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Proactive Operations Prepare for New Threats [Infographic]

, | April 18, 2017 | By

“Look up,” you shout.

“What is that flying around the flagpole,” you ask your head of security, Mark.

He looks at you in confusion, then turns his head sharply above the pole.

“That looks like a drone,” he replies. “We’ve been seeing a lot of those flying near the property but are unable to locate where they’re coming from.”

“We can’t have these unmanned aerial vehicles flying around our property without us knowing,” you assert.

“It’s one thing that this drone is probably harmless, but what happens when the criminals start catching using them? These could pose a serious threat to our property,” you respond.

Mark nods because he does understand, and before you can continue your response, he interrupts.

“I guess,” he says. “But, what are we going to do to prepare for these new threats?”

You’re not sure yourself, are you?

It’s tough to know how to protect your property from new threats – especially since they’re new and ever-changing.

We have some insight that might help you understand your weakness and how you can best prepare for anything that could threaten your property.

To help you see how you need to address the prevalence of drones and other new threats, we created an infographic. You’ll learn how to become a proactive operation that follows the right methodology to evade new, evolving, and existing threats.


Proactive Operations Prepare for New Threats

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Over to You

Criminals advance their methods continuously. You must prepare. Don’t take the need for preparation delicately either.

Employ Proactive Operations today. You’ll be amazed by the other areas of your operation that improve beyond your awareness.

So, how ready is your operation to confront new threats?

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