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The Best Way to Handle Your Special Customer Requests

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Nov 12, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Your day is starting.

Your property is packed.

You can feel the energy moving through the halls.

The team did a great job filling the place.

Your revenue projections for this month look stellar.

But, you’re still nervous about service, even with the potential for revenue generation this holiday season.


You know what’s going to happen an hour from now.

Your customers will need stuff.

But your staff won’t be able to handle the influx of special customer requests coming through the phones.

How do you know this?

You don’t have a scalable way to handle special requests.

If your staff is running around doing other important tasks, your customers will have to wait.

You need to get your customer requests under control.

So, how can you do this?

You need request tracking software.

It lets you handle special customer requests with total efficiency.

Keep reading; we’ll show you.


Request tracking software exists to help you eliminate the problem of overlooked customer requests.

Managers need a user-friendly process to ensure their staff can dispatch and respond to customer needs efficiently.

Solution providers have modeled a system you can easily do this.

You can organize all aspects of your customer services operation, and you can do all this for your specific needs.

Proactive web-based software solutions allow a particular customer request to be submitted three ways:

  1. The most efficient way to enter request details is via a short form that can be pushed into a queue within seconds. Your staff can then return to the details later and complete additional information if necessary. Your employees effortlessly input the required information, reducing the time it takes to deliver.
  2. Enter comprehensive customer service request information using a long form option provided in the more advanced solutions you’ll find. When, what, where, who it’s assigned to, who is reporting, comments and notes and documents can be added to your long forms. This ability will provide you with historical records for future analysis.
  3. Staff uses their mobile apps to submit a customer request via their mobile device from anywhere on your property.


All the features of these software solutions collectively give you the functionality to be proactive every day.

Inefficient processes and overlooking the needs of your customers can stay in the past.


Cumbersome methods are out-of-date when you use these solutions.

Your problems with customer expectations are resolved.

Operational efficiency and customer satisfaction is the rewarding effect.

This ability ensures your property’s requests are not overlooked.

  • An excellent feature of these solutions is confirmation that a request was received, dispatched, and completed can be sent to requesting customers via text message, leading to a memorable experience.
  • Request reminders can also be sent via text and email to your team so that they have record when the request was needed and when it was performed.

An increase in customer satisfaction and efficient staff allocation is the return on investment you’ll see – immediately.

Accountability and awareness are also present.

Your staff is empowered with need-to-know information so the tasks they’re responsible for, get done.

From the start of the initial request to delivery of your customer’s needs, every team member is aware of the execution of tasks.


There’s no question; we’re advocates of analytics and measuring your operation for continuous improvement.

When choosing a software solution for your operation, make sure the reporting features allow you to generate comprehensive reports, so you can review all critical statistics.

Analyzing these reports should be simple and give you the ability to see data on an array of charts.

Being strategic means taking advantage of your comprehensive reports for tracking, managing, and analysis.

  1. Measure the performance of your operation
  2. Look at what’s working and what needs to be improved
  3. Identify any and all issues with response times

Make better decisions using analytics.


Your customers bring in a lot of revenue for your property. You need to handle their special requests to ensure they keep coming back. It’s that simple – and that crucial.

Implement request tracking software giving your team a scalable way to handle all-important customer requests with ease.

Show your customers how special they are!

Learn how to exceed guest expectations

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