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How to Run the Operation That Gives Criminals Nightmares

| April 5, 2018 | By

“Dan Shefet is an unlikely tech revolutionary. He's not a young math geek who builds driverless cars, nor does he promise to make a tech product for the masses. His crusade is different. The 63-year-old-year-old Shefet has staged an astonishingly effective campaign in Europe to thwart the torrent of fake news and damaging personal attacks that course through the Internet by taking on the tech giants,” writes Aarti Shahani in their recent NPR article entitled “The Paris Lawyer Who Gives Google Nightmares.”

According to Shahani, “The Paris-based Shefet packs a lot of energy into his compact frame of 5 feet 7 inches, and one can even find him sprinting across the streets as he gets from one meeting to the next in the city. He is on a mission to kill free speech — at least the way the United States understands it. He has one aim, and it is directed squarely at a select few in Silicon Valley.”

"A handful of corporations have been raised to a level of legal untouchability hitherto only bestowed upon certain diplomatic missions and royalty," Shefet explains in the NPR piece.

“These might sound like the perishable musings of an armchair critic or an op-ed columnist. But Shefet has legal street cred,” shares Shahani.

The NPR article notes that “He battled long and hard against Google in court in Paris. And surprisingly, in a defining moment in the battle over digital rights, Shefet came out the victor.”

We recommend that you read the article as Shahani shares how Shefet claims his victory to drive his international fight for the “right to be forgotten.”

An old law, twenty years old, supported his initiative – and now this steadfast “legal ammunition” has cleared a path to accountability.

One which provides insight and a lesson for you.

It’s with intense focus and understanding of the critical details that affect your property’s operation that’ll give you an unfair advantage to criminals.

Knowing your property, operation, and how lawbreakers can and will try to affect your organization gives you the upper hand.

The devil is in the details, right?

Let’s go find it.

Your Strategy: A Criminal’s Worst Nightmare

Shefet’s power comes from his “legal street cred” as Shahani frames it.

So, here’s our question: what’s your “Proactive Operations street cred?”

Do you have any?

If not, the most critical takeaway we see here is the use of your Strategy – the first pillar of Proactive Operations – for keeping criminals from crippling your operation.

You need to know what you’re up against, both internally and externally.

  • What are your operational weaknesses?
  • Do you have the best resources, in the right places?
  • Is your operation agile – can it be managed from anywhere in the world?
  • Are you using a real-time communications platform for communication at the speed-of-type?
  • Can your team anticipate offenders and prevent them from throwing a wrench into your operational machine?
  • How do you reduce your current and long-term risk?

That’s not even the outside threats.

Let’s talk about what you’re up against externally for a moment.

  • Internal weaknesses that expose your property’s operation to exploitation by offenders
  • What holes are these criminals looking for throughout your organization? Is there a typical hotspot?
  • Your understanding of criminal strategy and tactics regarding each offense they commit
  • What does the data show regarding when and where specific incident types occur?

You’ve got to understand everything – it’s critical to gaining the unfair advantage we told you about above.

Do you see it?

Nail your strategy, use it to build your infrastructure, and then scale your performance with operations management software.

Over to You

You’ve got to take control. It’s your responsibility to know the operational environment better than anyone or anything trying to thwart your success.

Leverage your newfound power to manage a proactive operation. It’s time to give those criminals the kind of nightmares that’ll keep them from trying to terrorize your property.

So, are you ready to give the bad guys nightmares?

Learn how to make the not-so-giant leap to Proactive Operations

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