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After two blasts hit Brussels’ Zaventem Airport during Tuesday morning rush, the country issued a Level 4 alert, which means “serious and imminent attack.”

After the explosion, emergency response teams and security began evacuating the airports, looking for survivors, and searching for evidence.

More than 30 people died, and over 200 others were identified as injured or severely wounded.

"What we feared has happened — we were hit by blind attacks," Prime Minister Charles Michel said during a news conference on Tuesday.

There was no warning. There was no way to stop the attack. That is what scares us.

Airports are targets.

Our question to you is, is your airport operation prepared?

No matter the size of your airport, is your operation able to mitigate an incident as small as a slip and fall or as large as a major terrorist attack?

Granted, you can never be fully prepared for “blind attacks.” However, if one occurred at your airport – you can be ready.

You must have proactive measures in place.

Unfortunately, many airports do not have the tools to efficiently handle these type of scenarios.

That changes today.

We are going to share two incident management solutions that can help your airport mitigate incidents.

Do you always feel like you’re the effect of what happens at your property? Do you always seem reactive rather than proactive?

Do you wait for high priority incidents to occur knowing that they’re going to knock you and your team completely off course?

It’s got to be draining. You probably feel like a kite dancing in a hurricane.

It’s a symptom of your incidents managing you.

Does this sound familiar?

A call comes in that there’s been a fight, and it quickly escalated. Now, a few of your patrons are injured.

It looks like a critical situation developing on your watch. Are you prepared?

Super Bowl 50  - the biggest event of the year - is three days away.

We’re sure Levi’s Stadium is ready for February 7th.

Would your property be able to handle a large scale event like the Super Bowl?

Our last November 19th article regarding Super Bowl 50 discusses the importance of having a well-organized emergency management plan in place.

From bomb threats to severe weather conditions, your property must always be prepared for what may happen.

The importance of having your emergency management plan ready hasn’t changed, and with only a few days left to the most watched event of the year, we decided to give you four ways to master success at any of your events.

Handling unruly spectators is a growing challenge for managers in the sports industry.

How do you tackle the issue of effectively and efficiently handling unruly spectators at your property with an incident management system?

That’s a fair question and a common one.

This progressive software is an essential tool to utilize to mitigate the impact of an unruly spectator.


If you read our article on the best ways to effectively promote text communication, you are using your text system to its fullest potential.

But, what happens after someone reports unruly behavior? What follows is the most crucial component to the experience of your guests.

You might be wondering:

What’s the best way to streamline communication at your property?

For daily operations or during events, you want to ensure you give your team the tools to be successful.

Using incident management mobile apps allows you to save the radio for your high priority conversations.

Here’s a thought…

What do you think is preventing you from achieving peace of mind?

Is it your incident management process? Or, is it the current tools you’re using to bring your incident management plans to life?

We’re confident your incident management process is up to snuff, but your tools might need some attention.

We’re going to show you how incident management mobile apps can help you streamline communication throughout your property.

Are you ready for Proactive Operations?

Stadium managers have a plethora of responsibilities.

There’s so many moving parts to their position.

You might be wondering:

How do you make your job easier? How do you run an efficient operation that produces a safe and secure environment for your guests and staff?

From training staff and managing daily tasks, to preparing for events and communicating with a multitude of departments – your job can get pretty overwhelming.

How do you handle this responsibility? How do you handle all the pressure? What steps or solutions do you have in place – if any – to ensure your team is always headed in the right direction?

If you’re stuck, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What’s the solution? Well actually, there are many.