How Top Properties Avoid Customer Service Nightmares

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May 21, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Think of everything you respond to and manage.

Do you often feel reactive?

Medical situations, fights, intoxicated people, and wet spills can lead to operational nightmares.

Are you doing this at the same time trying to maintain your customer service?

Properties are unique.

They have different capacity types, operational needs, and staff to customer ratios.

You probably require your staff to respond to multiple and variable types of requests ranging from a wheelchair to food & beverage requests.


That means quickly responding to all the customer requests is challenging, especially when they're coming in through radio, individual staff, or customers calling them direct.

Customer requests can get mixed in with your high priority incidents.

That's a nightmare!

This results in most requests being overlooked or under-serviced, and customers doubt your customer service capabilities.

What happens after that?

They don't come back.

It's obvious, the needs of your customers aren't being met.

Requests are sent, but never dispatched, nor are they making it to the appropriate staff.

You're responsible for delivering a memorable and safe experience for your customers.

But, are you confidently able to say you are?

Meeting, and better yet exceeding their expectations is what motivates them to either return or never come back.

You want them coming back.

You need them to come back.  

We're going to show you how to achieve this.


Request tracking software exists.

This software is the solution to help you eliminate the problem of overlooked customer requests.

You have customers, and those customers need stuff.

By using request tracking software, you can expertly deliver on these requests.

And, there's more to it.

Managers need a user-friendly process to ensure their staff can dispatch and respond to the needs of customers in a timely and effective manner.

It's essential to make the requests of your visitors a priority while responding to incidents.

These systems allow you to separate the two processes.

Incidents and requests are found in all industries and are too often managed together.

This doesn't merely cause a breakdown in customer relations; it also serves to impede the safety and security of the entire operation.

So, whether you're a supervisor or frontline employee, you can respond to incidents and requests with increased efficiency and effectiveness by simply implementing request tracking software.


These software solutions can be accessed via the internet from anywhere at any time.

That's peace of mind.


You can organize all aspects of your customer services operation.

The good news is you can do all this for your unique and specific operational needs.

Check out how these systems work:

  • The most efficient way to enter information is through a short form where details of a request are recorded and saved in a request queue within seconds. Your staff can always make changes to the information later. Most important, staff can effortlessly input required details, which reduces the time it takes to deliver on customer needs.
  • Another popular method is to enter comprehensive request data through what we like to call a 'long form.' When, what, where, who it's assigned to, who is reporting, comments and notes, and documents can be added to your long forms. With it, you'll have historical records for analysis.

Note that the request queue is independent of your incident queue.

This segmentation is a critical component of executing exceptional customer service.

If you know us, you know we're huge proponents of analytics.

We want you always to strive to measure your performance and improve your operation.

When choosing a system for your operation, be sure that the reporting features allow you to generate comprehensive reports.

Analyzing these reports must be honest and afford you the ability to see data the way you need to so you can use it.

They'll give you a nice snapshot of your requests and your ability to respond to each.

You are using metrics to drive your success.

Now that's powerful.


These solutions have the collective functionality to move your customer services from OK to first-class.

Inefficient processes or overlooking the needs of your customers can now be a nightmare of the past – one you leave behind for good.

Your problems with customer expectations are now resolved.

Operational efficiency and customer satisfaction are the rewarding effects of using one of these progressive systems.

They give lasting benefits and considerable return on your investment.

Think about it.

Rather than overwhelming your incident management system with non-incident related information, you can track and communicate requests using a different solution.

What does this do?

It ensures your property's requests are never overlooked again.

Here's how the elite systems help you achieve Proactive Operations.

Some of these solutions can automatically confirm that a request was received, dispatched, and completed to customers via a text message.

There's no question; this leads to memorable customer experience.

Request reminders can also be sent via text and email to your staff so that they have a record of when the request was needed and when it was performed.

Accountability and awareness are vital here.

Your staff is empowered with critical information, so they ensure their tasks are getting done on time.

You're giving them the resources to be great professionals.

From the start of the initial request to the delivery of a customer's needs, every staff member is aware of the execution of requests.

Now, being tactical means using your reports for tracking, managing, and analysis.

  • Measure the performance of your operation.
  • See what matters.
  • Diagnose problems such as response times.
  • Achieve peace of mind.

Make smart decisions that not only help you avoid customer service nightmares but also drive you to achieve Proactive Operations.


Request tracking software is a unique solution for your operation, but only if you use it. We challenge you to make the moves necessary to create positive memories for your customers.

When you expertly handle your customer requests and incidents at the highest level, you evoke peace of mind that your customers will notice. If you don't, they'll see that too.

So, will you be implementing this top software solution on your property to avoid the nightmares you're dealing with now?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in February 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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