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“You can’t manage what you don’t know.”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. It’s one of the most important aspects to understanding and improving your operation.

Yet, why does it get often overlooked? We’ve had our theories for quite some time.

  • You’re too busy to take the time to look at your data
  • Your staff isn’t collecting complete and accurate documentation
  • Your team is not fully aware of what’s actually going on at your property
  • The communication between your departments is limited or in a state of non-existence

After watching a recent 60 Minutes interview with NFL Commissioner, Rodger Goodell, about concussions – it hit us. The NFL is actively exploring the concussion problem by making an investment in research and then using the data to effectively change the result.

Handling unruly spectators is a growing challenge for managers in the sports industry.

How do you tackle the issue of effectively and efficiently handling unruly spectators at your property with an incident management system?

That’s a fair question and a common one.

This progressive software is an essential tool to utilize to mitigate the impact of an unruly spectator.


If you read our article on the best ways to effectively promote text communication, you are using your text system to its fullest potential.

But, what happens after someone reports unruly behavior? What follows is the most crucial component to the experience of your guests.

You might be thinking:

What can you do to ensure the safety of every one of your guests, today and every day?

Believe it or not, that’s actually an easy question to answer.

Here’s why…

We know that incident reporting software can be used alongside your well-trained staff to keep your guests safe…each and every day.

Putting one of these systems in place can offer you true value – faster response times.

Simply put, your ability to respond to incidents or issues quickly is what keeps your guests safety and prevents problems from escalating.

It keeps that wet spill from turning into a slip and fall. Get it?

Incident reporting software is robust in functionality.

It can help you remove major problems from your operation.

You might be thinking:

You wish you could understand the areas of your operation that need additional support and attention.

Now that you’re thinking about it some more – you’d really like data on every aspect of your operation.

All of it.

We’re here to tell you, that’s certainly possible with the use of an enhanced incident management system.


It’s important that we point something out before moving forward. We understand the complete value incident reporting software can provide for your operation.

As much as we enjoy talking about the benefits, we like separating these systems into parts for purposeful observation.

We believe you get the most value when you’re laser-focused on one factor at a time. It’ll help you better realize the benefits a solution provides.

In today’s article, we focus our attention (and yours) on Analytics, a tool we – for the most part – often sprinkle into discussion but we know doesn’t get enough time in the limelight.

Here’s the thing:

Whether you’re a numbers person or just want a global snapshot of your operation, many providers of incident reporting solutions offer valuable analytics.

You arrive on scene to a slip and fall incident clicking your favorite pen and carrying a notepad under your arm.

Although you’re aware innovative incident management solutions exist, you’ve always preferred your method. It “gets the job done.”

While on scene, you discover a patron has slipped near one of your high traffic concession areas and has a broken ankle.

After quickly jotting down their statement, you begin interviewing witnesses to the incident – the stories don’t add up. It appears the injured has a different account of what took place than your eye-witnesses.

Who do you believe? Who will the court believe? What measures can you take with handwritten notes to ensure your records match what really happened, and that will hold up in a court of law?

Fact: Pen and paper no longer gets the job done. Keep reading so we can give you the insight on why incident management solutions are the safe way to keep your incidents honest.

Are you ready for Proactive Operations?

A guard tour system can be the source of peace of mind or misfortune for a security company.

Conducting guard tours for properties ranging from hospitals to malls can get the best of a company at times. Using an antiquated system doesn’t make the situation any better either.

There’s no question security teams have a never-ending list of work to complete.

How does a security operation track all of their vital information and ensure their team is getting the work done? It’s a simple question that might’ve only had a complex answer – in the past.

Provided in this article is the foresight needed when choosing the right system for a security operation where improving accountability is the focus, and the present.