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Does looking for incident details from only a few days ago stress you? Do you get tired of looking through stacks of folders, papers and notes?

You thought you’d be able to remember everything! How many were in that fight? The location of the slip and fall was in what section? Near where?

The truth of the matter: All it takes is something else to occur to distract you from the vital piece of information you were going to remember for today’s incident snapshot.

How many times do you think you'll enter the “rest” of the incident information later or tomorrow when you have more time?

Whatever you do, don’t forget this - knowing incident details is good for business.

Utilizing incident management solutions will help you achieve peace of mind through the complete and digital documenting of incidents.

For those teeing off at 7:00 AM for the commencement of the Sony Open in Hawaii today, know the stakes are high.

They also know a win is a win. They’re prepared to get that win.

With $1,008,000 as the winning share, a Sony Open win will be a nice payday for the victor. J.J Henry, Chez Reavie and Spencer Levin all know how vital it is to maintain their composure and stay laser focused.

Professional security companies rely on analytics and accurate documentation to help protect their client’s business from liability, and their reputation.

The best way they do this is by recognizing recurring incidents and forecasting potential hazards. Identifying hot spots where incidents often arise is a key factor in successfully preventing future occurrences down the road. It’s also the best way to proactively arm your team with the correct resources to respond efficiently and effectively.

Take this scenario for example: You’re contracted to provide perimeter support for your client. Both internal and external patrol teams are tasked with ensuring the safety of all your client’s customers. The contracted property is a multi-story building with business suites throughout.

Successful property managers see the value in moving their operation towards a safe one.

No, we don’t mean a property covered in soft pillows and cute kittens. We’re talking about an often used idiom we’ve coined to help you as a property manager increase your proficiency.

We’re talking SAFE. It’s quite a simple concept too.

You’ve built your incident management infrastructure. All your departments are operating in unison.

Police, Fire Rescue, Security, IT, Maintenance and Housekeeping are loving your new system. You’ve read our article on improving communication across departments and it shows! Kudos.

You’ve implemented your incident management system for useful analytics. All your planning, scheduling and practicing has paid off. You and your team have role-played every possibility imaginable.

You’re confident, your team’s confident. Now what?

You’ve made strides in your ability to lead and you’ve gotten yourself this far. How do you ensure your operation keeps moving forward in the direction of your vision?

How do you put your incident management data to use for faster response times throughout your operation? You know, the factor of your success that truly matters.

Keep reading, because we have a fairly good idea of how you can come out ahead.

If worse comes to worst you want to be able to protect your guests from the potential hazards occurring at your venue.

You’re like a teacher protecting your students. In the midst of all the chaos and unruliness, it’s still your job to create order and protect them from outside influence and one another. How you organize your initiatives affects your students in the long run.

Let’s take a page from the book of Nick Nolte’s character in Teachers and apply it to incident management.

How do you do this?

Start connecting and identifying with your students [guests]. In the end, what matters most is your ability to provide your guests with a remarkable experience.

As overseer of Murphy’s Law for your venue, we’d say it is imperative you understand the many ways your incident management system (IMS) can influence your operation and the guest experience.

Don’t have an incident management system? We’ll get you up to speed on how an IMS can create order amongst all the chaos at your venue.

When we’re done you’ll be rather privy as to why using an IMS is vital to the success of your operation – and why it matters so much.