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You Do Not Need A Billion-Dollar Gamble

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May 23, 2019 7:00:00 AM

“Imagine spending 40 years and more than a billion dollars on a gamble,” writes Nell Greenfieldboyce in their recent NPR article entitled, “Billion-Dollar Gamble: How A 'Singular Hero' Helped Start A New Field In Physics.”

According to Greenfieldboyce, “That's what one U.S. government science agency did. It's now paying off big time, with new discoveries about black holes and exotic neutron stars coming almost every week.”

“And while three physicists shared the Nobel Prize for the work that made this possible, one of them says the real hero is a former National Science Foundation staffer named Rich Isaacson, who saw a chance to cultivate some stunning research and grabbed it.”

"The thing that Rich Isaacson did was such a miracle. I think he's the hero. He's a singular hero. We just don't have a good way of recognizing people like that. Rich was in a singular place fighting a singular war that nobody else could have fought," says Rainer Weiss, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of the 2017 Nobel laureates, in the NPR piece.

Weiss continues in the article, “Without him, we would've been killed dead on virtually every topic."

And it’s a good thing Isaacson saw the chance and grabbed it.

It’s a great lesson for proactive leaders too.

See an opportunity for your property operation?

Go for it.

But you’ve got an advantage Isaacson did not.

Your success should take less time and less money.

Especially you’ll have a proven methodology already in place.

You do not need a billion-dollar gamble.


The Chosen Methodology for Succeeding Using Less Time & Money

Over the last decade plus, we’ve worked with many experts in various industries to help them improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operation.

We’re fanatical in our pursuit to understand what’s needed to help our customers achieve success – now and 40+ years into the future.

From Corporate to Conferences to Entertainment to Healthcare…to Transportation operations, we’ve always worked to discover ways to contribute to the success of every operational function.

  • Administration
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Customer service

The list goes continues.

What are the fundamental needs of the industry? What’s important and relevant to the experts in each field? What are the collective strengths and weaknesses that they all share?

What’s missing?

That’s when we had an epiphany.

A big one.

Operations across every industry must move away from the reactive mindset they’ve had for years.

It’s time for a proactive approach – one that will evolve with the demands of the environment.

We’ve done just that.

Our long-term relationships with industry experts have shaped Proactive Operations.

Proactive Operations represents those operations that have taken or plan to take their operation to the highest level of performance.

Strategy, Infrastructure, and Technology are the three pillars of the disciplined, proven methodology that work to produce and continuously support a world-class operation – one that won’t require a billion-dollar gamble for your property.


You have the advantage of maximizing your performance, creating memories, and keeping your customers coming back to your property using powerful data and information produced from leveraging Proactive Operations and, of course, operations management software.

Ready to learn more and prevent a gamble from sending reactive waves throughout your property operation? Read our comprehensive resource on Proactive Operations today.

Over to You

Are you ready to be the ‘singular hero’ that starts change throughout your organization?

Today is your chance to understand how Proactive Operations is the methodology that helps you achieve maximum performance with less time and money. You do not need a billion-dollar gamble once it’s employed.

See your chance? Grab it!

Learn how to make the not-so-giant leap to Proactive Operations

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