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How to Avoid Customer Service Pitfalls

| June 3, 2021 | By

Today is your busiest day of the year.

Your customer-to-staff ratio is 15:1, and the incident calls immediately start coming into the operations center.

Between each incident call, you’re receiving eight to 10 customer requests for random issues.

Wheelchair requests are coming in hand over fist with no end in sight.

Your team is challenged with mitigating the high frequency of incidents occurring.

Your staff is having trouble handling customer requests coming in through the radio, and the calls are so backed up people are complaining – some have even left.

There’s no differentiation of inflow and outflow for requests versus incidents.

Your incident calls are taking priority, and wheelchairs aren’t making it to the customer.

Housekeeping issues are being neglected.

Routing all calls through one individual is creating chaos and breaking down the operation when it should be moving quickly.

Your operation suddenly falls behind, leaving you helpless.

How do you respond?

Your team is in disarray.

Do you have any idea how to pull them out of this mess?

Don’t sweat it – anymore.

We’re going to show you an easy way to avoid these customer service traps.


You and your staff responding to medical situations, fights, intoxicated people, and wet spills all while trying to maintain your secondary operations?

Properties of all capacity types require staff to respond to several requests ranging from a wheelchair to foodservice requests.

Quickly responding to them can become involved, especially when they’re coming in through radio traffic, in person, or customers are calling them in.

Calls get mixed in with priority incidents!

This deficiency results in many requests being overlooked.

Do you agree?

Your customers then perceive a poor customer service standard.

What happens then? You got it; they don’t come back!

Requests are overlooked. Needs aren’t being met.

They’re sent but never dispatched to appropriate staff or teams.

It’s your job to deliver a memorable, safe experience for your customers.

Are you?

It motivates them to return in the future or never come back.

We don’t have to ask because we already know that’s a high-priority goal for professionals like you.

We have great news for your customer services.

Supercharging your operation with increased staff efficiency and a better experience for the people you’re servicing can be accomplished.

Let’s dive in.


Request tracking software exists that can help you eliminate the problem of overlooked visitor requests.

Managers need a user-friendly process to ensure their staff can dispatch and respond to the needs of customers in a timely and efficient manner.

It’s important to make the requests of your visitors a priority alongside responding to incidents.

Solution providers have modeled a system you can easily use to separate the two processes.

Incidents and requests are found in all industries and are many times, managed similarly.

You can now attend to the calls with effectiveness.

Being web-based, many of these solutions can be accessed via the internet from anywhere, anytime.

How’s that for accessibility?

You can organize all aspects of your customer services operation.

The plus side is you can do all this for your specific needs.

Most systems allow a request to be submitted in two ways.

  1. The most efficient way is to enter details into a short form within seconds. Your staff can then return to the details later and fill in additional information where necessary. (Your employees effortlessly input the required details, reducing the time it takes to deliver on customers’ wishes.)
  2. The second method is to enter comprehensive customer services request information through a long-form option provided in the more advanced solutions you’ll find. When, what, where, whom it’s assigned to, who is reporting, comments and notes, and documents can be added to your long forms. It will provide you with historical records for future analysis.

You know we’re big advocates of analytics and measuring your operation for continuous improvement.

There’s no question.

When choosing a system for your operation, make sure the reporting features allow you to generate comprehensive reports so you can review all critical statistics.

Analyzing these reports should be simple and give you the ability to see data on an array of charts.

Use these to review your response times to requests too.


All the features of these software solutions collectively give you the functionality to be legendary.

Inefficient processes or overlooking the needs of your customers can now be a “Remember when…?” conversation, rather than a living nightmare.

Your problems with customer expectations are now resolved.

Cumbersome methods are out-of-date when you use these solutions.

Operational efficiency and customer satisfaction are the rewarding effects.

The value produced by systems for managing requests gives you lasting benefits and an adequate return on your investment.

Rather than overwhelming your incident management system with non-incident-related information, you can track and communicate requests using a separate solution.

It ensures your property’s requests aren’t overlooked.

A cool feature of a handful of these solutions is confirmation that a request was received, dispatched, and completed can be sent to requesting customers via text message, leading to a memorable experience.

An increase in customer satisfaction and efficient staff allocation is the return on investment you’ll see immediately!

Request reminders can also be sent via text and email to your employees so that they have a record of when the request was needed and when it is performed.

Accountability and awareness are vital here.

Your staff is now empowered with need-to-know information so they can ensure tasks they’re responsible for are done promptly.

From the start of the initial request to the delivery of your customer’s needs, every team member is aware of the execution of tasks.

Being strategic means taking advantage of your comprehensive reports for tracking, managing, and analysis.

  • Accurately measure the performance of your operation.
  • Look at the inner workings of your procedures and performance to see what matters.
  • Detect and identify issues with response times.

Make better business decisions.

Don’t stop improving your operation.

Practice, and then practice a lot more.


Tools used to handle customer requests allow you to track and communicate requests without mixing the incidents.

You now remove unnecessary stress when delivering an exceptional experience to customers for wheelchair escorts and suite, housekeeping, transport, and foodservice requests.

Ease of use in these solutions will help you surpass customer expectations.

We challenge you to step up your game to avoid the hazards associated with overlooked requests and customer complaints.

  1. Do you want your customers to return again and again?
  2. Do you want to see new customers come to your property?
  3. Do you want to leave a legacy and enjoy your staff experience the fruits of your labor?

It’s how you do it. It’s how you handle it.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in September 2014 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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