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Security Companies Boost Customer Service with Lost and Found Software

, | December 16, 2014 | By

All security companies at one point or another deal with the public. When you deal with the public – things get lost.

Anywhere your security company has a high traffic volume of patrons, we’re sure you find your team regularly working diligently to manage and track lost and found items.

Whether you’re managing contracts with malls, railroads, cruise lines, hospitals, or community colleges, the use of lost and found software can eliminate the strain of this on your operation. It’ll allow you to focus on protecting patrons. You can spend less time rummaging through lost item boxes and reading tags.

Consider this, you have thousands of patrons passing through your properties annually. That’s lots of umbrellas, cameras and cellphones that could potentially go missing. Not to mention, losing an item causes your patrons a great inconvenience.

What’s the result of this? A less than pleasurable experience for patrons. No peace of mind for you either.

Moving away from aisles of lost and found item storage aisles and boxes may seem impossible. We understand. We can only imagine the overabundance of items stacked and stored in your lost and found department, in an unorganized fashion.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, your process for managing items is quite ambiguous too. Is your team overwhelmed with the stress of managing such an operation?

A customer service nightmare is the effect of the disorganization and chaos. Your team needs more items being returned to their owners. It’s the little things that count. It’s the little things that increase your customer service rating, and leave your clients renewing their contracts.

Lost and found software helps security companies efficiently make the little things count so they can put more focus on protecting patrons from the big things: Unexpected incidents that occur at your property.

Value Provided to Security Companies with the Right Solution

As a security company focused on delivering exceptional service to your clients and their customers, we’re sure you’re aware there hasn’t always been a way to manage the lost and found problem.

Most current processes don’t deal well with the receiving, documenting, tracking and returning item which leads to items not being reunited with their rightful owner. Especially when found items are misplaced within your lost and found department itself.

Now, there is a solution. But before implementing lost and found software, it’s important to recognize the unwavering value provided by such a simple – yet robust – solution.

Leveraging your solution for optimized customer service and operational efficiency empowers your team to not only manage lost and found items, but allows them to do it without overlooking or misplacing an item.

Limited time spent on training plays a large part in your company’s success. Now your team won’t be burdened with managing inefficient processes either. No one likes inefficiency, why should they start now?

It’s time to effortlessly manage your lost and found. Here’s why:

  1. A solution lets thousands of patrons passing through your public properties report lost items through your website, from the comfort of their home. They can report their lost items directly from your website and easily follow up online to check whether it has been located and stored for its return to them. What does this do? It reduces the number of phone calls and hours spent trying to track and handle items.
  2. You can stop stressing about the nuances involving matching found items to lost items, and focus on more important aspects of your operation. A web-based system will automatically match a found item to a lost item reported in the system. Filter through hundreds of items in minutes.
  3. How frustrating is it when you’re trying to locate a single item amongst many? You’re probably asking yourself, “Is that a rhetorical question?” When you implement a system, you can eliminate chaos and ambiguity that goes along with storing and tagging items. Easily email or print receipts and storage tags for owners and items. Effortlessly ensure the correct owner receives the correct item.
  4. If there’s one reason why you make the move to a lost and found solution, full and consistent digital records should be it. Give you and your team a clear understanding of what you have in lost and found using reporting and analysis: Each item type and how long it has been in storage.

You can positively impact your bottom line by discarding or donating stored items once they reach a specified expiration. Save your operation money in order to increase your return on investment from employing your new solution.

Use Your Lost and Found Software for the Little Things to Save Time for the Big Things

After implementing your web-based solution, you’ll immediately look at pen and paper, and ambiguous lost and found process in a different light. Right before you toss them into a recycling bin. Orderliness and order in general comes from moving your operation to software. Providing your staff with an easy-to-use system removes the questions. It gives your team a system they can use.

With the ability to access your system from anyplace at any time, you can track your lost and found operation for any of your public contracts to ensure all the “little things” are being returned to their owners.

Quickly experience what less stress feels like with the ability to manage your storage locations, found items, receipts, all associated documents, statuses of items, and notifications. Your clients’ patrons no longer need to hike to the nearest lost and found kiosk if they choose not to. As a professional security company you have now afforded patrons the ability to simply submit lost item information via a web form.

Giving patrons the ability to report lost and found items through your clients’ website can make strides for your customer service. It makes you look good! Even more, because patrons are using the software regularly – and it works.

Your operational efficiency increases and so does your client’s satisfaction. Instantly, your team’s focus is on that injury due to a wet spill or the fight occurring on elevator four.

When the headache of trying to recoup your losses due to mismanaged lost and found is removed, you can professionally prevent and mitigate the serious incidents that affect your clients and their customers.

Over to You

Customer service alone isn’t enough. You need to address how other aspects of your operation are affecting the overall experience of the public. That includes your lost and found operation.

As you see the value provided by a lost and found solution, you’ll see how the small things make a positive impact on the areas of your business that require more focus, and faster response to ensure your clients and their patrons are satisfied with your team’s effectiveness.

Learn how to enhance the guest experience using lost and found software

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