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Years of Valuable Customer Feedback Data Missed. Now What?

, | July 1, 2021 | By

You hang up your phone.

As you turn to your operations manager, Kelsey, she can tell you’ve got bad news.

“John called me about this quarter’s revenue numbers,” you tell her.

“Our numbers are still declining,” you continue.

Kelsey isn’t sure how to respond, but she’s been proactive since she started this month, so she starts asking the right questions.

One after another, the questions are rolling, and you’re able to answer them quickly.

Six questions in and answered, you stop her.

She stumped you.

“What customer feedback have you received over the last several months or years to determine whether the revenue decline relates to experience,” she asks you.

But you don’t have the right answer.

It’s long and more of a rant because you can’t clearly explain it.

It’s a combination of excuses and some insight here and there. But you don’t have anything tangible to offer.

You don’t have reports or any sort of feedback.

It’s not acceptable, and you know that.

Yes, you know where to start looking for answers, but how do you fix this to increase your revenue and keep your job?

Kelsey will probably know – but we’ve got a solution ourselves.


While working with proactive leaders for a long time, we learned the importance of customer experience and how it affects your bottom line.

But, if that’s the case, why have most leaders allowed years of valuable customer feedback data to slip through their fingers?

It’s a question that used to give us quite a bit of anxiety, and still does to an extent because we care.

You might think that speaking with a customer occasionally, is enough. That’s not valuable information, though, and it’s undoubtedly skewed.

The only way to attain the insight necessary to make crucial decisions for the well-being of your customers is to capture feedback at scale.

So, how do you do this?

You deploy software solutions that go beyond managing the day-to-day and event-level issues and incidents.

It’s about maximizing your technology to “listen” to what your customers are saying about your property.

  • How are customers greeted? Is your staff friendly or rude?
  • How do customers feel about the property’s cleanliness? Is it clean or unclean?
  • Are customers impressed or disappointed with your response to issues and incidents?
  • Do your customers feel safe enough to spend money to go to your property alone or with their families?
  • Do your customers receive a warm send-off or do your staff leave before customers?

Can you imagine the insight gained from these questions?

You might’ve missed years of this kind of information. But the good news is, you don’t have to anymore.

You can get to the root of your revenue – and attendance – issues.

Are you ready to get and use valuable customer feedback data today and every day after?

Good. Then, today’s a perfect time to get started.

Keep reading; we’re going to share how text messaging software not only helps mitigate issues and incidents but also offers insight into how your customers feel about your property’s operation.


Running your property can be exhausting.

You’ve got to oversee every aspect, which includes managing issues and incidents.

But, at the end of the day – it all concludes with the customer experience.

It’s the most important and your ability to help customers create memories can foreshadow the future of your property. Do you agree?

You can tend to your customers, and you can do it in real-time using text messaging software.

Capturing feedback is simple.

  1. Deploy text messaging software on your property
  2. Train your staff to “listen” to your employees and to practice Proactive Operations
  3. Place signage throughout your property, so customers know how to provide feedback in the least number of steps possible. (Make it easy to get the insight you need!)
  4. Generate simple reports to learn how your customers perceive your team’s service
  5. Adjust, perform better, and watch your bottom line improve

It should be easy to capture the information you need to take care of your customers properly.

Technology helps you capture that real-time data. Getting this insight today lets you make fast improvements for tomorrow.

Are you ready to get the feedback you’ve been missing?


Our customers share a lot with us about their property’s operations.

Usually, the conversations we have with them include a comment on how they wish they used technology like text messaging software sooner to become a proactive operation.

They’re tired of allowing years of valuable customer feedback to slip through their fingertips. Now, they get it in real-time and at scale. They love the results.

So, what are you going to do?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in September 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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