite often.

Not using lost and found software means – you’re nowhere close to peace of mind!

We’re going to change that.

Addressing Your Current Lost and Found Situation

We believe lost and found departments are often overlooked when it comes to efficiency, and for what?

Whether it’s a whole department or not, lost and found consists of aisles of boxes or cabinets filled with items upon items.


Everything is disorganized. That’s the real problem with your current lost and found efforts…

Nothing is organized!

We get it. Processes for managing your lost and found items can be quite ambiguous.

It’s probably one of the most exhausting challenges for your staff too.


We’re aware there hasn’t been a way to accurately and efficiently manage items…

  • As they're found
  • To verify ownership
  • To issue found items to the correct owner

It’s been a ridiculous problem for years. A problem that can affect other areas of your operation.

This certainly doesn’t evoke peace of mind – for anyone, does it?

Your problem continues. It doesn’t stop there.

All processes for how items are received, documented, tracked, and returned are ambiguous and without accountability.

Found items become misplaced. Not a positive first impression for your guests when you said you found their favorite hat.

Your guest services relies on a high return-to-owner ratio. That’s what efficiency is all about.

The more items that are found leads to more items returned to their owner. Simple mathematics.

The end result?

You’ll have more guests coming back to your property. Your credibility won’t be ‘lost’ either.

These are the little things that can affect guest satisfaction. They’re also the things that can lead to peace of mind.

Leveraging Lost and Found Software for a Positive Impact on Customer Service

You need a web-based solution to eliminate the need for pen and paper.

It gets even better:

Now, you can eliminate the need for those disorganized storage bins too. You didn’t even like them to begin with.

You’ll have software that gives you the order your team requires.

Your team will actually use the system too. Why? It’s super easy to use.

Remember how we mentioned a web-based system above?

A solid, robust lost and found solution can be accessed from anywhere you are, at any time. You need it? Just log in to see everything the way you need.

You have the flexibility to do what your operation requires with a system like this.

  • Storage locations
  • Receipts
  • Found items
  • Documents
  • Statuses
  • Notifications
  • Web forms for owners to submit lost item information

All of this can be centrally managed in a progressive lost and found system.

Ease of use is a key factor when it comes to a web-based solution.

Again, it’s the little things that can bring peace of mind for your guests, your team and you.

It’s important to know:

Your transition to a system should be effortless.

It should leave you with a fully operational solution in a short time.

Implement quickly so you can begin managing all aspects of your lost and found.

  • Lost claims
  • Found items
  • Claimed items
  • Matched items

Use your system to match items like a professional so you can get belongings back to their owner. You’ll look good and feel great knowing how you’ve positively impacted the guest experience.

Putting your system in place immediately leads to peace of mind.


You’re giving your guests a tool to effortlessly submit lost items into your new system.

Let’s put it into perspective.

We’ll call your guest, Tom, for this example.

  1. Tom can file a claim at the lost and found desk or department for your property. Someone from your team can then enter the lost item information into the software. Tom sees the efficiency and care your team puts into finding his wife’s wedding band. Peace of mind is achieved for all parties.
  2. Another way Tom can submit a lost claim is through your property’s web form. This is located on your property’s website. Let’s say Tom gets home before his wife realizes she lost her wedding band. Tom can quickly relieve their anxiety. He logs into his computer where he can enter the lost claim information from the comfort of his home.

All information is stored directly into the solution so nothing slips through the cracks.

When a matching item is located, Tom receives notification to verify whether the matching item is his wife’s.

Is this not a rewarding feeling? It’s got to be, and it was so easy!

Hone Your Lost and Found Efforts Using a Superior System

We think it’s purposeful to focus on specific features of a system. Features that result in the most value for your operation.

You’ll only want to consider using solutions with the facets we discuss below.


Complete details eliminate confusion and lead to understanding.

So, you want a system where lost claims are added through the software with claimant details and item details.

Claimant details consist of:

  • The name and contact information for the individual claiming an item or multiple items.

What happens when a guest files a claim?

Well, if you’re not currently using a system, the short answer is…Nothing.

Today your fate has changed.

Easily print or email claimed item receipts. The ability to email and/or print a receipt for the claimant’s records is now possible with your new system.

Lost item details include your property’s information.

It also includes an item’s associated details including:

  • Item name
  • Lost date
  • When and where the item was lost

All the value doesn’t end there:

Take your customer service to the next level and drastically increase customer satisfaction.

Achieve this multimedia and ever-progressing technology.

You can now attach pictures of items to their record. Yes, you read correctly!

This is how you ensure nothing gets overlooked. Ensure everything that was lost, is quickly found.

Speaking of found items…

Found item records will give you the ability to enter details of items found by staff or guests. This’ll help everyone using the system match the item with possible lost claims.

Details of the found item can be submitted along with a printed receipt and associated documentation.

Here’s the kicker:

The location the item is being stored at is recorded in the found item details. You’re able to proactively track and manage where all items are located.

What does this do? If you haven’t used a lost and found system in the past, you already know this answer.

You’re instantly removing the obscurity common storage methods create. Your ability to track storage location is the “game changer” for lost and found.

When you incorporate seamless matching of lost and found items, your system becomes even more robust.

You might be thinking:

There are systems that'll match items for you based on specific characteristics? Yes.

Staff can evaluate item details in order to efficiently identify any matching items.

They can populate items and then select a found item. When a found item is selected, all possible matches will populate.

Staff can also claim a found match, fill in additional details of the item if needed, and add a signature to verify the issue of the item to its owner.

Nowadays, first-class systems perform the heavy lifting for you. All the pressure of running an efficient lost and found department no longer lies heavy on your shoulders alone.

The simplicity and power of these systems is invaluable.

Trust us:

Use a system like this, and you’ll not only raise the return-to-owner ratio, you’ll achieve peace of mind together with your guests.

While we’re on the topic of ratios…We love ratios. We also love analytics.

It’s a good thing these solutions provide reporting to help you analyze the facts. Data gives you the ability to keep improving your customer service efforts.

Produce reports within your solution to review comprehensive lost and found information. Analyze the information so you can keep peace of mind top of consciousness for your guests.

Over to You

We know lost and found software is a simple yet powerful solution you can use to elicit peace of mind.

If your current operation is causing you grief, it’s time to put a system in place that’ll help reduce your stress and give you the tools to increase customer satisfaction.

What do you think? Will you be implementing a lost and found solution at your property?

Learn how to enhance the guest experience using lost and found software

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