How to Choose Request Tracking Software for Your Property

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Feb 21, 2019 7:00:00 AM

What are you doing to exceed your customers’ expectations?

You need request tracking software if you can’t answer this or your answer is too complex.

Either way, if you don’t already have it – you need request tracker software.

You’re probably wondering:

Why do I need this software solution?

Here’s the thing, you’ll always want to be improving the experience of your customer.


And Whether you’ve already got a great solution in place for ensuring customer satisfaction or not, there’s always room for proactive improvement.

We understand that you may already be meeting your customers’ expectations.

But, in this article, we’re going to show you how request tracking software can help you exceed them.

To supplement that, we’re going to outline the best features of a system you’ll want to implement immediately.

So, are you ready?


Let’s establish some foundation before we outline the qualities of a top-notch system.

Consider this: your staff is always responding to fights, medical situations, and housekeeping concerns like wet spills.  

They’re doing all of this while simultaneously trying to maintain your secondary operations.

You know, the ‘issues,’ not necessarily the incidents as we’ve mentioned above.

Now, regardless of the size of your property, your staff needs to be able to respond to any number of requests – ranging from wheelchair to food service requests.

Their ability to swiftly respond to these requests can certainly become arduous though.

We understand.

When these requests are constantly creating communication breakdowns, people are showing up to your customer services desk, or customers are calling in requests.

What happens then?

Requests start mingling with high-priority incidents!

That’s when your day starts getting ugly.

It gets worse too.

Requests start getting overlooked.

The next thing you know, one after another the requests quickly start slipping through the cracks.

Does this sound familiar?

Things were ugly before, but now this is where it gets scary.

It’s all about optics at this point.

Your customers will perceive your customer service efforts to be less than acceptable.

They won’t come back in the future.

Customers’ requests are being overlooked.

Their needs are not even close to being met.

That’s not good for business or what proactive operations do.

But, where’s the true hold up?

The requests for food service or a wheelchair or transport service are sent.

But they never dispatched to the right person or team or anyone for that matter.

It’s as if they vanish.

It’s important for you to understand that It’s your responsibility, role, and job to provide a safe, secure and memorable experience for your customers.

It’s your job to put the right systems, solutions, and team in place to exceed their expectations.

Are you anywhere close to accomplishing this?

Once you own this responsibility and ensure requests are met, this prompts your customers to keep returning to your property.

But, if you don’t execute exceptional customer service, you can bet they won’t be coming back.

We already know that’s a high priority for a professional like you, though.

Are you ready to exceed your customers’ expectations?

We’re going to assume the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

It’s time to supercharge customer service with increased efficiency and a better overall experience for the people you’re serving each day – your customers.


If you’re using an incident management system, we bet you have plenty of non-incident requests making their way into your system.

We have good news.

With a superior request tracking system in place at your property, you’ll now be able to track and communicate customer requests in a separate window or solution.

Never overlook a customer request again!

No more mix-ups or missed requests.

No longer will you and your team must worry about requests going under the radar.

Now, you know the importance of responding efficiently to customer requests, the importance of choosing the right system for your property.

So, we’re going to outline the four simple but invaluable qualities of request tracking software.

  1. Ability to Send Confirmation and Dispatch Texts to Customers
  2. Send Request Reminders to Associated Staff
  3. Ability to Manage All Types of Requests
  4. Execute Exceptional Customer Service

1. Ability to Send Confirmation and Dispatch Texts to Customers

Is one of your goals to give your customers peace of mind in knowing everything is being handled?

Good, because you can implement a system that’ll let you do just that.

Provide your customers with real-time information about their requests.

Let them know when their requests are received, dispatched and completed by sending a text message right to their phone.

Then, let the peace of mind take control of the rest of their experience.

2. Send Request Reminders to Associated Staff

Your system can have all the latest and greatest features, but it’s useless if requests continue to slip through the cracks.

A large part of your team’s success is, well, your team.

If they don’t get the job done efficiently, then everyone is at fault.

Give your team real-time details for requests so they can ensure all requests are completed according to schedule and up to your standards.

Send request reminders to staff so they can get requests complete with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Let them know when a request was performed and completed by sending them an email or text too.

All bases are covered.

3. Ability to Manage All Types of Requests

A simple yet robust system can go a long way for your operation.

This solution is a perfect example.

Take care of all types of requests your property is responsible for…and execute appropriate procedures with ease.

  • Transport Requests
  • Housekeeping Requests
  • Suite Requests
  • Taxi Requests

There shouldn’t be a request your team can’t handle or complete.

4. Execute Exceptional Customer Service

We’ve mentioned this before: request tracking solutions allow you to track and communicate customer requests separately from other incidents.

This capability is critical in your ability to respond to high priority calls while still taking care of the transport and housekeeping requests we’ve outlined above.

It’s a non-negotiable when implementing these systems.

Centralizing customer-specific requests allows your team to perform like professionals and for you to achieve Proactive Operations.


It’s vital to the customer experience that nothing slips through the cracks. That’s why having request tracking software is imperative. You can’t afford to overlook a high priority incident. For your customers’ sake, you can’t afford to ignore their needs either.

We’re confident you now know what to look for in a system. The only request we have left is, can you start exceeding customer expectations starting today?

Learn how to exceed guest expectations

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