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Prevent Criminals From Cracking Your Proactive Operation

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Nov 16, 2017 6:40:00 AM

“Less than a week after the iPhone X release, a Vietnamese security firm says it has done what others couldn't — trick the phone's facial recognition software. How? One very creepy mask” writes Laurel Wamsley in their recent NPR article entitled, “Security Firm Says Extremely Creepy Mask Cracks iPhone X's Face ID.”

“In a video released by the company Bkav, an employee unshrouds the mask, to which the phone apparently responds to by unlocking. ‘Face ID on this iPhone X is not as secure as Apple has announced,’ the employee says. The employee then unlocks the phone again with his own face,” explains Wamsley.

According to the NPR article, “on its website, Bkav says it made the mask with two- and three-dimensional printers, silicone and ‘hand-made’ skin to ‘trick Apple's AI."

Bkav’s team is smart.

But, their “achievement” gave us a pit in our stomachs.

What if criminals cracked the code on your operation? We don’t want your property to be vulnerable to threats like this.

There’s more to this hack story too.

“The whole thing cost about $150,” the company touts in Wamsley’s piece.

Others have taken on the challenge of cracking iPhone X’s facial recognition software.

But, Bkav’s attempt and success were all we needed to start talking about threats to your operation.

Threats that could “crack” the code on your operation, leaving your property, and most importantly, your customers vulnerable.

We recommend that you read the remainder of Wamsley’s NPR article, watch the video, and learn how Wired tried to crack the Face ID software.

But for now, let’s talk about your operation.

Proactive Operations Thwart Criminal Intrusion

Many properties have Proactive Operations in place.

But, it’s only the methodology you need to follow. Every operation is different and requires a customized approach.

You have to design and run your operation in a manner that reflects the needs of your organization and its customers.

You also need to operate in such a way that prevents criminals from deciphering how your proactive operation functions.

That’s why we’re so headstrong on employing Proactive Operations.

Can you imagine all the harmful effects of being a reactive operation? You might be able to if you’re running a reactive operation.

That needs to change.

We understand that your property is not like cracking the Face ID of iPhone X. It’s bigger than that for you.

But, that also comes with more significant consequences.

Here are the brass tacks: you don’t have a choice at this stage of the game anymore. Technology is moving too quickly to operate at any level below ‘proactive.’

Your current operational landscape demands a proactive leader. Is that you?

Because here’s the thing, employing Proactive Operations is the minimum requirement to avert criminals from figuring out your operation.

Now, you need to look at the methodology daily to identify potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for advancement, and imminent threats to your operation.

Use its three aspects as your baseline for enhancement.

  1. Your strategy is where you must look at your people and process.
  2. How infrastructure is currently set up might not be as effective as it was last year or even last month.
  3. Technology is setting the pace for Proactive Operations – and criminals.

1. Your strategy is where you must look at your people and process.

Your strategy is key.

We get it; running your operation is tough. But, taking a proactive approach will keep your head above water.

Identify the weak links on your staff and extra steps in your process that might lead to errors.

Do you have enough resources and are they managed effectively and efficiently? Is there accountability in place?

Every hiccup in your strategy can open holes for criminals to exploit.

Close the holes for good.

2. How infrastructure is currently set up might not be as effective as it was last year or even last month.

We’re not kidding when we say the operational environment changes exponentially year after year.

You know this, which means you have to ensure your lines of communication and information flow throughout your operations center and personnel are reliable.

It might even be time to reduce the number of static operations centers for your property.

You have the solutions to take everything mobile now.

Let’s shake things up and keep the bad guys guessing.

It’ll force you to avoid complacency too.

3. Technology is setting the pace for Proactive Operations – and criminals.

It’s clear from Wamsley’s article that the ongoing battle between good and evil won’t stop.

You will deploy real-time technology throughout your operation. And, the bad guys will attempt to crack it.

It’s par for the course.

It’ll never stop either.

You need to have a platform in place where the provider is always driving the technology (and your operation) forward.

You can’t settle for next year.

You need technology that is up-to-date:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Next week
  • Next year!

Escape the stress associated with inefficient software so you can focus on your number one priority – maximizing the experience for your customers.

Over to You

Your constant battle to stay ahead of criminals is ours too. We don’t fear it, but we do respect it. We understand the impact, both positive and negative, that technology has on your property.

We, together, must ensure your proactive operation has the right strategy, infrastructure, and technology established. It’s the only way to keep your operation whole forever.

Nothing should crack your Proactive Operations code – nothing.

It’s our mission. Is it yours?

Learn how to make the not-so-giant leap to Proactive Operations

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